Metroid Database Presents:

Design-A-Samus Contest!

Fall 2011

1st Place

Retro Armor by Victor Palacio

Victor Palacio's Retro Armor draws from anime, comics, and games of the early 1980s when high-top sneaks and bicycle helmets were in vogue, along with shoulder pads. Samus is shown from plenty of angles, so we can clearly see her in action. We were impressed with the formal Zero Suit design, which appears functional without over-emphasizing Samus's sexuality. There is some great humor here as well, particularly with Samus stomping on a Space Pirate's face Air Jordan style and lightning-powered Shinespark, recalling Chibi Samus from the early Metroid Zero Mission videos. The green helmet lights taken from the Metroid: Other M concept art are a nice touch.

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This is a stylistic redesign. I drew inspiration from 80's anime, old school Iron Man designs  and the Metroid 1 suit. Hence the name. 

I wanted to draw a suit that's simple, lightweight and sleek. I kinda prefer Samus the good guy  to Samus the mysterious badass, so I designed the armor reflect on that: bright colors, lots of  identifying features, smaller profile, emphasize agility over firepower. More like Spider-man than Batman, if that makes  any sense. 

Another thing I wanted to do is get some visual consistency between the power and zero suits.  The markings and lights on both suits should (hopefully) match up. I rolled with the concept  that the zero suit is the power suit in stand-by mode. 

It was important that the helmet didn't look like a robot's head, so I came up with a  minimalist design. The 'scowl' has been replaced with a more neutral expression and I ditched the air hoses on the sides of the helmet. Those elements clashed with what I was shooting for. I added the 'bird's eyes' that you see in the Other M concept art. While they don't work for  that armor, they seem to work really well for mine. 

I ditched the spherical shoulder pads for the classic triangular ones.  The big orbs make the armor look too much like a robot, which is fine for the normal design but bad for mine. So I ditched them. It's a retro suit, I'm going to use retro elements. Plus, I like them more. They're vintage :) 

The chest was made to look simple and sturdy. It's definitely the thickest part of the armor. I made the markings on the back shoot out lighting when using the speedbooster, because it looks really cool. 

The black bits on the arms and legs are meant to make the armor look lighter. They also help Samus look more like a person in a suit (I really, really didn't want this design to look like a robot!). This is also the reason why the armor doesn't add much height. 

The arm cannon is simple and sleek, just like the rest of the suit. It's kind of a mix between Fusion and Other M's arm cannon. Again, I wanted to emphasise agility over firepower; so I kept it low-key. 

The feet are a little strange. I wanted them to look more like sneakers than  boots, I acutally used Converse hi-tops as a base.  I went old-school with the foot wings, coming up with something reminiscent of Metroid 1's high-jump boots. Samus does a lot of running and jumping, so I'd rather the boots look atheltic than stompy. 

I designed the zero suit to look more like a flight suit. I'll admit that the cuffs and shoulder pads are a little corny but they give off Macross vibes, which I like. The zero suit looks a lot more practical now. I went with a hairbun instead of a ponytail simply because it was different. Short hair made her look too military and while loose hair looked great it didn't look like she could fit in the helmet. 

And yeah, that's a smile. Like I said, I was going for a heroic design over a badass one and that includes Samus herself. 

For the action shots I used poses that you wouldn't normally associate with her. I really wanted to get the idea across that this armor is much lighter than her normal suits. I also like the idea that Samus actually enjoys being a bounty hunter, so I tried to draw 'fun' poses. 

And that's pretty much it. Hope you enjoyed this redesign.

Retro Armor by Victor Palacio Retro Armor by Victor Palacio Retro Armor by Victor Palacio

2nd Place

Chozo Samus by Anibal Valentin

We were very impressed by the concept of Chozo Samus, which takes a page from Samus's training days on Zebes with a lightweight, stylish suit that suggests later incarnations of the Power Suit. Valentin's description suggests a Zero Mission prequel, with Chozo warriors, fast combat, and acrobatics.

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This is where Samus learned it all, as a chosen Chozo on the harsh planet Zebes. On task to becoming the galaxies greatest bounty
hunter she was first, one of the Chozo races greatest warriors. Infused with Chozo blood and possessing unbelievable natural ability,
Samus was given specialized tech to train with and survive in the hostile and unforgiving environment of Zebes. Samus' equipment
includes: high jump boots, an arm cannon, "wing tip" speed armor, and a specialized glass "beak" visor.

High jump boots- Samus is able to keep pace with the elite Chozo warriors by leaping large chasms, traversing cliff sides and running
long distances.

Arm cannon- Samus' signature trademark weapon allows defense and protection against the many hostile life forms found in and
around the landscape.

"Wing tip" speed armor- a predecessor of her power suit, this armor cuts through the wind and protects vital organs. It features energy
burst wing tips allowing her to bridge very large gaps and achieve an extra burst of speed.

Glass "beak" visor- Deliberately forged to look birdlike, not only does Samus resemble a Chozo, but the visor also allows her to see the
terrain as one. The visor feeds her environmental layouts, organism specs, infrared heat signatures, health status updates, location of
Chozo statues and more.

3rd Place

Fusion Redesign by Tim Hardeman

We had to make some tough decisions, but finally settled on the Fusion Suit Redesign. Hardeman's Samus has been drastically altered genetically by the Metroid DNA, buffing her muscles and giving her helmet an eerie headcrab-esque Metroid helmet, and underneath, Samus's face also looks a little...different. The lighting projects an unsettling atmosphere: a monster sent to rid the galaxy of monsters even more terrible. Overall, the Fusion Suit Redesign earned extra points for design originality and visual quality.

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I based my entire development process around the first rule. "Redesign the star of the Metroid series: Samus Aran." This made me think about the core logic behind the suits she wears. I figured the Fusion Suit would be the best to receive this redesign treatment, as it gets little art.

When I think of the Fusion Suit, I always remember how it was created. A trained "super-hunter" infused with Chozo blood is infected by a parasite that overwhelms her own cells. This would undoubtedly cause permanent dis-configuration, not to mention the fact that her Power Suit had to be surgically removed. Samus is then infused with Metroid DNA, causing further mutilation of her body. When I look at the original Fusion Suit, none of this is evident: it simply looks like someone stretched the Zero Suit over her existing Power Suit.

I went into detail of how the Metroid DNA would come to posses Samus' body, making her an unstoppable warrior. Similar to how Metroids in the wild evolve, this suit would also evolve. It began by augmenting Samus' existing muscular structure, increasing her strength. Over time the suit will grow bony plates, similar to how the higher level of evolution in Metroids increases 'armor' plating. 

The Metroid DNA is rejected by Samus' natural cell defenses however, and in places it becomes yellow and starts to rot away. As she began this process as a human, she has no offensive capabilities. These come from further evolution's of the suit, along with a re-built Arm Cannon that is designed to fit her much larger Metroid-infused arm.

The image I chose to portray is from the opening scene of Metroid: Fusion. This is the dark BSL station, while Samus tracks down what creature caused the explosion. The only illumination during this scene is a spotlight provided by the ship's computer, Adam.

Each of the Metroid Database admins ranked their five favorite designs, and we tallied the numbers. While Victor Palacio's Retro Armor came on top solidly, it was a really tough race, with the scores of Places 2 through 5 differing by just two points, and another round of voting to settle a tie! Each of us had different opinions on which designs we liked the most, and here are some of the other versions of Samus that almost made the cut. Thanks again to everyone who submitted a design! See you next mission!

Honorable Mentions:

Force Suit
By Jeff Cochran

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Force Suit By Jeff Cochran
Following the events of Metroid Fusion, Federation scientists were able to extrapolate the energy-absorbing capabilities of Samus's Fusion Suit and perfect matter-energy conversion in the form of the Force Suit.  This suit consists entirely of forcefields which fill with water when active.  The forcefields absorb energy and projectile damage, and the water is a buffer which absorbs impact damage.  The suit can be upgraded to regulate body temperature in extreme conditions.  The water can be heated by the forcefields in cold environments and act as a heat sink in high temperature areas.  The matter conversion properties of the suit allow it to generate this water spontaneously.  The water is converted to steam and vented when the suit is deactivated, leaving Samus in her new carbon-fiber Zero Suit, which can be glimpsed through the translucent forcefields of the Force Suit.

The suit is capable of being upgraded to create various energy and projectile weapons.  The projectiles, much like the water, are synthesized from pure energy, absorbed from matter in the surrounding environment.  The energy used by these weapons is depleted from Samus's energy tanks - the more powerful the weapon, the more energy is required.  The suit is able to slowly regenerate this energy over time, but it can also be refilled at recharge stations.  If the suit is in a low energy state, an emergency Crystal Flash can be performed as the suit shuts down all other functions to restore energy.  This will leave Samus temporarily vulnerable, but will refill her energy completely.
By Sakrachi

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MX-Suit/Endo By Sakrachi MX-Suit/Endo By Sakrachi MX-Suit/Endo By Sakrachi
Samus Endo-suit: is of Samus's own designs based on prior functions of past suits like the version of the armor less arm cannon from her first mission to the light protection provided by her zero suit the Endo-suit utilizes the strength of these past features of suits while removing their prior flaws putting the Endo-suit when worn alone to that of the same strength as the fusion suit. In cases where Samus wants to stun an enemy instead of harming it she can rely on one of two energy pistols from her sides holsters. When Samus obtained the MX-suit not only was her outer suit mutated but slight mutations were acquired to her Endo-suits as well. Thou these enhancements act more as safe guards to the MX-suit.

The first mutation to the Endo-suit is light protecting head gear with optional visor and face guard though Samus seem to only use these parts of the head gear in places with dense to no visibility or in climates with poor or no air quality, The headgear also acts as a starter key to the MX-suit helmet which in turn allows that only together can the visors hub display function. It's a safety precaution provided to the suit on the unlikely chance somebody besides Samus tries to equip it.

The second mutation to the Endo-suit is to the light arm cannon that Samus previously equipped with the Endo-suit can now also act as a second key to the MX-suits arm cannon in which that only together can the arm cannon function at its full power, another safety precaution provided on the unlikely chance somebody besides Samus tries to equip her arm cannon.

Mx-suit: is the combination of the infected version of the Varia suit from the SA-X and Metroid DNA Samus was injected with. She gains this suit after being defeated by a surprise ambush by the space pirates, the suit sensing the dangerous predicament its user was in mutated much like the SA-X did when fighting Samus. It mutates into a form better suited to deal with the threat, the suit retains a slightly similar look to the final form of the SA-X however key differences in the mutations are shown to have Metroid like tones to it such as in parts of the shoulders, Arm cannon, and left hand to name a few. The MX-suit is also equipped with some of the similar abilities found only to be among either the Metroids or X parasites.

The MX-suit enables Samus to copy an enemies abilities or weapons. Whenever she comes in contact with an enemy she can copy their abilities  for a limited period of time to use to her advantage.   However after that set period of time is done the Metroid DNA parts of Samus's suit will absorb the new mutation as to prevent Samus from being completely infected by the X parasites again. Samus can also use her left hand or arm cannon to latch to an enemy much like a Metroid can to absorb their energy if her life is low rather then searching for energy orbs however some enemies can shake her off. So using with caution it always advised.
Pirate Data Armor
By metroidhunter7

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Pirate Data Armor by metroidhunter7
The Pirate Data Armor protects Samus from being detected by Space Pirate securtiy systems.  The armor is of Space Pirate design.  It allows Samus to move through Space Pirate territory undetected.  The arm cannon is also  of pirate 
technology and is capable of rapid fire.  The left arm of the suit is capable of generating a temporary shield that is often used by space pirates. 
Ascension Suit
By Phacious Phazon

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I've always liked the idea of Samus being able to fly around like a badass bird of prey. Shinesparking allows for this to an extent, but only in a straight line. Also seeing as the Chozo are an ancient species of hyper-intelligent birds, I thought is was a nice touch to bring everything full circle. The hatchling has reached a point of maturity and taken to the skies. The wings were designed to make the character look fast, even while standing still (or hovering). I envisioned the wings being similar to the energy mesh that Meta-Ridley's wings were composed of, but I did not have time to give it that kind of look. All things considered I didn't stray far for the traditional color palette, though I focused on using metallic colors like gold and brass vs. orange and yellow. The crimson of the helmet and chest plate are the foundation of what I consider to be Samus' Suit. I trust you will be able to identify some of the elements from previous games that I have incorporated into the different designs and poses. It's nothing too elaborate but I thought it was neat. I am very much looking forward to seeing what everyone has put together and am proud to be a part of this community.

And here are all the entries!

There was a turnout of almost 23 entries this year! Thanks, guys!

Wasp Suit
By Ella Coldrick

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WASP SUIT: Acquired on an unknown planet after defeating an alien that looked as though it was a giant wasp queen.
UPGRADES: Samus can now shoot a sticky honey like substance from her arm cannon, both fly and shield herself with the wings and her visor now tracks heat, sound and has an infrared setting. Samus also has a radio headset attached to her helmet.
MATERIALS: The whole suit and all accessories are made out of a very hard and sturdy wax.
Proto Suit
By RoyboyX

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This is my entry. I call it the Proto Suit, because it is a stripped down, though still somewhat good armor for Samus. I wouldn't say she found it somewhere, but rather tweaked her suit's appearance. As you can tell, it predominately takes from the Gravity Suit, and you can see most of her body. This is NOT for fanservice, I'd imagine that she would find extraneous armor mostly unnecessary, as canonically she seems to be able to dodge every attack fired her way. The boots have extra enhancements to the Speed Booster (the ankle protruding triangles with the blue stripes): based on an ability from Super Paper Mario, Samus can run on water unless she stops, at which point she will sink (this was an ability of the Pixl Dottie). Though her hair is covering it up, she still has her jetpacks, as the shoulder pads extend behind her back, though a comparison I can't draw up right now. Her Arm Cannon is mostly the same, but her Grapple Beam is now built into the armor rather than an attachment, much like Spiderman's webbing vials, and replacing the attachment Grapple Beam is a switchblade. The triangle behind Samus' ear is a monocle-like contraption; it calls up a triangle that slides in front of Samus' right eye, and serves as her visors out-of-suit.
Form 67
By Sam Gould

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Form 67 by Sam Gould
This is Samus's new suit from the planet FO6780. This suit was aquired two years after the events of Metroid Fusion while Samus was clearing the planet of a Galactic Federation project. At this point, the Federation made an Aurora Unit design that almost completely micked Mother Brain's. It started spawning monsters like crazy. One of those monsters was called Darspek (lower left corner). After defeating this creature, Samus went to examine the lifeless husk. It quickly shot out a liquid that enveloped her. The scientists called this material after further research: Form 67. With the Form 67, Samus's shoulder, knee, and elbow gear spiked up. With this, all enemies that tried to use melee attacks against Samus got harmed. While in Morph Ball, she can plow down enemies and climb up ragged cliffs. That wasn't all though. At night, the extra spikes retract and the entire suit darkens. Red lines appear throughout the suit. This seems to be a reaction to the moon. It lets her sneak by the even  more horrible night enemies with ease. This also lets her equip the beams (left to right) :Elza which can paralyze enemies, Arcom which has two seperate lazers that combine into one for an even more powerful attack, Iko whitch can freeze enemies, and the Grek which can control other enemies minds.
Samus Redesign
By Kraid Raid

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This is an original drawing of my Samus redesign, outlined and colored in GIMP, along with a MS Paint manipulated sprite.

This suit combines elements of the Fusion Suit (circa Metroid Fusion) with some of the original suit components (circa Super Metroid). After the BSL mission, Samus searched throughout the galaxy trying to find traces of the Chozo in order to restore her suit to its original state. Throughout this quest, she has successfully incorporated some new plate armor (particularly in the abdominal region) and restored her original "boot" form. She still retains the "Metroid Teeth" located on her left arm and has added an extendable plasma sword which attaches to the map device on her left hand and is primarily used for close-range melee combat against ambushing enemies. The suit retains the download port (not pictured) from her Fusion Suit and has reincorporated the speed booster vents on the back. Her helmet has been replaced with a more streamlined model, incorporating the breathing apparatus into the helmet better and making it almost a perfect sphere.
Samus Redesign
By LeoZ96

Stealth Suit
By The Hawk’s Eye

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To start I would like to call the suit the "Stealth Suit." I chose colors that are typically army camo colors (Brown, green, black). However, It really doesn't look that stealthy now that I look at it again. Anyway, The only thing very lacking in stealthiness is the visor, which is bright neon red. But really, all her visors are a neon color; she isn't sneaking up on anyone unless their base is at the "Neon Color Paint and Shit" factory. 

To start, I did not have her helmet really connect in the back. I tried to give it a more of a "biker's" helmet look. Very clean and it's a lot easier to look around. I also took out her large rounded shoulders and replaced them with metal pads similar to a knight's armor or metal football shoulder pads. The suit is made of the same metal as her Varia suit. So some sort of Chozo material. Towards  her back (and actually down at her feet) she has a jet pack sort of thing going on. It's very similar to how the "underwater jet pack thing" worked in Echoes. The arms are the same down to the elbows. Here is where I've committed a Metroid sin, I think. I took out the arm cannon and put twin guns on both arms. They work as an extension of the forearm armor. If you have seen Trigun, It kind of extends out like his arm does, but there's no real clue you've all seen that. It basicallly comes up, forward and down a little to fit into her fingers. It is similar to Federation firearms, the way it's sort of built into the armor (I'm talking Prime series Federation style).  From there, the rest is the all the same except for color SUBTRACTING her knees. Her knees are, well they were pointy to begin with but I made them pointier and sharper. Perfect for kneeing a space pirate right in the chest and killing him with ease. The feet are also denser and shaped more like combat boots compared to the sort of tennis shoe/exercise shoe look they had before.

If you look at Figure 1, I made a doodle of basically the jet pack working in place of Shinesparking; you can reach high ledges. In Figure 2, it is used like Space Jump to get across long ravines or canyons. You can actually suspend in mid air with the jet pack as well but it is done in short bursts (only about 7.6 minutes. If this were played in a video game, it would only last about 1 minute) before the fuel is cut off from the pumps and used to keep the actual suit working. In other words, it only works for that amount of time before it starts draining energy tanks. Am I the only one who likes Jet Packs....?

Figure 3 and 4 are up-close views of the Twin Guns. Figure 4 shows sort of what the forearm would look like when the a gun compacts itself back into the armor. 

Figure 5 is a short sketch of how I think her hair would look. It is a minor deal and I love a derpy chunk of hair hanging down in her visor as much as the next guy but I like her hair sort of how it looks towards the end of Prime Hunters. I also think her ponytail would be shorter; it's waaaay too long at the end of Corruption.

The main idea of this suit was basically just to be a melee suit; mainly for close combat fighting. Now, I'm not saying the firepower is sucky or anything, I was just aiming for a suit that was just as protective but makes it so Samus can fight up close and kick a space pirate in the face instead of shooting him. 
By Sarah Bishop

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Suit: Space Pirate Tech

Abilities/Powers: This suit allows Samus to climb nearly any surface, as well as cling to and
navigate the outside of a moving space ship. Her left arm is outfitted with a device that
generates a small personal shield like those carried by Shield Pirate Troopers. Like theirs, this
shield can be destroyed by stronger weapons. However, Samus has a more advanced version,
and, given time, can charge up and create a new energy shield to replace one lost or destroyed.
Samus's suit has also been altered with several modifications and stealth technology so that
it will not appear on any Galactic Federation scans. A final modification was made to her visor
and helmet, allowing her to communicate with Space Pirates and giving her authorization to
command the lowest-ranked Pirates.

Base Suit (phase 1): Allows climbing of almost any surface, Pirate Command and
Communications, and close-quarters combat, along with her normal beam shot, charge beam,
missiles, Shinespark, morph ball, and morph ball bombs
Note: Energy signature is altered to prevent immediate GF recognition, but it provides no
additional powers

Upgrades: Morph ball bombs upgraded to EMP mines (able to disable cameras and certain
security technologies), stealth/cloaking technology, personal shield generator, Paralyzer Beam
(for use against GF troops to prevent injury), Wave Beam, Zebesian Beam (increased damage
against certain foes, further access to Space Pirate facilities), and the usual missile and health

Acquisition: After the events of Fusion, Samus is labeled a criminal and terrorist by the Galactic
Federation. As they move in to arrest her, Samus, unwilling to fight and kill possibly innocent
GF troops, flees. News of her "criminal" activity is spread quickly, painting Samus to be a more
ruthless, heartless nightmare than even Ridley. To avoid capture until she can figure out a way
to expose the corruption and secret illegal activity of the Federation, she leaves GF controlled
space and moves into the territory of the Space Pirates. Having heard rumors of her conflict
with the GF and apparent fall from glory, they approach her with a deal: they give her supplies,
upgrades, and access unhindered to Space Pirate facilities and space, and in return, Samus must
help them bring down their hated rival. Samus, quickly running out of ideas and places to turn,
accepts. Unspoken between them is the understanding than once the GF falls, all bets are off.
Samus must do her best to prepare herself for their inevitable betrayal in whatever form it may
Chozo Power Suit MK VI
By Orion Ruiz

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Chozo Power Suit MK VI

The newest incarnation of Samus Aran's trademark orange Varia suit, Samus's new suit was created by the Galactic Federation, based on Samus's Varia suit (which was destroyed in an accident on one of her mssions) and reverse engineered exo-suit technology found on Earth.  The suit is vastly more powerful than the original, and is also lighter.

The metal that the suit is composed of is a Titanium/Bendezium alloy, making it very light, and very strong.  The outer armor is constructed from microscopic tiles of the alloy, which are held together by  a magnetic field created by each tiles.
The large  shoulder pads of the original Varia suit are now smaller, and house a computer in each, vastly increasing the computing power and memory storage of the suit. 

Samus's main weapon, her arm cannon, has been compacted into a smaller shape, and now has the ability to hold more weapon choices.  The default beam is still the Power beam, but now the cannon does not have to pick up new beams and starts out with all 8 beams (Power beam, Wave beam, Plasma beam, Ice beam, Nova beam, Light beam, Dark beam, and the Anihilator beam.)
The Grapple beam has also been enhanced, allowing to grab objects, but also to throw them and to draw energy from grappled objects.

The Varia suit still gives protection from extreme temperatures, and now can adapt to new environments, and can also protect from attack by using it's magnetic field.  The suit can alter it's color to match it's surroundings, and can respond to suit upgrades.

The redesigned helmet offers more protection to the wearer, and now has up to 6 visors.  The HUD has been redesigned to give more detailed information on it's surroundings.
Samus Redesign
By Christian Hall

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The idea for my version of Samus was inspired by playing Metroid Prime 2, at the beginning of the game when she fights the zombie people of her own kind who've been corrupted by the Ing.  In my version while Samus is away fighting space pirates, a massive invasion force attacks her home planet, and she's called back to fight the conquering army.  Since resources are hard to come by, and friends are few, Samus has improvised by adapting space pirate technology to her own suit – or whatever is left of it.  She has the arm cannon and a nifty little blade that she can use to chop when she doesn't have enough power for her cannon.  She's also added metal spikes to help her in morph ball mode for some nice zombie chopping action, and it's also handy for climbing up different structures and tunneling underground.  I even envision her using the space pirate jet-pack flight technology to fly through some combat areas.  Some cool little ideas that I thought about are maybe a sonic charge beam and magnetized morph ball bombs.  I think that possibly a night vision visor might be cool as well.  I kind of picture this as a mix between Metroid, Night of the Living Dead, and Road Warrior.  I definitely think that some nice eerie music in my version would be a plus.
Omega Suit
By Gabriel Dupree

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This is my version of the omega suit from Metroid Fusion (the final suit) and the idea behind it was that not only did absorbing the SA-X give you back the ice beam and orange coloring but also re-attached some of Samus' original Varia armor. The design carries elements from not only the fusion suit and super metroid varia suit but also from the zero-suit, power suit, some original design of mine, and various other Varia design variations from different games. (Prime, zero mission, Other M, etc.) This E-mail is starting to get long and I'm sure you have a lot of submissions to go through, but I would like to highlight some of the design (but not all of it) as you will probably figure out some of it from further inspection. The picture is color-coded to distinguish the different suits (Blue=Fusion's blue parts, Orange= Varia's orange, yellow=yellow parts of both suits). First off the fang-like things of the fusion helmet are still there just hard to see. the light on the left-side of the chest is a fusion of the Z-shaped light from the power suit and the curvier light of the Varia. the left arms spikes are odd because they're wrapping around the arm, the back one becoming an elbow pad (like other M's varia), and the other two starting to wrap over the arm to make the original varia's arm armor (as I see it, Samus didn't have Chozo arm feathers so the spikes were made part of the arm's armor, only to reappear when surgically altered). The thick black line going down the arm is some-what based on the Super's varia's arm's lines, but altered to make it appear more biological (like a branch of a blood-circulatory system or something). There's a lot of little details, and I want to say more like how it would work in a future game and stuff, but I can't lest I make a fan-fiction and then fall outside the rules.
Samus Nova Suit
By Ice Trooper

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Samus acquires the Nova Suit after defeating a strange golden Metroid in an abandoned research facility in Space. It draws characteristics from her Zero Suit and Fusion Suit, thanks to the Metroid's DNA.

 -A Metroid like orb appears in her arm cannon, enabling use of the Drain Beam, which can sap energy from a foe if it is within range.
 -Like Metroids, she becomes weak to ice and susceptible to being frozen, but this suit grants an uncanny resistance to heat and flame, allowing Samus to withstand higher temperatures than even her Gravity Suit.
 -The suit itself emits a glow that distracts some enemies. It can absorb some solar rays to slowly restore energy.
 -It isn't as durable as the Gravity Suit, but is lighter and allows for quicker movement.
 -What appear to be high heels, are actually retractable laser propellant springs, allowing for a boosted jump. They automatically retract into the heel when not in use.
 -The visor is highly resistant to light, allowing Samus to see clearly in extremely bright areas.
 -Like the Fusion Suit, the Nova Suit can absorb Xs, but it is also resistant to most Metroid draining.

 Appearance wise, the Nova Suit appears to be a variation of the Fusion Suit with the Blues and Yellows inverted. The suit also has a jointed "tail" on her helmet that resembles her hair as she wears it in her Zero Suit. Her hair is actually inside of this, and somehow protects her from most Metroid draining. Her arm cannon contains a Metroid-like orb, and what appears to be a layer of ooze spreading over it, which is something acquired from the slain Metroid she got the suit from. The claws on the end are remiscent of Metroid "teeth", and serve a similar purpose when powering her Drain Beam. The heels are only in the picture to show what they look like, she wouldn't normally have them when standing still or running.
Midnight Samus
By Greg Lestik

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This is Samus Aran's newest suit. It is called the Midnight suit because of where she got it. The Federation hired Samus to investigate a new planet that had recently been discovered. The planet is nicknamed the Midnight Planet because there are only a few hours of sunlight each day. While there, Samus comes across a strange device which, once Samus touches it, bonds to her suit, becoming an integral part of it. This device allows Samus to access different portal stations across the planet. Beyond that, it allows Samus to teleport short distances at any time (which is useful in battle and can allow here to access new areas) and, eventually, to teleport the beam from here blaster, allowing her to shoot around corners and such.
Chozo Relic Suit
By Emilio Lopata

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This is called the Chozo Relic Suit.

It is found on Tallon IV in the Chozo Ruins after the destroying Metroid Prime.

Samus left Tallon IV after defeating Metroid Prime so she didn't get the suit on her first trip, but after BSL she and Adam return to Tallon IV to look for extra artifacts to try to repair the Power Suit.

	The Relic Suit acts as a base suit in the same way the "Fully Powered Suit" worked in Metroid: Zero Mission. The base shielding of this suit is equal to Gravity Suit shielding, but doesn't have the invulnerability to lava like in Super Metroid. There is also a 'glow-in-the-dark' feature that comes out of the glyphs and runes on the suit at Samus's will. Unlike in Metroid Prime Hunters, the helmet does not have a weak point in shielding that could be exploited for headshots. The Relic Suit does NOT have the power of the Varia Suit, so it cannot be used to enter the Magmoor Caverns or any room with extreme heat. In addition, there is not gravity effect like the gravity suit. Plasma, Wave, Ice, and the Power Beams are base additions to the suit so it is not possible to lose them. This is also true for the Space Jump Boots, High Jump Boots, Screw Attack, Speed Booster, Morph Ball, and all the visors( Combat, Scan, Thermal/X-Ray are now one, and the Command respectively ). Morph Ball Bombs, Power Bombs, Missile Tanks, Energy Tanks, and the Grapple Beam/Voltage/Lasso must be found separate. A new addition to the Relic Suit is the ability to change colors as a camouflage. Samus controls this with her mind. On the chest armor, There are now "Fog Lights" that are used in addition to the Scan Visor to point out weaknesses or simply as actual "Fog Lights". The Luminoth also helped to design this suit, so the Gravity Boost and a secondary Energy Transfer Module if there is ever a need to restore the Light of Aether. The Light Suit's immunity to Dark Aether's atmosphere is also an added feature. This suit had coding for an A.I., but one was never included before it had to be stored away, thus Adam has been merged with the suit.
Samus Redesign
By Kevin Rayner

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I wanted to make a much more athletic Power Suit. I tried incorporating anatomy in my suit design as
much as possible, hoping to give off a bio/organic metal vibe. I started off by drawing female figures.
Then drawing the underlying musculature (most noticeable in the legs). I then built the suit from there.
I did not want to radically change the appearance of Samus. However the color scheme is definitely a
little different. I could not decide on weather I wanted to make a Varia suit or power suit. I ultimately
decided on merging the two.
Stealth Samus
By Turbid-d

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Looking at my clock i see I Just missed the deadline and I'm fine with being disqualified, just thought I'd throw something in for anyone who loves this mighty suit as much as I do.

I've drawn probably drawn Samus hundreds of times...
I originally started just by trying to figure out and rationalise the power suit's proportions by re producing game styles and armour patterns. Designing new suits have commonly turned quite ugly and unwieldy or much too feminine .
The armour is iconic and straying too far away seems to loose the personality of the character...
As awesome as the mighty Varia suit is its the actions of its pilot and the scenarios that take place that really define its greatness.
Keeping this in mind I turn to the possibilities  of what happens after the events f Metroid Fusion. 

Samus possess stolen federation tech and possibly a bounty on her head for the destruction of *ahem... property.
I've drempt of a scenario involving Samus being tracked by the federation via her fed suit components. She must search for lost tech to modify/ repair the fusion suit in order to lose her perusers then sneak back into federation space, infiltrate top secret territory and cause serious damage on their attempts to reproduce Chozo tech for nefarious means.

My design returns armour plating to the sleek lines of the fusions suit creating a more a more chozo like fed hybrid.
I've added some throwbacks to the retro power suit just for fondness with the breast plate :)
Armament incorporates twin mounted grapple/ energy swords and a cloaking field for up close and dirty.
(I loved the incorporation of the stealth scenario in zero mission) Stealth mechanics with the suit would be great!
The usual upgrades stack of course, plus perhaps foot based spiderball tech would be a nice feature...
The colour scheme would be comprised of dark earthy grey and black tones with purple visor.
I must apologise for the lack luster picture but time at the computer most limited.. >:( 
Hope you enjoy, and I cant wait to see the other contestants!

Fall is in the air, and that can only mean one thing...

Coinciding with the 15TH ANNIVERSARY OF THE METROID DATABASE, we proudly announce the Design-A-Samus Contest! Samus has inspired our imagination through 25 years of intergalatic missions, and now's your chance to show us how YOU might envision her to look!

During the last quarter-century, it seems to have become standard practice for Nintendo to redesign the look of Samus in every new game. The Prime series, Fusion, and Other M were no different, but why sit back and let Nintendo have all the creative fun? We want to put you to the test: redesign your own Samus. Be it a completely new suit, a redesign of her current suit, a complete overhaul of the character -- whatever. The more effort you put into this, the better (but please don't build it!).


First Place:

  • Metroid: Other M (Sealed)
  • LIFE SIZE Samus 3DS AR Card! (24x28 inches)
  • A limited edition print of the Harmony of a Hunter album
  • $50 Gift Certificate to Gamestop or Amazon.com (winner's choice)
  • A Gift Certificate for a free Metroid t-shirt (shipping included) graciously donated by Fangamer
  • Metroid Arrange: 25th Anniversary Album graciously donated by The Bad Dudes
  • Metroid: Other M Strategy Guide
  • Metroid: Other M Artwork Cards (sealed)

Second Place:

  • 2000 Wii/DSi Points Card
  • A limited edition print of the Harmony of a Hunter album
  • A Gift Certificate for a free Metroid t-shirt (shipping included) graciously donated by Fangamer
  • Metroid Arrange: 25th Anniversary Album graciously donated by The Bad Dudes
  • Metroid: Other M (sealed)
  • Metroid: Other M Strategy Guide
  • Metroid: Other M Artwork Cards (sealed)

Third Place:

  • A limited edition print of the Harmony of a Hunter album
  • A Gift Certificate for a free Metroid t-shirt (shipping included) graciously donated by Fangamer
  • Metroid Arrange: 25th Anniversary Album graciously donated by The Bad Dudes
  • Metroid: Other M (sealed)
  • Metroid: Other M Artwork Cards (sealed)

Official Rules:

  1. Redesign the star of the Metroid series: Samus Aran.
  2. There is no limit to how much you can change; as long as we can recognize it to be Samus.
  3. The redesign must fit within the confines of the Metroid Universe (i.e. futuristic sci-fi). No crossovers with other genres, media or different time periods, please.
  4. Use any static, 2D visual medium to depict her (i.e. a drawing of it). Pixel-based sprites and renders of fully-textured, 3D models are also acceptable.
  5. The artwork must be OF YOUR OWN CREATION. Entrants who submit "paintovers" or edits of pre-existing artwork will be disqualified.
  6. Describe the redesign in your own words: for example, tell us what changes you made, possible enhancements to her current design, what material it is made of, how she acquired it, etc. The more descriptive you are the better. (Be courteous to the judges though, don't write a fan fiction on it!)
  7. One entry per person, please.

Judging will be based on creativity, originality, and imagination! You only need to create a 2D representation. But a beautiful 2D image won't be enough to impress us without a convincing description of your redesign's details!

Please direct any questions or concerns to our Contest Help Thread

Email your entries to:


Entries will be judged by the MDb Staff.
Announcement date for winners is Monday, December 26, 2011.

US residents are only eligible for prizes.* (International shipping costs are too high!)

We will be posting ALL the entries on this page when the contest is over, regardless of quality.
Good luck and HAVE FUN! =)

*To Our International Readers: Even though only U.S. residents are eligible for awards, we will still publish your entries on the site if you enter. *Para nuestros lectores internacionales: Aunque sólo residentes de los EE.UU. son elegibles para los premios, todavía va a publicar sus entradas en el sitio, si usted decide entrar. *Pour nos lecteurs internationaux: Même si seuls les résidents américains sont admissibles aux prix, nous allons toujours publier vos entrées sur le site si vous entrez. *Um unsere internationalen Leser: Obwohl nur US Residents kommen für Auszeichnungen sind, werden wir Ihre Eingaben auf der Website veröffentlichen, wenn Sie eingeben.
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