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Metroid Game Anniversaries!

Greetings fellow Metroid aficionados, the month of November brings us much to celebrate!





With Metroid Prime (GC) launching on November 17, and Metroid Fusion (GBA) just one day later, on November 18, the year 2002 turned out to be quite an eventful one for Metroid fans.  2002, that’s 18 whole years ago! My, how time flies! What made the launch of these Metroid games extra special was that fans had been waiting 8 whole years for a new Metroid game; Super Metroid having been the last game in the series, released in 1994. To have two, amazing, Metroid games released a day apart was beyond glorious. Samus’ first foray into 3D was a resounding success for Nintendo & newcomer Retro Studios. Metroid Prime would go on to become one of the most highly revered games ever with its faithful transitioning of the series into 3D and Metroid Fusion quickly became a fan favorite with the iconic SA-X villain reversing Samus’ role of the hunter and making her the hunted.




One of the new suits introduced in Metroid Prime 2, the Light Suit assists Samus in enduring the hostile environments.

Thanks to the popularity and sales of the first Prime game, Metroid Prime 2: Echoes (GC) released just two years later on November 15, 2004. Not content to do the same game twice, Retro Studios took cues from The Legend of Zelda and created a Dark/Light world mechanic, they also ramped up the difficulty and introduced some of the most memorable (and difficult!) boss battles ever, for the Metroid series.













So, while we wait patiently for the next installment in the Metroid series, lets dust of those controllers and give these worlds a revisit. See you next mission!



Artist Spotlight: Thormeister

Today, we bring you an interview with artist Thormeister who caught our attention with the chibi-styled, Metroid-themed, “Dr. Chozo” comics.

Thormeister: I got my start way back in 1994 with doing short stories in several reader-submitted annuals published by Indy comic company Antarctic Press.  After several years of doing that I started my first original series, named “Tales of Marga” which was featured in Radio Comix’s anthology book Furrlough.  This went on until around 2011 when I was selected to be published in Udon Entertainment’s Mega Man Tribute book.  This kicked off a busy time for me, which is still going on today!  Since that book I’ve worked with several Indy musicians including Mega Ran (@MegaRan) doing album covers and t-shirt designs as well working with video game magazines and book publishers such as Nintendo Force Magazine (@nintendoforce), Old School Gamer Magazine (@OsgMagazine), Switch Player Magazine (@SwitchPlayerMag)and Hardcore Gaming 101 (@HG_101).  (I hope this is brief enough!  If not please feel free to edit it where you see fit.)


Tell us about your mashup comic. The Metroid series is known for its darker & serious tone. How did you come up with the idea for a lighthearted take on the series?


Dr. Chozo and Samus-Chan is a mash-up of two of my favorite things: Metroid and the Dr. Slump manga by Akira  Toriyama.  I just thought it would be fun to have a silly take on Samus’ younger days so I just went with it!  Dr. Norimaki’s absurd inventions and adventures seem to fit in with the Metroid universe considering Samus turns into a ball and hangs out with pirates and space jellyfish.

Can we expect more adventures with Dr. Chozo & Samus-Chan?


Dr. Chozo and Samus-Chan is currently running in Nintendo Force Magazine and will be for the foreseeable future, so be sure to catch it there.  I’m currently finishing up a Super Smash Brothers storyline there, and next up will be Samus-Chan’s first meeting with Crocomire.  As you can see, I’m not adhering to the timeline set forth but just having fun with the characters.

What was your first Nintendo system and what was the Metroid game that made you a fan of the series? What was it about the game that appealed to you?


My first Nintendo system was the NES, which I received for Christmas back in 1988.  My experience with Metroid started with the first game and it made quite an impact on me.  I had never played a game with such a focus on exploration and finding secrets so this was an eye-opener for me.  I even drew out a map on a giant piece of paper to keep myself from getting lost.  It also blew my mind when Samus was revealed to be girl – the fan art I drew back then I had created before I completed the game depicted Samus as a man so I was more than a little shocked when she popped out of the armor in a bathing suit!  Needless to say, I adjusted my art after that.

You have an extensive catalogue of videgame artwork and a long history of involment in videogame industry media, what do you think it is about videogames that differentiates them from other form of entertainment media?


For me, it’s the way games are interactive.  With comics or movies, you are a passive participant.  Video games however are a completely different beast – you can control the outcome of the story making it truly yours and unique to each individual.

The MDB would like to thank Thormeister for taking the time to answer our questions and allowing us to share his art. Make sure you check out the rest of his awesome work at:





Metroid Mods add Samus and More to LOZ: Breath of the Wild

Traverse Hyrule in style with these three excellent mods, created by Yainskofso. These Metroid Mods allow new models, outfits and music, from the Metroid universe, to be integrated into the Wii U version of The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild. The mods are accessible trough a Wii U with custom firmware, or via Cemu (Instructions at the end of this post).



Samus Saves Hyrule, in this Awesome Metroid Mod

Features of the Samus Mod:


Replaces Samus (without armor) over Link, with voice replacement too

9 costume sets are featured, also dyeables in each color shown in the game:

  • The power suit from Metroid other M over the Ancient armor
  • (this one has a downloable standalone file, for other character usage)
  • The zero suit from from SSB4 and Metroid other M over Of the Wild set
  • The sport outfit from Metroid Zero Mission over the Climber set
  • A Warm Jacket designed from a Metroid other M militar outfit
  • A new design for the Champion tunic based on the Chozo design
  • A custom set based on the female travelers (UMii) over the Hylian set
  • A custom set designed from the Worn set
  • A new designed Barbarian set
  • A custom Switch shirt with 3 designs (WiiU, CemU and Switch) (The download come individually, so you can choice one)

Also, a baby Metroid design replaces the paraglider.



Transform Link’s motorbike into

Samus’ iconic Ship


The Gunship Mod turns Link’s Master Cycle Zero motorbike into Samus’ trademark ride. The Gunship, of course, is limited to the same actions as the Master Cycle and its design is smaller and very reminscent of the Gunship in Metroid Blast from Nintendo Land (Wii U).



More Metroid Goodness Awaits…

Whether its riding on the sky on a baby Metroid glider, fighting bosses with the iconic Super Metroid boss theme blaring (with the Metroid BGM Mod), or exploring the countryside in the Zero Suit, these awesome mods will further increase the replay value of the classic Breath of the Wild. Thank you Yainskofso for your stellar work!


See & Hear the Mods in Action!

Getting Started with Mods

Cemu Wii U Emulator

Mod Installation Instructions


The Metroid Mods are separated into three parts:

  1. Samus Mod
  2. Metroid Soundtrack Pack
  3. Gunship Mod




Help Make Samus & her Gunship a LEGO Reality!



LEGO builder LDiEgo created this elaborate LEGO Metroid set and it gives us a glimpse at the possibilities of the new Nintendo & LEGO partnership. This Metroid set was submitted to LEGO ideas, which is a place where members of the LEGO community can create and share ideas and have LEGO community members support it. If the idea reaches 10,000 supporters it has a high probability of being produced, after expert review, as an official LEGO Ideas set. This Metroid set is currently at 873 supporters. Once it hits the 1,000 supporter milestone, it gets a 6 months extension to reach 5,000 and another 6 months after that, to reach its goal of 10k. With your help, this LEGO Metroid set has the possibility of being a real product!


From the LEGO Ideas page:


Based on the classic “Metroid” videogame franchise from Nintendo, this building toy features the bounty hunter’s most recognisable vessel, as well as some key elements from the entire series.
  • Carry the jar with the Metroid in suspended animation inside the cargo hold.
  • Move the Technic liftarm to drop Samus inside the gunship to restore health and ammo. Then withdraw the axle at the back to exit the gunship via the lower hatch.
  • Remove the windscreen to access the cockpit.
  • Flaps can be open to reveal some inner details.
  • Modify the exposed intakes to conceal them.
  • Includes two moveable stud shooters.
  • Adjust the three bottom pads to land in any surface.
  • Open the secret door to drop Samus as a Morph Ball.
  • Includes a minifigure of Samus Aran’s iconic Power Suit.


Make sure you support this awesome project on the LEGO ideas page and help make it a reality!


You can also visit LDiEgo’s Flickr account for more HD photos of this awesome Metroid set.



Japanese Cosplayer’s Amazing Samus Power Suit

This Power Suit was made in just 3 days! A sample of the process below. Incredible!

Make sure to check out the video, in the tweet above, to see the suit in action.

It looks, surprisingly, light and agile! Amazing work @11Vadu



SynaMax releases New Music Mod for Metroid Prime (GC)


Last July 2019 we posted a story about electronic musician SynaMax tracking down the exact instruments and sound patches used in the Metroid Prime series music. Just yesterday, SynaMax released a music patch for Metroid Prime (GC) that (via the Dolphin GameCube emulator on PC) creatively alters the music for:


VS. Metroid Prime (Spider)

Phendrana Drifts

VS. Parasite Queen

Artifact Temple

Planet Tallon IV

Tallon IV Overworld


…with more songs to be released as well. Now you may be asking yourself, “why would I change the perfect tracks that Kenji Yamamoto already made for Metroid Prime?” Why? These new tracks sound amazing! Just check out this trailer and see how well they mesh with the game:



Make sure to check out the video on his YouTube channel for detailed instructions on how to get the music mod running on the Dolphin emulator  and for a direct link to the free patch. Subscribe to his channel and check out his other awesome Metroid remixes and musical alterations. Awesome job SynaMax!


The Original Painting used in the Super Metroid Nintendo Power Strategy Guide


A bummer that Samus was completely obscured on her own strategy guide. They just lazily slapped that title in there.


Twitter user @ArtofNP shared:

Retro Studios Hires A Pair of Game Designers


VGC reports that Texas based Retro Studios has hired New Super Lucky’s Tale designer Mark Capers, who was also designer on Epic Mickey and its sequel. Retro’s second new hire is designer James Beech, known for his work on Crysis 3 (Senior Level Designer), DC Universe Online and the planned (and scrapped) sequel to Silicon Knights’ Eternal Darkness 2. He comes to Retro Studios as an Environment Designer.


From VGC, of interesting note:



Here’s hoping these new design hires talents are used for the upcoming Metroid Prime 4 and we can get some game info soon!


A special thanks to for their reporting.


Amazing Custom Ridley Action Figure

Instagram user Otaku_Tokusatsu has created a fully posable, custom Ridley action figure by cleverly combining a NECA ALIEN Xenomorph figure with a Marvel Legends Sauron figure. After some paint and detail, the finished result looks killer!


Click to Enlarge Images

Now, if only Nintendo could be gracious enough to give this legendary villain its own official figure.

Check out Otaku Tokusatsu’s instagram page here to see more awesome custom creations.




The Spectacular Story Of Metroid (2013, KOTAKU Article)


      (Artist: Methuselah3000)


There’s a slew of amazing Metroid articles out there and these KOTAKU articles in particular deserve to be revisited. Even though they were written in 2013, they still stand out as some of the best explorations of the Metroid lore to date with sourced references to distinguish lore from speculation and credited artwork that bring the (often understated, yet complex) Metroid story to life.


This is an amazing read and a quite a feat of exceptional detective work that could only come from a hyper-dedicated Metroid fan, Mama Robotnik.



Nothing beats the passion of a true fan writing about something they love. That’s what you’re about to see here: one of the richest, most amazing tributes to a great gaming series that we’ve ever run on Kotaku



The Spectacular Story Of Metroid – PART 1


The Spectacular Story Of Metroid – PART 2