This special interview with Metroid Director Yoshio Sakamoto was featured on the official Metroid Zero Mission website. The site features a section called "Development Room" which has a page called "Metroid FAQ," which can be viewed here. This is our exclusive translation of those pages. Enjoy!


01 : Omoroido

Age 13, Male

In the original overseas version of Metroid you could play without the suit, can I do this in the edition of the original overseas version of Metroid on Metroid Zero Mission? Please tell me how I can do this.

[in this version] the goal is not to escape from the mothership, but if you enter a password, you can play as suitless Samus. Enter the following password and you can play as suitless Samus. By the way, there is also a password that lets you play with [invincibility and infinite missiles] from the beginning.

02 : Hellhound

Age 17, Male

In the Space Pirate mothership, there are bipedal robots that don't attack, are these by chance the same type of work robots that appeared in Super Metroid? Is the Space Pirate Mother Ship that exploded at the end become the Wrecked Ship that appeared in Super Metroid, Phantoon's stage? Please tell me.

Because those work robots are an indispensable standard type found in spaceships of this era, I think they are the same as the ones that appeared in Super Metroid. However, the Mother Ship and the Wrecked Ship from Super Metroid are different from each other.

03 : rei

Age 11, Male

Why do some of Samus's abilities have an unknown function?

These abilities cannot be used in Samus's initial suit. These abilities will be known when you collect the Legendary Power Suit. Please keep trying!

04 : Pseudo-SA-X

Age 15, Male

Why does her suit come off when Samus is escaping inside her spaceship?

For Samus's suit to appear, considerable powers of concentration are necessary. In short, it was too constraining. It's the same as a salary man loosening his necktie when returning from a business trip on the bullet train.

05 : Metroid

Age 12, Male

Hello. I have a question. Why can't I go back to Zebes after breaking into the spaceship in the second part. Please tell me.

Destroy that place with a power bomb to go back. Please try it!

Planet Zebes

Age 14, Male

Since the color of each kind of Zebesian Space Pirate is different, do you think they are each different classes?

Hey, I like that. It's a different kind of image.

07 : ZERO

Age 19, Male

In this version when you first pick up the Varia suit, the suit doesn't change, why is the Suit that Samus puts on incomplete?

The Power Suit that Samus wore in the first half was not the Legendary Power Suit. In the Legendary Power Suit, the Varia Suit gains efficiency and so its form changes.

08 : Metohiroki

Age 16, Male

Can you also get different times to change the ending this time?

Of course. This time you can get 8 different endings. These are the conditions you need to get them. Please try hard!
Ending Play Time Item Collection Difficulty
1 Over 4 Hours 16%-99% Normal/Hard
2 2-4 Hours 16%-99% Normal/Hard
3 Less than 2 Hours 16%-99% Normal/Hard
4 More than 2 Hours 100% Normal/Hard
5 Less than 2 Hours 100% Normal
6 Normal 100% Hard
7 Any Time 15% or Less Normal
8 Any Time 15% or Less Hard

09 : YOUKI

Age 13, Male

If the Chozo made Mother Brain, why is she so dangerous?

Mother Brain was not originally dangerous, and was an indispensible artificial intelligence that served as the center of the advanced Chozo civilization. However, as an extremely superior standalone AI, Mother Brain sprouted dangerous thoughts and went berzerk.

10 : POCKY

Age 12, Male

I have been playing since Metroid Fusion. I enjoy Metroid's puzzle solving and free movement and I really liked playing and clearing the game. What do you think was the most difficult parts of making each Metroid game?

What is common to each work is including new surprises scattered in each version. The common point is giving Metroid players a great feeling of satsifaction.


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