Welcome to the Metroid Database! This site is an unofficial informational resource dedicated to Nintendo's Metroid videogame series. The MDb was first launched on October 16, 1996, making it the very first Metroid website on the Internet, and has since grown to become the largest, most comprehensive volume of Metroid-related information in the world! Please enjoy your stay at the Metroid Database and visit us again often!


The MDb was started by and maintained by one person, TJ Rappel, for the first five years of its existence. However, January 2002 brought about the first stages of a complete overhaul, and the current version of the site was launched in May 2002. With the newer, even more complete format came the addition of MDb staff members, affectionately known as "Team MDb."

In mid-2007, when two new dedicated members were added to the staff, TJ passed on the torch to them and the MDb took off once again, reaching out to Metroid fans far and wide.

In July 2011, a new editor, Aurora Unit, was added to Team MDb.

In September 2011, Rondus18, was added as a web programmer to help complete the Bestiary, and later became a member of Team MDb.



Mailbag | Contact

General contact email address

We are always looking to hear from all Metroid fans, old and new!
Use this email address for fan submissions, general news tips, ideas, or promotion opportunities.
Credit for using graphics, files, or any other kind of information that originated from the Metroid Database is always greatly appreciated. If you are an editor or employee for any publication, digital or physical, and want to use our site as a source of reference we also would greatly appreciate it if you contacted us to let us know. This includes YouTube videos or other multimedia as well!

Everything we have which we want to make available is here on the site. However, if there's something you're looking for that you can't find anywhere, we're open to suggestions and will consider adding certain items to the site if we can get ahold of them. You can also use this email to report broken links or images, or things that might not be working as intended.

Spam, advertising, and general complaints or hate mail will be ignored. And don't forget remove the "(NOSPAM)" from the e-mail address before sending!

If you want to reach out to one of the individual staff members, please use our direct contact emails below.


CapCom | Contact

Co-Director, Music Archivist, Forum Administrator

Soon after his first introduction to the world of Metroid through Metroid II, CapCom quickly absorbed Metroid and Super Metroid before stumbling upon the MDb. Since then he has involved himself in many Metroid fan projects, including the Metroid Interactive Fan Fiction and the Metroid II Secret Worlds websites. An enthusiastic and ambitious Metroid fan, CapCom brings his youth and vigor to the MDb by administrating the fan submissions and seeking out the best in Metroid music recordings and remixes.

Infinity's End

Infinity's End | Contact

Co-Director, Graphics Artist, Forum Administrator

Infinity's End has been a huge Metroid fan ever since the original version. Super Metroid's release caused this kid to rent the game on four seperate occasions before he actually went out and bought his own copy. He has been playing it through at least once annually ever since. IE brings his skills to the table, as he is a college graduate in fine arts, and hopes to one day be a professional artist in the gaming industry. He'll be helping us out on the visual side of things, including banners, buttons, backgrounds, and other miscellaneous graphics. He has been visiting the MDb since '99 and is the proud owner of a Samus tattoo that was given to him by TJ. IE is also the only staff member to have met the rest of the staff in person.


Rondus18 | Contact

Web Designer

After years of harboring a passing interest in the Metroid series brought on by wondering who that robot in Super Smash Bros. was, Rondus18 rented Metroid Prime from his local movie rental store. Renewing his rental of Metroid Prime four times before finally returning it he realized it was an alright kind of game. When it came time for Rondus to join the interwebs he had no idea what screen name to use for himself so after very little thinking he misspelled Rundas, the ice bounty hunter from Metroid Prime 3: Corruption, and added 18 to the end. For what screen name would be complete without the obligatory numbers?

James Pierce

James Pierce | Contact

Contributing Editor, Forum Moderator

Contributing Editor After spending a ridiculous amount of time posting various Metroid related news and cameos, James Pierce was added to the team in the later half of 2012. James' first Metroid game was Corruption which captivated him with the intuitive controls, and another fan was born. Since then James has acquired every Metroid game except for Zero Mission, and hopes to get it someday. A big fan of tracking down cameos.


Apothem | Contact

Forum Moderator

Life long Metroid fan and frequent forumite since 2008, Apothem first came upon the MDb looking to make off with a few easy Metroid Prime 3 friend credits but was hooked by the sites excellent community full of awesome people. Proud owner of every original physical U.S. series release, franchise completionist, and amateur speed runner. Brought on in late 2014 to lend his signature verbosity - once constrained to the forums - to the MDb front page, dutifully reporting on any and all things even remotely Metroid related.

Has a thing for geometry. Also recognizes the irony in the brevity of his own bio blurb.


Sagi | Contact

Social Media Editor

Sagi, born in Germany, started with Metroid II and has since then played every game that even just had a Metroid cameo. It is not clear if his love for astronomy made him a Metroid fan or the other way around, but one thing is for sure, if you watch the movie Alien with age 6 you turn into an oddball. He can't guarantee that he will not blow up the earth in a physics experiment at some point.


CCHHunter | Contact

Social Media Editor

I started my Metroid journey with Super Metroid. The atmosphere intertwined with the mesmerizing music was an instant hit with me. When I finished the games, I needed more and turned to creating fanfiction to do so before discovering an entire world of Metroid merchandise and fans among the MDb and joined shortly after it's inception as a lurker among the original forum. Spending time as a forum moderator and scanlator for the Metroid Manga and some of the early Samus and Joey helped me to finally contribute something worthwhile to the Metroid community. Today, I continue by scrounging the Internet for fan made creations for the MDb FaceBook page. You can find me around various communities as Sharonlover or CCHHunter.


TJ | Time worked: 1996 - 2006

Creator of the MDb

TJ is the founder and "big cheese" of the Metroid Database. He spent 6 months doing research and gathering information on Metroid before launching the MDb in October 1996, and wrote the majority of the text, tips, features, news and HTML on the site for 5 years before finally smartening up and adding some staff members to the project. A hardcore videogame enthusiast since 1980, TJ's collection includes approximately 40 systems, hundreds upon hundreds of games, and a number of arcade machines.

Jesse D

Jesse D | Time worked: 2007 - 2014

Programmer, Contributing Editor, Forum Administrator

A regular to the MDb community since 1997, Jesse D has been an avid fan of the Metroid series since his introduction to the series through Metroid II in 1992. He first developed his basic web programming skills with the Metroid II Secret Worlds website, which he maintained for a total of six years.

He has helped with re-encoding the MDb into a much more manageable structure, and now handles the behind-the-scenes webapp work.

This is the guy to pester if you find broken links.

Aurora Unit

Aurora Unit | Time worked: 2011 - 2014

Contributing Editor, Forum Moderator

Even though Aurora Unit was exposed to the Metroid series almost a decade before the release date of Metroid Prime (in the form of newspaper ads and uncanny Kool-Aid commercials), it wasn't until Prime 1 that he began to passionately follow the entire series and discover what he had really missed out on. Since that historic date, he has been documenting details of the Metroid universe while trying to promote its value and help keep everyone updated on the latest developments.

Of course this site would be nothing without TJ. Although he is no longer directly involved, we will always be grateful for his support and for founding this website. Please feel free to visit TJ's site, Krushervision.com, and buy some of his swag while you're there!



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