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Today I have something very special to share with you! I recently commissioned an awesome 3D printer artist who goes by the name of Adrian Garcia (https://www.instagram.com/adrian_garcia_art/). He has created many other Metroid-inspired pieces, including this Chozo statue. Once I saw it I knew I had to have one for my own. Adrian was incredible to work with, updating me on all the progress along the way. He also “improved” his original design using special textured paint to give it that stone look and I couldn’t be more pleased with the results. Unfortunately the photos I took, while high res and sharp, really do not do justice to this piece. It really does have to be seen (and touched) to be truly appreciated. Here’s some more details on the statue, enjoy the pics and vid!

  • Printed with PLA filament on an Ender 3 printer.
  • Statue was made in 6 individual parts and assembled together.
  • Each piece took 8 hours to print.
  • Model was sculpted in Blender 3D.
  • Details were added with acrylic paint, and then a final layer of stone textured paint on top.
  • Dimensions are approx 7 x 4.5 x 6″
  • Weight is 10.4oz / 296g

Meta Ridley Unboxing + Photos

Our Facebook editor Carl is a proud owner of the Meta Ridley statue by First 4 Figures. In case you missed it, here’s his unboxing video, which was streamed on our Twitch last week:

Carl has also kindly taken some nice closeup photos for us, so enjoy them! Thanks, Carl! He’s a stunning addition to any collection.

Prime 2D Demo is Here

UPDATE: New screenshots added!

Yesterday, Team SCU, the team who have been working on Prime 2D (“Metroid” is absent from the title for obvious reasons) released their first public demo. It wasn’t a joke, either.

Download the demo here.

Lots to be said about this demo. First off it’s breathtakingly gorgeous. Sprite art of the finest caliber. Fans of Metroid Prime will recognize many of the same locales and enemies and even musical themes, which have been intelligently translated into 2D, astoundingly well. In the brief amount of time I spent with the demo, I was able to get to visit the rainy Tallon Overworld, the mysterious Artifact Temple, and the sandstorm-laden Chozo Ruins, but wasn’t able to progress much further than that. I will need to spend more time with it.


From what I can tell, the main items to collect in the demo are Power Grip, Missiles, and Morph Ball. I never found the Bombs or Charge Beam but maybe I need to play a little more. Starting items are Power Beam and Scan Visor. It also requires a mouse and keyboard. No controller/joypad use has been integrated in. I’m not sure if it’s planned either, as the game seems to be designed around using m+k play style. Fans may recognize the 360 aiming style from Samus Returns but for me, it harkens back to the old game Abuse. Anyone remember Abuse? No? Well then…


Since the game doesn’t immediately tell you the controls before you start (Despite the Readme saying otherwise) or even allows you to configure them, I’ll describe them here:

  • A key – Move Left
  • S key – Kneel
  • S 2x – Morph Ball
  • D key – Move Right
  • Q key – Scan Visor toggle
  • Space Bar – Jump, Release Grip
  • Mouse movement – Aim cursor
  • Left click – Shoot, Switch back to Battle visor, Lay Bomb
  • Right click – Scan items, Missile
  • Esc key – Map/Status/Logbook

I really wish the game allowed for a 2X or 3X Windowed mode. 1X Windowed mode is far too small for comfort for me, but Full Screen on my 1080p monitor seemed to do just fine. Definitely worth playing for all Metroid fans.


PS: Don’t quit when the credits roll, the game isn’t over!

Development for this game has been five years thus far. You can contact any member of Team SCU by visiting the official Prime 2D forums.

Kenji Yamamoto is a Fraud?

Well not really, but this eye-opening interview with Synamax – the sleuth who figured out nearly every sample used on the Prime soundtracks – shows how some samples were taken almost in-tact and were then crafted into what we know as the bgm for the Prime games.

This isn’t a new thing – composers do it all the time – but it might take a little bit away from the “magic” and “artistry” that we give to master composer Yamamoto-san. Synamax believes “there’s absolutely nothing wrong with that.” And I concur. In the music world, samples are a tool. The extent of how you use those tools determines how we should judge the art.

Both Kiwi Talkz and Synamax prove themselves to be huge Metroid fans and the interview is a fantastic watch/listen if you’re interested in hearing about a breakdown of the game’s iconic soundtrack. Do not miss!

Don’t forget: we host every single soundtrack from the series.

Omega Metroid Podcast – Ep 53 + Back Episodes

The OMP crew is still at it, discussing everything about the Metroid fandom and more.

Their latest episode delves into their hopes and dreams for Metroid Prime Trilogy if it’s ever released on Switch.

Since the last time we’ve shared, they’ve also had these episodes, including an excellent deep, 2-episode postmortem on Other M.

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Happy Mar10 Day everyone!

Meta Ridley First4Figures Unboxing Video

Don’t forget to pick your jaw up from the floor after watching.

Samus Returns Guide Scan added

Finally finished the full scan of the 226 page Metroid Samus Returns Official Strategy Guide by Prima. Click the thumbnail below to view it:

58MB, .pdf

For the best viewing experience, we recommend using Adobe Acrobat and selecting View > Page Display > Two Page View.

And don’t forget: you can view a bunch of other Metroid official strategy guides on our Guides page.

Omega Metroid Podcast Ep 43 – Cut Content from MP3

Eight years ago in 2012, a NeoGAF forum goer by the name of Mama Robotnik created a massive thread, covering cut content from the entire Metroid Prime series – In this episode, Andy and Dak go through MP3C. Follow along with their assessment of these lost images by reading the thread.

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Ultimate Quiz SUCCESS!

The Quiz is over and all the results have been graded and emailed out to the participants.

We had ~240 entries. A few were disqualified, but that matters little. Here’s a breakdown of the averages:

Prize winners have all been emailed, so please get those prize choices into us ASAP!

Thanks again to everyone who entered and we’ll definitely consider doing this again some time in the future! Happy new year everyone!