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Former Metroid Prime Engineer Passes Away

We’ve been informed via the Bluepoint Games’ Facebook page that former Metroid Prime 1 & 2 Lead engineer and co-founder of Bluepoint Games, Andy O’Neil has passed away. He was 47. Cause of death was not announced. Andy was an Austinite, like me.

We at the Metroid Database pass on our deepest condolences to Andy’s friends and family and are eternally grateful to his countless contributions to the Metroid series.

Andy’s Obituary page

Andy’s page on Wikitroid

Once Upon A Tee – “Smashvengers” and more!

The most ambitious crossover event in history has just gotten a little more…ambitious. Once Upon a Tee has placed their “Smashvengers” design on sale this week, along with other Samus/Metroid-related designs for only $13 a shirt!









Or get all 4 for $44!

Don’t delay – this deal ends on Monday, May 13 at 11am, PST! And please remember to click-through our provided images so we can be credited for the sale. Your purchases directly help our website exist. Thank you so much!

New Twitter Giveaway: 10k Followers

Just a few hours left to reign in on the 25th Anniversary of Super Metroid’s release in North America. Today we’re also announcing a brand new giveaway via our Twitter account:

You can download the printout files here: Color | Black & White

And here’s pics of the main prizes!

If you own any Metroid Database swag with our logo on it, you can also use that as an entry as long as you follow all the other rules.

As always, thanks for all your follows and support over the years. Cheers!

Metroid HD – update

If you follow our site closely, you may remember back in August of last year we covered a new type of ROMhack/mod for the original NEStroid – in the form of Metroid HD. This is a special mod that requires a certain emulator called Mesen, which allows you to do a whole slew of things to old NES games, such as re-skin all the graphics to make them “non-8-bit.”

Mod maker Aclectico has recently updated his mod. He’s even created a new trailer for it! As seen below:

Here’s a list of some of the things that have been updated in this version:

  • New pre-assembled zip files for custom graphics and sound
  • Overhauled running and jumping animations (5 frames are now used for running)
  • A small and secret room is now located in Brinstar
  • The “minimap” is now an “automap”
  • The download bundle now includes pre-assembled zip files for alternate templated graphics.
    • Fusiontroid
    • Megatroid
    • 8Bit-troid

Check out the game yourself by downloading the patch here: http://www.romhacking.net/forum/index.php?topic=26811.0

Note: Metroid Database will not provide ROMs or assist with game patching or emulation. You’re on your own. Good luck!

Metroid EX: Samus & Joey Manga May Finally Get a Tankobon

As reported by SiliconEra, the original author of the Metroid: Samus & Joey manga has created a campaign on Japanese website Fukkan which accumulates votes on whether or not this manga should be volumized (aka “tankobon”). You may remember Samus & Joey was released in tankobon format for its first three volumes. The fourth, called Metroid EX, was only released in magazine format (“zasshi”), on the pages of Comic BomBom.


Fortunately for you fans, we have provided a scanlation of the entire series for years, after tracking down the original Comic BomBom magazines and meticulously cleaning up and scanning the pages. It’s highly unlikely the series will ever made it to the West, but it’s good news for collectors if EX actually becomes a physical volume. EX, a 12-chapter sci-fi epic, concludes the Samus & Joey saga, which by the end of volume 3 ends on quite a dramatic cliffhanger.


Feel free to peruse our old comics archive if you want to read the originals. It’s probably the only place you’ll ever be able to find these.

BREAKING: Nintendo restarts development on MP4 and gives it back to Retro Studios

A somewhat bittersweet apology and explaination from Nintendo Co. Ltd’s CEO, Shinya Takahashi:

According to Mr. Takahashi, whoever was previously working on Metroid Prime 4 has provided Nintendo with unsatisfactory results. This has caused Nintendo do what they did with the first Metroid Prime and “Up end the tea table” which basically means they’re starting from scratch.


I know a lot of fans will also be both surprised and greatly satisfied to find out that Nintendo is giving development back to Retro Studios, the original studio that created the Metroid Prime Trilogy. It gives me great pleasure to know MP4 will be developed back in my town of Austin, TX. That being said, Retro Studios has literally none of the same leadership of the original games currently working at the studio. This includes people like former producer Bryan Walker, game director Mark Pacini, design directors Karl Deckard, Mike Wikan, Lead Artist Todd Keller, and engineering leads Jack Matthews and Andy O’Neil. One would hope the talent currently working at the studio is prepared to handle a next-gen Metroid Prime that will push the Switch’s hardware to its limit.


Big downside of course is an added wait to an already long wait. My realistic prediction is we won’t get anything until 2021 now, (maybe nothing more than a teaser trailer) which will be very close to the Switch’s twilight years. And 2022 may be when it’s released. Maybe longer, who knows? All we can do at this point is provide our support and hope for the best. Of course we will keep you up to date on all the latest and greatest Metroid news. Stay tuned.

Back to the 90s with Metroid & Once Upon A Tee

Who loves the 90s? I know that’s probably most of you. And most of you also know, the color combo that defines the 90s is teal and pink.

Once Upon a Tee is offering this fly af, 90s inspired Metroid t-shirt for a super limited time. It’s gone in less than 2 days!

Four equally badass Metroid-inspired tshirts are also available for only $13, or get all four designs for $11 each. OUAT offers excellent quality clothing and accessories and comes highly recommended. Theses prices are only good until Monday morning, January 21, so order before they’re gone!

Each Tshirt is only $13!

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Or check out these optional product packs:


We’d like to remind you to be sure that you’re clicking through the images in order for us to get a commission on the sale. Your purchases from Once Upon A Tee, and our store directly helps our website thrive and we thank you for it!

MDb Bestiary Inspired Tattoo Sleeve

Canadian cosplayer and all around awesome fan Allison Robinson has admitted her life was drastically altered due to the Metroid series – especially Super Metroid. I think we can all share that sentiment in some form or fashion. Like myself, Al has decided to signify that dedication in the form of tattoos. Interestingly, though her first was a Metroid, her other choices have been of things a bit more obscure to the series – familiar enemies. Fortunately, in the search for creature artwork, Al discovered our site a few years ago, and fell in love with our Bestiary. As you can see in the photos below, she has gotten her tattoo artist to make designs based on the Torizo, Skultera, Dragon, and (most recently) Work Robot artworks. She tells us more are on the way of course, acknowledging the addictive, but expensive nature of tattoos. And of course let’s not forget her entire spinal column was endowed with a design inspired by Ridley’s tail.

It’s times like these that make doing this job all worth it. As you know, I directed the entire Bestiary project, gathered all the artists, directed many of their artworks and helped refine all of the ideas they brought to the table. Even though the Bestiary’s still not really finished, I’m very flattered to be able to inspire people like Allison to get these beautiful artworks permanently etched on their skin. And I know all the original artists who drew them share the same sentiment. The tattoos themselves were inked by Sharky Jones of Ironside Tattoo & Piercing.

Thank you for sharing these photos with us Allison – they are so gorgeous! We can’t wait to see what’s next.

Enamel Pins: S-Logo Restock Now Available

Starting today, we are officially re-launching the S-Logo pin that we had released in 2017. I hope I had enough made this time around. Furthermore, from now until the 9th, we’re offering an exclusive discount, you can get 20% off the cost using the coupon code below:
We’ve also cut the cost of our decals in half, permanently. So head on over to the MDB Store to get the pin! Samus approves!

Thank you all for your continued support of this site.

Mewtroid 2, Swag

If anyone remembers a game called WarioWare Twisted!, there was a silly little minigame called Mewtroid, where you basically played as a cat that rolled around and shot weird mustachioed fly-men that appeared on screen. For the uninitiated, it’s still on our old cameos page.

Well, the newly released WarioWare Gold contains a sequel! Mewtroid 2. The game is a bit different this time around as the cat is now at the top middle of the screen and you shoot chains of turtles coming at you. In typical WarioWare fashion, it’s really weird, but a funny cute cameo nevertheless. Watch the vid below courtesy of GameXplain.

Finally, I can’t say exactly when, but there may be a time in the near future where our S-Logo pins may come back in stock. Stay tuned for that. But if you absolutely must get some Metroid swag right this very minute, I think TeePublic has you covered.