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Fan Fiction is back

Slow going on this site lately. We don’t have a dedicated webdev anymore, and haven’t for quite some time. If you’re interested in volunteering, please feel free to reach out. The job comes with absolutely no compensation other than the love and admiration you’ll receive from the Metroid community at large, and the satisfaction of making one of the best Metroid websites on the internet that much better.


In other news, our old Fan Fiction page has been reinstated. Similar to fanart, we aren’t accepting any more fan fictions moving forward, but you’re free to read our old archives if you’re looking to nerd our hardcore. The section can be accessed easily from the Media menu at the top.

Metroid Tees for the Holiday Season

Got a friend or loved one who’s super into Metroid and thinking of getting them a gift for the holidays? Maybe you’re looking to get something for yourself? Well you’re in luck because Metroid tees are being offered once again by our friends at Once Upon a Tee. You can also see their entire collection of 48 Metroid and Samus-related designs here.

Check ’em out, and please click the image below so we are credited for the referral!

Get all 4 designs for $44.

Former Halo Artist Snags Job as Lead Character Artist on MP4

As most Metroid fans know, we suffer through droughts on the latest news, so times like these we take what we can get.

We’re excited to learn that, via Video Games Chronicle, Kyle Hefley, a senior character artist for Microsoft’s 343 Industries, has been chosen for the Lead Character Aritst position at Retro Studios. Kyle is an industry veteran with almost a decade of experience under his belt. We are quite enthusiastic that Kyle will do the Metroid franchise justice and look forward to what he has in store for us!

Here’s a very small sample of Kyle’s work. Be sure to check out his portfolio website for many more amazing 3D models!

Happy 23rd Anniversary

Howdy folks!

The Metroid Database celebrates its 23rd anniversary today. We are very proud to be the stewards of the Metroid community on the internet for this long. We’re extremely excited for Prime 4 like everyone else, which is the best gift any Metroid fan could receive.


Speaking of gifts, we hope Nintendo finally gives fans more merch, like more tshirts, posters, wallets, backpacks, etc. IF YOU MAKE IT, WE WILL BUY IT! (tbf, it does seem to be slowly trickling in a lot more lately) Don’t let the scalpers spoil it for us, Nintendo!¬†Speaking of merch…

Starting today through 10/21:

50% off “Birthday” sale on our store!

If you ever wanted one of our pins, now’s the time.¬†Plain and simple: the more people who buy merch from us, the more we will add to the store.

Thank you all so much for your likes, follows, comments, and retweets, and EVERYTHING you have done for us over the years. We truly appreciate it from the bottom of our hearts. As of this writing our Social Media follower counts are:

This is 100% organic reach – we have never, and probably will never, purchase ads from these outlets. So thank you all, once again, for giving us the love and admiration and following us throughout the years. I’d also like to deeply thank my staff members – Sagi, Rue, and Lillith – for all their incredible contributions over the last year. You are all so awesome and I’m so grateful to have such passionate members of my staff helping me! <3

Happy Bounty Hunting. –Ryan

Once Upon A Tee’s New Samus Designs

Yes folks, Once Upon a Tee is back once again with 4 beautiful new Samus-inspired designs for you. This time we have Varia Suit, Dark Samus, Light Suit, and PED Suit – which might be the first time I’ve ever seen this suit on a shirt!

The tshirts are $13 each, or you can get the designs printed on many different types of apparel – 22 in all!








Or get all 4 for $44!

Sale ends Monday, don’t delay!

15% discount on all MDB Store Items from now through 9/1



Stay Cool This Summer with Shirts from Once Upon A Tee

That’s right folks – this holiday weekend you can get your hands on these cool custom Metroid-themed tshirts from our favorite tshirt maker, Once Upon A Tee.

It’s $13 per design or get all 4 for $44.

(That’s only $11 per shirt!)

Click the image to go to the store:

Better act fast – this deal is only good through Monday!

New Metroid Tribute Album by Phonetic Hero

Looking for some new tunes? Check out this sick new album by Phonetic Hero and Tiny Waves called Sequence Breaker. The album is inspired by the series – that means all the tracks are new, not covers!

Former Metroid Prime Engineer Passes Away

We’ve been informed via the Bluepoint Games’ Facebook page that former Metroid Prime 1 & 2 Lead engineer and co-founder of Bluepoint Games, Andy O’Neil has passed away. He was 47. Cause of death was not announced. Andy was an Austinite, like me.

We at the Metroid Database pass on our deepest condolences to Andy’s friends and family and are eternally grateful to his countless contributions to the Metroid series.

Andy’s Obituary page

Andy’s page on Wikitroid

Once Upon A Tee – “Smashvengers” and more!

The most ambitious crossover event in history has just gotten a little more…ambitious. Once Upon a Tee has placed their “Smashvengers” design on sale this week, along with other Samus/Metroid-related designs for only $13 a shirt!









Or get all 4 for $44!

Don’t delay – this deal ends on Monday, May 13 at 11am, PST! And please remember to click-through our provided images so we can be credited for the sale. Your purchases directly help our website exist. Thank you so much!