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Samus Aran Figma Dread Version – Preorder Links

The Dread Figma is now available to preorder. It’ll set you back about $100 after you add in shipping costs. The cost to preorder is a penny shy of $87.

And now, the heartbreaking news: Release date is October/November, 2023.


Preorder Links:

In regards to the action figure’s accessories, it will come with a standard Figma stand, Morph Ball, Omega Cannon, 2 additional hands, and a Spider Magnet. The Spider Magnet seems to have a hand and foot attached to it permanetly, so you’ll need to remove her foot and hand in order to attach her to it. I hope the underside of the Spider Magnet is actually magnetic; I know a lot of folks who want to hang Dread Samus on their fridge.


Enjoy the pics!

Metroid Dread Figma Preorder Release Date

During a livestream on the Japanese-only MaxFactory YouTube channel yesterday, they announced the preorder date for new Samus Aran Metroid Dread version Figma that all of us have been drooling over this past year: Tuesday, September 27th. We can see that she’ll come packaged with her special Omega Cannon which I am extremely happy about. I hope she does come with a few more accessories this time around, too.

Please note these images are screengrabs from a YouTube video.

You can watch the original stream here. (If the jump doesn’t work, the announcement happens at ~1:10:14)


As for exactly where to preorder, since it hasn’t been exactly revealed when the product will be released in the west, you’ll need to go through a Japanese figurine exporter. Personally I like to use Amiami, but there are many others like Hobby-Genki or Anime Export. I can’t recommend one over the other – you’ll need to shop around on your own!


Like all of you, I can’t wait to get this incredible figure in my hands.

Fusion Hunter Pixel Desk Ornament

New merch drop!


We have teamed up with The Pixelized Princess To bring you a new product you can’t get anywhere else: the Fusion Hunter Pixel Desk Ornament.

The ornament is free standing, and features a pixel-perfect printed graphic, with both a front and a back side. The stand is based on the Space Hunter’s favorite order-commanding A.I. computer.


Order yours today!


IMPORTANT NOTE: This product is NOT a toy. It has sharp edges and should not be handled by small children. It should be used for display purposes only.

Metroid Dread Maps

Long overdue, but better late than never, I’ve just added the maps to all the areas from Dread. You can view the entire world map (linked below) or view each area individually on our maps page. I hope you enjoy as these are some of the best maps out there.

Full Map


As usual, they were created by one of the best and most passionate Metroid cartographers in the world, Daniel Dubreuil, which offers his own site, Metroid Map Station.


Click the image to be taken directly to our store. Thanks as always for your continued support.

Ghost Song Trailer & Release Date

9 years ago, the Kickstarter for a Metroidvania with infinite potential arrived. Now, we FINALLY have a release date: November 3, 2022.

So happy that Ghost Song is coming out after all these years. Congrats to Matt White & his team on what looks to be the best Metroidvania released this year and might be a better game than Hollow Knight. I truly hope it wins some awards.



Epic Metroid Queen Diorama

Dion, a hobbyist sculptor living in central Texas, was kind enough to allow me to visit his home and take photos of this beautiful Queen sculpture he made. Inspired by both Other M and Samus Returns, Dion recongized the lack of an official Queen statue, so he created his own.

  • The full diorama dimensions are 19″ x 8″ x 9″ (48 x 20 x 23cm).
  • Samus is 3.5″
  • Starship is 8″

The Queen features a light-up morph ball within its belly, representing when Samus Power Bombs it in the epic battle within both Metroid Samus Returns and Metroid Other M. The lower jaw also opens and closes. Dion also sculpted Samus’s classic gunship and mounted it on a Starlink controller chassy. Until some modder comes along, it’s the only way we’ll ever get Samus into Starlink!

Enjoy the gallery of this awesome creation!


Once agan I’d like to thank Dion for his generosity in allowing me to view his artwork. Dion goes by @ninsonyfan on Twitter.

Dread Samus Figma (And EMMI!) Revealed!

This weekend in Japan is SmileFest 2022, a festival which allows toy manufacturer GoodSmile to show off all its upcoming lines of new products. Two of them are from Metroid Dread – Power Suit Samus and the EMMI. The EMMI is not painted yet but both action figures look incredibly accurate to their game iterations:

These are currently the only images that are available online.


If you’re unsure where to buy, I personally use a website called amiami.com which allows you to get these highly sought-after Japanese action figures. I would also like to remind you that Nintendo did bring over the other two Samus Figmas to North America so it’s incredibly likely they’ll bring Dread Samus & EMMI over here as well. As far as pricing goes, nothing has been announced, but it’s likely Samus will retail ~$70-80 and the EMMI will be $120-140. (Don’t quote me on that!)





In other news, today is the 36th Anniversary of Metroid 1’s release in Japan. Here’s a copy/paste of the statement I made about Metroid on our social media sites:

Happy 36th anniversary to Metroid, the game that started it all!
It’s very telling about Nintendo’s marketing budget priorities at the time when you compare these two TV commercials. The North American version basically shows a kid in a chair with some very low budget special effects, your standard “let’s get kids excited” VO, and only lasts 13 seconds. The Japanese version features great sfx, a person in a game-accurate M1 Samus costume surfing on a giant FDS cartridge, with a robotic voiceover. And shows tons of game footage. Lasts 30 seconds.
M1 may not look like much by today’s standards, but if you give it some time, the game is truly an enjoyable one. I highly recommend those who haven’t beat Metroid on NES to go and try it. Yes, it’s difficult – especially knowing that if you die you restart with 30 health. There are alternatives to make the game less demanding.
1. Use NARPASSWORD 000000 000000 to give you infinite health and all the weapons at start. You can then breeze through the game without any problems.
2. If you have the Online Subscription on Switch, you can rewind time on their NES offering, so it may make the game a little less frustrating but still get the feeling of the game’s challenge.
3. There are also hacks people have made (including yours truly) which allow the game to be enjoyed and be accessible without ruining the overall experience.
Here’s to 36 more years of Metroid!

Metroid Prime HD Rumors…Again

While we don’t usually make a habit of stoking rumors, podcaster Jeff Grubb has once again made a definitive note that the long-rumored Metroid Prime HD is coming to Switches everywhere this holiday season. This would be an incredibly well-timed move for Nintendo, as the game will be celebrating its 20th anniversary come November (along with Fusion.). Watch the excerpt below for the full quote:

It’s hard not to get caught up in the hype as Prime remains one of the greatest titles in the series’ history and fans are frothing at the mouth for Nintendo to give this game a proper HD remaster (not a port like we got with Trilogy). As always, take rumors with a huge grain of salt, but my fingers are crossed for it. I’ve also taken the time to create a mockup boxart for it. Enjoy.

Synamax Forced to Pull Content

Synamax, who we reported on a while back, is an indie composer who has been dedicated to one thing lately: deconstructing the music of the Metroid Prime series. During his investigation, he was able to uncover that series composer Kenji Yamamoto used a sample CD called Uncivilised G’rooves as a base for nearly all of the sound design for the music of Prime 1 and Prime 2.


Ever diligent, the remixer put his skills to the test and flawlessly recreated the Torvus Bog theme from Prime 2 in its entirety. That was the last straw for Nintendo, unfortunately. Their legal rep contacted the YouTuber and asked him to take down the content including the recreation track and several other remixes, citing he would need “compulsory licenses” to upload the tracks on his channel.

In the video above, Synamax explains the situation, but after this, he is no longer interested in anything Nintendo-related and seems to be washing his hands of the company once and for all. We don’t blame you dude – this kind of corporate bullying is very petty, even from them. Synamax in no way makes money off this and he never planned to. All he wanted to do is educate and preserve, also pointing out the fact that Nintendo missed their chance releasing Prime 2 & 3’s soundtracks officially. Guess Nintendo really hates that kind of thing?


Anyway, working with him directly, we’re now hosting .mp3 and .flac files of the track. You can find it here. You can also download a video version of the track featuring a visualizer of when each sample plays. Enjoy.