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Both are 1920 x 1080. Right-click and save as to download. Enjoy.

Japanese Dread Commercials

Straight from the Metroid Dread Japanese website, NOJ has released three new Japanese commercials for Metroid Dread. Watch ’em below:

Two of them center around two young Japanese men reacting as they get stalked and killed by the EMMI:

The third one though, hoooo boy. Really awesome. Note: Some people think this 3rd one has “spoilers” in it, so don’t watch it if you’re attempting to avoid those things.

Lastly I’ll leave you with this, which is another trailer released a couple weeks ago. Watch at your own risk.

Stickers and decals

Today we have unveiled our new Prime-style “Beam Icon” vinyl decals on our store. Get ’em here.


We’ve also restocked our 10-piece sticker pack.

Both items can be purchased at a $5 discount for a limited time only. As always, TYSM for your incredible support of our site and what we do.

Metroid Dread Report Vol. 8 released

Nintendo’s marketing sure has kept us on our toes this time around. And it feels great. This new report details the areas and creatures/enemies which reside there.

From the report, there are at least six areas to be traversed on ZDR. They are:

  • Artaria (Rocky intro area)
  • Cataris (Power site, fueled by magma)
  • Dairon (Biological research site)
  • Burenia (Underwater research site)
  • Ghavoran (Underground forest)
  • Ferenia (Abandoned Chozo city!)


The report details what to expect from these harsh environments as well as the attacks of each of the creatures that reside there. Unless you want to find all of this out for yourself, head on over to the page.



Dread Report Vol. 8, North American version

Dread Report Vol. 8, Japanese version


Metroid Marathon Starts Today – 9pm CST

Starting today, we’ll be playing through all of the 2D games every night on our Twitch channel. Rue, Lillith, and myself will all be playing as a lead up to Metroid Dread. Once I get the game I will definitely be streaming the whole playthrough. So come on out and enjoy some Metroid nostalgia with us!



Metroid Dread – Overview Trailer

This is a big ‘un, lasting nearly 5 minutes long. Nintendo’s really pulling out all the stops this time around.

Kiwi Talks – Interview with Mike Wikan

A new, fantastic interview with the lead designer of the Metroid Prime Trilogy, Mike Wikan, has been released by Australian tech podcaster, Kiwi Talks. The interview is pretty detailed, and Mike talks about the intricacies of the game’s history, talks about game design and working in development, as well as sheds some details into his personal life. It’s definitely worth a watch/listen for all Prime fans.

Chozo Warrior Renders – Japanese Dread Site

Here’s some art of the Chozo warriors taken from the Japanese Dread site, which is obviously way more well made and better looking than anything us lowly Americans get. (Once again if you decide to go, there are HUGE spoilers!)

A few have speculated that these may be Torizo and not living, breathing Chozo, but take a look at their hands and feet – those are very organic looking. I believe they are indeed living Chozo that Samus must battle in the game!

Dread Report Vol. 6 and Bad News

The good news first. Metroid Dread Report Vol. 6 has released today and HOOOO BOY it is more mind-blowing and spoilery than ANYTHING they’ve released thus far. If this doesn’t get you excited for Dread, nothing will.


Ready? Watch this absolutely mind-blowing trailer, which includes an old, familiar face:


Read the Dread Report here:

And now, the bad news.

We’ve gotten word that Prime 2D, the Metroid Prime-inspired 2D remake, has been canceled and is no longer available for download, along with the soundtrack. Here’s the final words from Troid92, the game’s director, which was posted on Reddit and is now deleted:


This comes as no surprise, seeing how Nintendo treated AM2R, and while we are deeply saddened and disappointed, let’s hope the team goes on to create something amazing. Prime 2D’s engine, graphics and sound, and design is proof that there was a lot of talent behind this fangame. I wish the whole team the best of luck on their future endeavors.


New Stickers are LIVE!

Die cut stickers are HERE!

That’s right folks, we’ve just released some new merch for our store, found over at https://metroiddatabase.storenvy.com.

There’s 10 in all. Each sticker was made with loving care and is waterproof, and able to be used indoors or outdoors. Two of them are sweet holographic ones, inspired by the upcoming Metroid Dread. If these are popular enough, we will definitely be having more made.

Pick up a set today, and as always, thank you for your continued support of our website!

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(Stickers were designed by @spotartstation.)





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