This special interview with Metroid Director Yoshio Sakamoto was featured on the official Metroid Zero Mission website. The site features a section called "Development Room" which has a page called "Metroid FAQ," which can be viewed here. This is our exclusive translation of those pages. Enjoy!

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11 : Hiroki

Age 14, Male

At the very end of the second part, why does a robot similar to Ridley appear? Was the Ridley defeated on Zebes revived by the power of Planet Zebes's science?

{ Ridley made an image of himself to demonstrate his power by making that image as a powerful weapon. Incidentally, it is currently incomplete, and is currently at the halfway stage, becoming more massive once the walking unit and flying unit is installed.

12 : Monopoly

Age 15, Male

Why were the Metroids created?

{ Metroids were released on SR388 in order to control the spread of the parasitic lifeform X, and the Chozo progressed its research and development in absolute secrecy. However, the Chozo feared that the X's self-multiplying powers of mimesis could be put to military uses, they hid the existence of the X, and didn't even tell the Galactic Federation the why the Metroid was developed.

13 : Nocchi

Age 11, Male

Why did Samus Grow up on Planet Zebes?

{ Ridley commanded the Space Pirates that attacked and annihilated the colony planet (K-2L) when Samus Aran was only three years old. The Chozo took care of her and raised her on Planet Zebes.

14 : hiro

Age 18, Male

I have a question regarding the Space Pirates. Are the different forms [colors] of Space Pirates from each game organized into a single race? Or is each one consist of a different race? Please tell me!

{ The black ones are the holotype (basic image/variety). That class is called...a companion [to the others].

15 : Koopa E

Age 14, Male

My question is why can you clear the whole game only once in the Famicom version of Metroid but not the overseas edition?

{ Because you could play as armorless Samus in the overseas edition, I thought it would be appropriate to play as Samus without the Power Suit in Zero Mission.

16 : Walking Chozo Statue


I have a question regarding the design materials in the Development Room's [part of the site]; in the manga, the Chozo were described as a peaceful race, but in these documents, why are they only shown as a warrior race everywhere?

{ Formerly, the Chozo had advanced technology and were a race proud of their advanced fighting strength. However, due to their long lives, their fertility decreased and their civilization declined, so they changed their personality to a non-violent race. The Chozo gave Samus the "Powered Suit" which was created by assembling together the essence of this advanced technology.

17 : Metroid Is Very Interesting

Age 11, Male

My question is, what does Samus do when she's not on a mission? I'd like to know!

{ Samus is always a very enigmatic character to so many people. Please let us know what you think she does!

18 : Genbu

Age 16, Male

How do you decide where to hide all the items?

{ Quite obviously, it is very difficult to create good balance. It is very difficult because it is essential to not make the game so complicated that the player's desire for challenge declines. Also, because item acquisition has an effect of increasing Samus' strength, it is important to consider what level of game progress is acceptable and the differences in player abilities so we don't take out balance. However, it is imperative for hardcore Metroid fans that we have these restrictions [obstacles].

19 : Indo

Age 18, Male

In the "Metroid" manga, it describes that "The Chozo developed the Metroids in order to exterminate the X living on SR-388", but I think it was previously established that "there is a high probability that the Metroid destroyed the civilization on SR-388." I think it was the X that really destroyed SR-388.

{ I think SR-388's civilization was destroyed and the Chozo left for Zebes after the Metroids were released into the wild (became feral). The Galactic Federation, not knowing the reason why the Metroids were developed, requested Samus to clean them up ("Metroid II"). The result of Samus exterminating the Metroids was that the propagation of the X could permit the SR-388 ecosystem to be destroyed ("Metroid Fusion").

20 : R-100K

Age 13, Male

I tried playing the first generation Metroid a long time ago, and I was pleased with the abundance of deep puzzles. I enjoyed with all my might [immensely enjoyed] the desktop backgrounds. Because I'm eager, I would love for there to be a sequel. After that, I would like some help with Metroid. I really want a figure of the Metroid characters. Please make some merchandise!

TA figure of Samus will be sold very soon. Check for this product in the release schedule published on Mr. Yuujin's home page.

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