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MDb Bestiary Inspired Tattoo Sleeve

Canadian cosplayer and all around awesome fan Allison Robinson has admitted her life was drastically altered due to the Metroid series – especially Super Metroid. I think we can all share that sentiment in some form or fashion. Like myself, Al has decided to signify that dedication in the form of tattoos. Interestingly, though her first was a Metroid, her other choices have been of things a bit more obscure to the series – familiar enemies. Fortunately, in the search for creature artwork, Al discovered our site a few years ago, and fell in love with our Bestiary. As you can see in the photos below, she has gotten her tattoo artist to make designs based on the Torizo, Skultera, Dragon, and (most recently) Work Robot artworks. She tells us more are on the way of course, acknowledging the addictive, but expensive nature of tattoos. And of course let’s not forget her entire spinal column was endowed with a design inspired by Ridley’s tail.

It’s times like these that make doing this job all worth it. As you know, I directed the entire Bestiary project, gathered all the artists, directed many of their artworks and helped refine all of the ideas they brought to the table. Even though the Bestiary’s still not really finished, I’m very flattered to be able to inspire people like Allison to get these beautiful artworks permanently etched on their skin. And I know all the original artists who drew them share the same sentiment. The tattoos themselves were inked by Sharky Jones of Ironside Tattoo & Piercing.

Thank you for sharing these photos with us Allison – they are so gorgeous! We can’t wait to see what’s next.

Enamel Pins: S-Logo Restock Now Available

Starting today, we are officially re-launching the S-Logo pin that we had released in 2017. I hope I had enough made this time around. Furthermore, from now until the 9th, we’re offering an exclusive discount, you can get 20% off the cost using the coupon code below:
We’ve also cut the cost of our decals in half, permanently. So head on over to the MDB Store to get the pin! Samus approves!

Thank you all for your continued support of this site.

Mewtroid 2, Swag

If anyone remembers a game called WarioWare Twisted!, there was a silly little minigame called Mewtroid, where you basically played as a cat that rolled around and shot weird mustachioed fly-men that appeared on screen. For the uninitiated, it’s still on our old cameos page.

Well, the newly released WarioWare Gold contains a sequel! Mewtroid 2. The game is a bit different this time around as the cat is now at the top middle of the screen and you shoot chains of turtles coming at you. In typical WarioWare fashion, it’s really weird, but a funny cute cameo nevertheless. Watch the vid below courtesy of GameXplain.

Finally, I can’t say exactly when, but there may be a time in the near future where our S-Logo pins may come back in stock. Stay tuned for that. But if you absolutely must get some Metroid swag right this very minute, I think TeePublic has you covered.

Twitter Shenanigans

Some things are going down on our Twitter account if you haven’t been paying attention! Just recently we scanlated a very cute little comic by a Japanese fan, @pika_gororo. Since last night, I believe we’ve gone viral. Here’s the tweet:

Second, we just reached over 9000 followers! Due to this we have a brand new giveaway for our loving Twitter followers. Here’s all the deets, but you need to use Twitter to enter.

Thank you for all the Follows, RTs, and likes! <3

Metroid Database Celebrates 22 years online

Hey folks, another year down. I’d like to first start off by giving a big special thanks to our banner artist, Cryophase (FOLLOW THEM ON TWITTER! or CHECK OUT THEIR DA PAGE!). In case you didn’t know, Cryophase also drew some beautiful arts for our Bestiary like this adorable Lumite, and everyone’s favorite prophetic mothman.

<Download the banner for a wallpaper here! (1920×1080)>


Secondly I have some big news! We’ve finally added a new editor to our staff – RueCortina – who’ll simply be known as Rue – has been a big fan of the site for quite some time and he is super excited to contribute to the site as well as help us convert a lot of our old content back into this new format. Congratulations to Rue, I hope he serves the MDb well.


I don’t have much else to say other than I’m super hyped for MP4 despite the lack of any new information on the subject. But you know we’ll be screaming it from the mountaintops the second we have even the tiniest crumb of development progress on the game. In the meantime, we all have Smash Ultimate to keep us busy, which will contain the largest amount of Metroid representatives from any Smash in history! I think that’s saying a lot, frankly. Metroid’s come a long way and I think it’s about time Nintendo started treating it as a first-tier series, instead of constantly taking a backseat to Zelda, Mario, and Pokemon. It’s all proven by the amount of merch Nintendo decides to make. (C’mon people throw us a bone – tshirts and keychains are great and all, but how about something actually COOL like a light up Switch dock ? Maybe they’re waiting for Prime 4 to actually come out…)


And before I forget, huge thanks to our awesome social media editors, Sagi, Lillith, and Matt for their continued work throughout the year! You are all awesome and I appreciate your contributions and help so much! <3

Metroid Tshirts from Once Upon a Tee

Wanna be fresh af AND sport Metroid apparel? Once Upon a Tee got you covered.


Four badass Metroid-inspired tshirts are available from Once Upon a Tee. Choose one for only $13, or get all four designs for $11 each. OUAT offers excellent quality clothing and accessories and comes highly recommended. The designs will become unavailable next Monday morning, Oct. 8, so order before they’re gone!


We’d like to remind you to be sure that you’re clicking through the images below in order for us to get a commission on the sale. Your purchases from Once Upon A Tee, and our store directly helps our website thrive and we thank you for it!

Each Tshirt is only $13!


Or get all 4 designs for $44!

Don’t like tshirts? How about a hoodie or a mousepad? Maybe a poster, coasters, or a phone case? OUAT offers those too:

Metroid HD: FAQ

We’ve been getting a lot of questions and it seems Metroid HD has confused a lot of you. So to help, we’ve compiled a list of questions we’ve been getting lately about this hack.

Q: What is Metroid HD?

A: Metroid HD is, at its core, Metroid 1, as in the actual NES game. I can’t express this enough: it is Metroid 1. However, playing the ROM through a special emulator called Mesen and a “HD” texture pack, it allows you “skin” the game with updated graphics and sound. The hack was created by a guy who goes by Aclectico.



Q:  Can I play this on my Everdrive?

A: I guess you didn’t read the first question. The game can be played exclusively through a PC, Windows or Linux-based emulator called Mesen.



Q: Seriously though, I want this on my Everdrive!

A: No, until Everdrive gives you the ability to add skins to games (pretty unlikely), you’re just out of luck on that.



Q: So how do I play this? Where can I get it?

A: The game patch can be downloaded through this forum thread on Romhacking.net.



Q: I don’t know a lot about emulation or have any ROMs. Can you help me?

A: The staff Metroid Database will not assist anyone with the usage, support, or sharing of any files related with Metroid ROMs or emulators.



Q: How do I find the ROM? Give me the link!

A: Google is your friend.



Q: Help, I’m getting an error. Which ROM works with this patch?

A: I had success with a Metroid ROM that was labeled Metroid (U) (PRG0) [!].nes.



Q: Wait a sec – this is completely different than NEStroid! You start with 99 health, there’s save files, updated bosses, wavy-ice beam, and a map!

A: That’s correct. The game was based off another hack called Metroid mOTHER. (This is a hack that I had a hand in helping create) The hack was taken and built on top of, and the result helped Metroid HD become the best game it could be. A lot of hackers work this way – building off of other people’s work. It’s a big collaborative effort that everyone does in their spare time.



Q: So… isn’t this basically just Metroid Zero Mission?

A: No, again, I guess you didn’t read the first question. And also – have you even PLAYED Metroid Zero Mission? MZM is a radically different game than Metroid 1 – There’s way more bosses, completely altered map design, more weapons and power ups, an entire segment where you play as Zero Suit Samus in the Space Pirate ship, extremely refined gameplay… I could go on.



Q: So… isn’t this basically Super Metroid?

A: See the answer to the previous questions.



Q: So – I think I got it. It’s Metroid 1 with a graphics skin, and minor improvements that help make the game be a little bit more accessible to modern audiences. Did I get it?

A: Yes, chum I think you got it!

Here’s some screenshots that I took from my stream yesterday. You gotta play it if you want to see the unspoilered version! Enjoy, good luck, and see you next mission!

Metroid HD – coming to an emulator near you

We will be streaming a short playthrough of a new hack that was released – called Metroid HD.

The game is essentially Metroid 1, but with Super-like graphics. This is done through an emulator called Mesen which basically allows you to “skin” old NES games and update the graphics. Check out our stream on Twitch at 3pm CST today!

I actually had an indirect hand in this hack’s creation – it involves using the hack called Metroid mOTHER as a base and then improves the game’s graphics considerably. I’ll be talking more about it during the stream. See you there!


Dark Samus Reveal Trailer

This makes the Metroid representation count to 4! Seriously if you’re not beyond hyped for this game yet, there’s no hope for you.

Smash Direct

Today’s Smash Direct was INCREDIBLE! I would say this was probably one of the biggest and juiciest Directs they’ve ever had in the series’ inception. They’ve just announced a total of 5 new fighters, including…. DUN DUN DUN DARK SAMUS!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Dark Samus official fighter page

  • Dark Samus
  • Simon Belmont (Castlevania)
  • Richter Belmont (Castlevania)
  • Chrom (Fire Emblem)
  • King K. Rool (Donkey Kong Country)

Not to mention tons of new assist trophies, items, stages and modes galore. Don’t miss this direct, it’s a doozy!