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Ridley Amiibo Now Available for Preorder

Yay, consumerism!

Ridley (And Smash Bros. Ultimate) is available December 7, 2018.

Samus & Zero Suit Samus Renders

Never say we didn’t do anything for ya.

Smashbros.com: Fighter #65

Ridley is the 65th fighter to be added to the Smash Bros. roster. Super Smash Bros. Ultimate contains a total of 65 characters, which is the full roster – meaning every single character that has ever been playable in any Smash Bros. game, will be selectable as a playable fighter in this game.

Smashbros.com has created an all new page showcasing their newest fighter, Ridley. Go check it out now!

HUGE Ridley render! (4389×4389)

Super Smash Bros. Ultimate: Ridley Announcement

Ridley was finally announced in the newest iteration of the Smash series, Super Smash Bros. Ultimate. Release Date: December 7, 2018. Here’s his reveal trailer:

Meta Ridley from the Prime series is an alt costume.

More media will be posted here in the future.
And of course we can’t forget the new Ridley Amiibo.

New Pins! MDb x Beast Wreck

If you’ve been following our social media pages closely, you’re probably already quite familiar with our new pins, which drop through our store today! These pins have been a VERY long time coming – since November of last year is when I started collaborating behind the scenes with badass swag designer Beast Wreck on them. There’s something about Beast Wreck’s style that really captivated me, and I believed he was the only person who could realize my vision. After the designs were completed, I then had to wait a full two months to get them back from China (btw, ALL enamel pins are made in China, don’t let anyone tell you otherwise).

Trust me when I say I am more than enthused to allow you to buy them. But don’t wait. I only had 100 made of each design.

We hope you appreciate these pins as much as I do – I am beyond satisfied with how they turned out. They came out more beautiful than I could imagine. Photos truly don’t do them justice. The polished black nickel that they’re made out of needs to be seen with your own eyes in a way that normal photos just can’t capture.

As always, we deeply appreciate your generosity and support of our website. Head on over to the Metroid Database Store to see the pins. As of this writing, we have stock of everything else in our store still available, so while you’re there, get some other stuff too! See you next mission!

Nintendo Direct

Super Smash Bros. for Switch confirmed at the very end. Watch the rest for all the other announcements!


Hey everyone! It’s MARCH MADNESS! Starting today all through this month, you can use the discount code MORPHBALL to get 20% off you order through our store.  We’re doing this as both a thank you to our followers and celebrating the 24th anniversary of Super Metroid which is the 19th. Enjoy!

Memetroid Contest – Winners

Click our official contest page for the details of the winners of the contest. Stay for the Top 10 memes.


If you want to see all the memes, simply go to #memetroid on your Social Media platform of choice – InstagramTwitter, or see our Facebook gallery.

Once Upon A Tee: Metroid Designs

It’s that time again! Four, ultra-cool Metroid-inspired tshirts are available from Once Upon A Tee. Choose one for $13, or get all four designs for $11 each. OUAT offers excellent quality clothing and accessories and comes highly recommended. The designs will become unavailable next Monday, Feb. 5, so order before they’re gone!


We’d like to remind you to be sure that you’re clicking through the images below in order for us to get a commission on the sale. Your purchases from Once Upon A Tee, and our store directly helps our website thrive and we thank you for it!

Each Tshirt is only $13!


Or get all 4 designs for $44!

Fan creates real life robotic arm cannon

We don’t share too much fanart here on the main site, but this was too good to pass up.

Troy Powers (yep, that’s his real name!) has created what he believes to be the first and most complex Power Suit arm cannon ever made. Weighing in at 8 lbs., The arm cannon is fully robotic; meaning there are actual servos and computer tech attached to the four “missile” hatches that open up, and work via buttons activated on the inside. He explains all of it in the video below.

The result is definitely a sight to behold. Troy assures us that he’s not done with this prototype, and plans on enhancing it more by adding sound and lighting effects. Good luck Troy, and keep us updated! Maybe at some point you can create Wave Beam tech!