Wassup folks, got some good news!

All of our enamel pins have been restocked! That’s right, you can purchase any of our designs that came out late last year. But that’s not all! We’ve also added two new designs – Super Missile and Power Bomb pins for your pin collecting enjoyment. Check out the pics below or head right on over to our store and grab yours today!



In case you missed ’em. Kiwi Talkz is a New Zealand-based interview podcast dedicated to game industry professionals. Reece has interviewed five ex-Retro Studios employees thus far, all having worked on Prime Trilogy titles in the past. If you’re into podcasts, insight on game development, and Metroid, these are definitely for you.


Those interviewed:

  • Mike Wikan – Design Lead for MPT
  • Bryan Walker, Senior Producer, MPT
  • Clark Wen, Sound design for Prime
  • Kynan Pearson, Design lead for Prime 2
  • Jack Matthews, Engineering lead for MPT


Playlist is found here.



Happy New Year, everyone!

We have officially launched our new storefront, courtesy of our new store host, Shopify. You can find the URL at https://metroid-database.myshopify.com/

And for the record, yes re-stock on many of our items are coming very soon, thank you for your patience while we wait for them to be manufactured. We should have the stock in no later than the end of the month.


As it stands, you can no longer purchase items from our Storenvy shop or through their marketplace. I’d love to explain to you why I made this decision, but before your eyes begin to glaze over:

TL;DR: their discount/coupon system was incredibly broken, and I had to pay $5 just to offer y’all discounts/coupon codes.

That’s right – in order to be a successful online business (tons of sales were driven through our discounts and coupons throughout the year) I had to pay a fee just for that service. $5 / mo. may not be much, ($60 a year) – but how about you offer it free for something that is relatively necessary for a small business to make any headway at all? Oh, I can get this same service for free, and it’s not completely broken over at Shopify? Well then, buhbye Storenvy! It’s been real.


So here’s the details of why Storenvy’s coupon system is broken. (this is only one example)

  1. Let’s say I created a discount “coupon code” for any item in the store. That coupon was for $1 off an item.
  2. When creating the coupon, if you chose “dollar off,” it would display the discounted price along with a new price with a strikethrough the old price on each product listing. If I wanted to pick multiple products to also have that discount, it would also show that discounted amount above the price of each listing.
  3. Scenario: a customer goes to our store and chooses to put 1 of each of the discounted items in their cart – assuming, as most people logically would, that each product they added would offer a $1 off discount. But nooooo that’s not what Storenvy does. Instead, their dumb discount system is SPLIT ACROSS THE ENTIRE CART!!! Not added! If I wanted 3 items in the shop to be $1 off, if I put those 3 items in my cart, it would NOT give you $3 off as it should, instead it would give you $0.33 off for 2 and $0.34 for 1. IT IS ABSOLUTELY RIDICULOUS! 


The reason it does this is because Storenvy’s (absolutely batshit crazy) cart system only allows *ONE* discount per sale. Just facepalmingly, head-desking type of shit here, folks. And yes, of COURSE I took this up with their support department. In their eyes, absolutely nothing is wrong with their system – working as intended. Several emails later, I gave up. Not worth the effort. If people want to be so blind to the absolute incredible shortsightedness of this system, then you deserve it.


In the end, our new storefront – powered by Shopify – is gorgeous, works great, and best of all for you, it allows me to offer you discounts on multiple items without dealing with the incredibly broken discount system that Storenvy offers. The only downside is Shopify is $30/month. I am biting the bullet on this because you deserve a better system. We all do. And Storenvy ain’t it.



We just found out about this *ABSOLUTELY INCREDIBLE* 3D printed and handpainted Dread Suit Samus. The hobbiest who made them is known to make incredible figurines, just as good as official products, if not better. I truly hope Nintendo and GoodSmile make a Dread Suit Figma because after seeing this, *I HAVE A MIGHTY NEED!*

Source: kurumi_tsuchi (Twitter)



Howdy y’all! We are offering some discounts on a lot of the items in our store. The discounts will be available until the first day of the new year.


We’re offering the following:

  • 50% off on our High Jump Boots enamel pin
  • $2 off all SpotArt stickers
  • $1 off our 5″ Boss stickers
  • $1 off our pixel Zero Mission Samus 3-pack sheet
  • $2 off our Smash Heroes 8-pack sheet

Metroid Database Store


Storenvy’s system is dumb and only allows ONE product discount to be applied per sale (the one with the deepest discount). That means if you put multiple products in your cart that should also have discounts applied to them, the cart will only apply to the one that gives the most money off. The other discount products will be ignored. It’s incredibly shortsighted.

If this case applies to you, please complete the sale and email us contact@metroiddatabase.com with your order # letting us know that you should get the other discounted products and we will gladly refund you the difference!

Sorry for the inconvenience.

Our other enamel pins went REAL quick, and we took that as a big sign that you want more, so restock is on the way, but probably won’t make it to us until sometime in January. Also on the way, we’re going to be offering 3.75″ decals of the newest Samus S-Logo! This size was chosen because it’s perfect to place on a Switch dock. They’ll be available in black and white varieties:

Thanks as always for your neverending support. We wouldn’t continue doing this if it weren’t for you. Happy Holidays, Merry Christmas, Hannukah, Kwanzaa, Festivus, and anything in between.



Last night were The Game Awards, an award show that is basically a thinly veiled way of showing new trailers and making big new announcements for AAA titles. Highlight of the night was when Metroid Dread took home the Best Action Adventure Game. You can see Nintendo’s thank you tweet below:

And Doug Bowser’s acceptance speech (where he is clearly a little nervous!):

On behalf of this website and the Metroid community at large, I’d like to congratulate the entire staff and all contributors to Metroid Dread. Thank you so much for making the game we have waited so long to play.

View all the winners here.

Metroid News



Japanese fan yassu_yassu has found another quick way to defeat Kraid in Dread, by using the Flash Shift & Super Missiles during his second phase. Get straight to the nitty-gritty by checking out the video clip from his Twitter account below, or watch the full boss-battle from yassu_yassu ‘s YT channel here. Very cool stuff, can’t wait for more awesome secrets like this to be uncovered!