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Preorders Now Open for figma Samus Aran: PRIME 3 ver.

Did you miss getting the Prime 3 version of the figma Samus the first time around? Fret not! The GoodSmile Company is re-releasing the figure on January 2020. Preorders have begun and will go on ’till August 22, 2019. Avoid exorbitant eBay prices and secure your figure today!


figma Samus Aran: PRIME 3 ver.

“Power suit diagnosis complete. All systems online and functioning normally.”

From the Nintendo Wii exclusive game “Metroid Prime 3: Corruption” comes a rerelease of the figma of the main character, Samus Aran!

  • Using the smooth yet posable joints of figma, you can act out a variety of different scenes.
  • A flexible plastic is used for important areas, allowing proportions to be kept without compromising posability.
  • The figma includes a morph ball part as well as interchangeable parts for her arm cannon based on when she fires missiles.
  • Alternate hand parts included a clenched fist, open hand, hand for holding items and the classic thumbs-up hand.
  • The visor of her mask as well as the areas on her hands, hips and legs make use of translucent parts for improved detail.
  • An articulated figma stand is included, which allows various poses to be taken.

To Preorder, click here!



SynaMax Lifts the Curtain on the Metroid Prime Series OST

Electronic musician SynaMax has been able to trace a trove of synth patches (sound settings/programming) for sounds and music from the Metroid Prime series. Using vintage synth EMU Proteus 2000 and sounds from the KorgMS2000, SynaMax has been able to replicate many of the iconic sounds and music from the Prime series.


SynaMax prefaces:

“I recently discovered that the KORG MS2000 was used for the Metroid Prime Trilogy OST. The MS2000 and the MicroKorg [used in the video below] have nearly identical sound engines so we can take most of the synth patches that were used on the MS2000 and load them into the MicroKorg.


Here is a selection of patches that were used”



Here’s SynaMax breaking down and reconstructing beats from iconic Metroid Prime Songs in FL Studio:



A great ear and killer detective work from SynaMax, make sure to check out his YouTube channel and give the man a follow.


Ghost Song Interview with Developer Matt White

The upcoming indie game Ghost Song is a Metroidvania that we at the Metroid Database have been excited about for some time now. With its focus on atmosphere, isolation, mystery and horror, you could argue that Ghost Song is already more Metroid than Nintendo’s own recent offerings to the franchise. In this exclusive interview, Ghost Song creator Matt White talks to us about his upcoming game, its development, and his thoughts on the state of the Metroid series.  We are very excited to bring you this little preview and hope that you will get a feel for what is to come and share in our excitement.


Read the Interview Here



Metroid II Colorization Patch Gives New Life to SR388



As a die-hard fan of Metroid II: Return of Samus, I’ve been enjoying this new colorized patch. Many people have attempted to colorize this old classic but previous attempts seem like lazy efforts compared to this. The task to colorize Metroid II was initiated by EJR Tairne who, being a huge fan of the game himself, colorized it according to the atmosphere and ambience that the monochromatic adventure expressed.

EJR Tairne said:

…I’ve tried to apply as sensitive a paint job as I can. I mean this as a more considered alternative to some other colorizations, that seem content to just… not have the game be in black-and-white, as if that were an innate flaw. It’s not, and I try not to treat it as one. Rather, I’ve handled the color situationally: what does each area try to communicate, and how can I best bring that out?


I hope with this patch I can bring out the game’s inner beauty for players who may have overlooked it before, and lead a few more people to give the game the chance it deserves. Who knows; maybe a few will then ditch the patch, and just play it as intended. Then maybe a few more will be inspired as I was.


Fixed bugs, crashes and final polish was added by Justin Olbrantz (Quantam)


Download the patch here.


Direct Link to Download


To patch your Metroid II ROM file (which you shall provide):


  • Download an .IPS patching utility such as Lunar IPS
  • Run the program (Lunar IPS.exe)
  • Click the Apply IPS Patch button
  • Select your .IPS file, then your Metroid II .GB file
  • Save the patched file and run it on your emulator of choice.


The patch seems to run fine on most emulators I have tried, even on the BittBoy!

Nintendo Enters e3 with a Stellar Nintendo Direct

While there was no Metroid Prime 4 in sight, this was still a great Direct for Nintendo fans and fans of the Switch. We were treated to new footage of upcoming games such as: Link’s Awakening, Dragon Quest XI (with a 16-bit graphics option!), Luigi’s Mansion 3, Platinum Games’ Astral Chain, Fire Emblem: Three Houses and surprisingly, The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt and Alien Isolation will both be making their appearance on the Switch.


Panzer Dragoon (YES! You read correctly!) made a surprise debut as a Switch title as well. Panzer Dragoon and its sequel were confirmed to be in development since December 2018, but until now, we didn’t have any information as to which platform they were being made for. The game is a remake of the original Sega Saturn classic and we’re hoping it sells well to give Sega incentive to remake Panzer Dragoon Saga, let us dream!!!

No More Heroes 3 was also teased with a trailer showing Travis Touchdown going against some space aliens in his very own mech-suit, not sure if this is hinting at gameplay, or if it was just a joke for the teaser. Thirty eight minutes into the Direct and rabid Smash Bros Fans were granted their wishes with Banjo Kazooie’s debut as a playable character. The Direct closed up with footage of the long-awaited Animal Crossing: New Horizons for the Nintendo Switch and a Breath of the Wild 2 teaser trailer letting us know production on the title has already begun.


Oh, and new amiibos have been revealed today! Here’s our fave of the bunch:

The cute Link amiibo will release September 20, 2019 (to coincide with the release of Link’s Awakening on Switch) and Simon Belmont will release this November.


Dark Samus and the Richter Belmont are scheduled for a 2020 release.


What did you think of the Direct? What game are you looking forward to the most? Let us know in the comments below!



Fantastic Fan Made Metroid: Zero Mission Comics


A special thank you to @superstupidy for bringing these stunning Metroid: Zero Mission comics to our attention.

Created by artist ChannelX3r0, Planet Zebes is brought to life with a kinetic art style that screams action on every page.


Below is a few select pages (there’s 4 comics total!), make sure to click on the pictures to zoom in and see all the awesome detail.


ChannelX3r0 said:

I have been a big fan of Metroid and video games in general for years. Metroid has been a huge influence, thanks to its music, atmosphere, and all around world. I’d often play the Tallon Overworld music on my walks to and from school, down in Texas, during the rainy season, and Phendrana Drifts during winter.


Another influence was I watched too many cartoons as a kid, especially Saturday Morning toons. My goal is to make the Saturday cartoons I wanted as a kid, via comics, and Metroid was one of them.


I hope you enjoy what little I have produced, and to stay tuned for more.


We sure will! Make sure to visit to read the rest of the comics and give him a watch/follow on DeviantArt. Keep up the awesome work!


Thank You Very Much, Gato Roboto

A “CatMechtroidvania” is what Indie developer Doinksoft is calling its upcoming game, Gato Roboto. This charming, monochromatic game stars a cat named Kiki in a mech-suit (or without it!) trying to make its way through an underground labyrinth to save its stranded captain. The gameplay has you balancing two modes of play (suit & suitless) in order to progress through the stages. Exiting your mech enhances your agility, giving you access to hard to reach areas, at the cost of enhanced vulnerability. The chibi take on Samus’ Power Armor, with its massive pauldrons & signature arm cannon, appears to be just one of various mechs that Kiki can take control of.

Gato Roboto looks like an admiring nod to 8-bit NES Classics, Metroid & Blaster Master, with a bit of Cave Story thrown in the mix. Gato Roboto will be available on Steam & Nintendo Switch on May 30, 2019!

The Misguided Metroid Cartoon That Never Was

As we’ve already reported on Twitter & Facebook last week, concept art, for NES classics: Castlevania, Double Dragon, California Games, and a male-lead Metroid animation, were unearthed at a former DIC employees’ estate sale.  The eBay auction, for the 8×10 photo prints, recently ended (5-13-19) and fetched $1,036.56 USD, for the lot. The found artwork appear to have been proposed concepts, to be companion cartoons to the Super Mario Super Show (1989) and be a part of a “Super Mario Bros. Power Hour.”


While, today, the thought of Samus Aran being portrayed as a man seems like an egregious mistake, back in 1989, it wasn’t a well-known fact that Samus was a female. Only gamers that had completed Metroid, with a quick enough runtime, knew Samus’ true identity. And even then, information didn’t travel as fast as it does nowadays. It wasn’t until the publication of issue 29 of Nintendo Power (October 1991) that Samus’ true identity became a mainstream fact, with the unveiling of the classic, “JUSTIN BAILEY” code. Before then, even Nintendo tried to hide the surprise in the instruction booklet of Metroid by referring to Samus as a “he” and “him” in the “Metroid Story” section of the booklet. The employees at DIC animation, most likely, used the story within the instruction manual as a template for the cartoon concept, without even bothering to play the game or consult the creators.


It’s safe to say Metroid fans were spared the horror of having the misguided concept art of a male Samus green lit. And lets not even get started on their concept art for Castlevania, which omits the legendary Belmont’s and instead looks like an animated take on the 1987 cult classic, The Monster Squad, which saw a couple of neighborhood kids fight against classic movie monsters. Considering how bad the Zelda cartoon turned out to be, it’s probably for the best that most (Double Dragon did get 2 seasons, 1993-1994) of these cartoons never came to fruition.

Watch the video below, courtesy of GameXplain:



Complete Metroid Series ranked by Jeremy Parish

For Super Metroid’s 25th anniversary (3/19/1994), Metroid aficionado, Jeremy Parish has ranked the whole Metroid series, from worst to best, with a detailed synopsis to each entry. A great read courtesy of


How Metroid Changed Video Games Forever

To celebrate the 15th anniversary of the release of Metroid Zero Mission (2/9/2004), Matthew Byrd from Den of Geek goes to the very beginning of this influential franchise.


Metroid is typically remembered as a title like no other for those that played it upon release, and rightfully so. This isn’t because Metroid forever changed the way we look at gaming from a technological standpoint, but rather because of the way it established atmosphere, one so dense in alien weirdness that players couldn’t help but feel lost in a world not their own.
Although the idea of atmosphere as it relates to entertainment wasn’t a new concept prior to the release of Metroid, those discussions were almost entirely limited to the world of film. Many filmmakers considered the label of “atmospheric” to be one of the highest compliments their work could receive. For a movie to be called atmospheric, it needed to be able to truly engulf the viewer into the world the director created. Not invest them in the story alone, necessarily, but rather use a combination of sensory techniques intended to make the viewer feel as if they truly are in the movie.

Read the rest here.