This special interview with Metroid Director Yoshio Sakamoto was featured on the official Metroid Zero Mission website. The site features a section called "Development Room" which has a page called "Metroid FAQ," which can be viewed here. This is our exclusive translation of those pages. Enjoy!

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21 : mia

Age 15, Male

I wanted to play Metroid before, but will you port it to the PS2? It would be very helpful...

{ Samus swings both ways?!...we can't have that! Certainly you will enjoy it on the Gamecube!

22 : Yuuji

Age 18, Male

Though there are many secrets in the Metroid series, my instant thought is why is Ridley preserved in the freezing chamber? What was the Galactic Federation planning to do with him?

{ For the time being, I don't know. Maybe it will be revealed in the near future?

23 : Ue

Age 11, Male

This is very interesting! Kraid and Ridley have changed dramatically from the first version of Metroid! Will a remake of Metroid 2 and Super Metroid come out? Please tell me.

{ If we put together a good concept and there is a demand for it, we will certainly make them.

24 : Zebesian

Age 12, Male

Do you think the Zebesians will be protagonists of a minigame?

{ I hadn't thought of that until now. I'll talk about it with my staff sometime...

25 : Mimicchi

Age 17, Male

Isn't Samus's powered suit integrated with her whole body? After you destroy Mother Brain, and on the way back pursued by space pirates, Zebes is falling apart. Why does she lose her suit when it should be integrated with her. That's my first question. Thank you very much!

{ For Samus to remain connected with the Power Suit requires mental energy unfathomable to an ordinary person. In situations like this when she is under pressure, indeed, even Samus is unable to concentrate her mental energy. However, when Samus completes the trial of the spirit of the mural (God of War), she regains her strong force of will and can successfully integrate with the Legendary Power Suit.

26 : Divide Samus

Age 17, Male

What is the best record In the Development Room's time trials?

{ I don't know who is the best in the time trial, but it is 00:32:46. Please look at the Time Trial page.

27 : Father Brain

Age 17, Male

Why is power suit in the beginning different from the Legendary Power Suit? Is it the same one granted by the Chozo?

{ Only the chosen few can wear the Legendary Power Suit. Those who prevail over the trials of the spirit of the mural (God of War) can itegrate it within their body.

28 : Super Metroid

Age 16, Male

How is Metroid Prime 2: Echoes different from Prime?

{ What is most different, is this will histroically be the first time Metroid has a multiplayer competitive mode. It is possible for up to four players to compete simultaneously. More accurate information can be gotten from the home page or referred to in game magazines. Please wait for it.

29 : Hamarin

Age 16, Male

Bought and cleared it. I feel you superbly incorporated the strong points of the series: the puzzle solving, sense of isolation, sense of dread, and controls. And then you could play as suitless Samus! Samus fans were nothing but delighted! (laughs) Because there is a Time Attack, I think I will try my best. Additionally, I have a question. Talking about the whole series, which enemy character is the staff most fond of?

{ Maybe False Kraid, i'm not sure...I haven't really considered it. Though not stricly an enemy, the Baby Metroid. And then so as not to miss anything, I'll mention Ridley.

30 : Hiro

Age 19, Male

How many normal missiles equals the power of one super missile?

{ 5 missiles.

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