This special interview with Metroid Director Yoshio Sakamoto was featured on the official Metroid Zero Mission website. The site features a section called "Development Room" which has a page called "Metroid FAQ," which can be viewed here. This is our exclusive translation of those pages. Enjoy!

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FAQ 31`44

31 : T.Y

Age 18, Male

In Metroid Fusion's final scene, how was Planet SR388 completely destroyed?

{ Let's see. An incredible antimatter bomb! (I really don't know...)

32 : Pet Turtle

Age 18, Male

The Space Pirates' commander in chief, Ridley, is not a Zebesian, how did he become the Space Pirates' commander in chief when they are mostly made up of Zebesians?

{ Probably because he's incredibly evil or very strong?

33 : X

Age 9, Male

Why isn't there a Gravity Suit this time?

{ Please find out on your own by working hard to get to the end!

34 : Zeta Pirate

Age 16, Male

Why was Metroid released in Japan so late? Though it was released first in America, the Japanese release came no less than three months after. I don't understand why there was this gap spanning the completion of the American version and the Japanese version. Why was that?

{ Please forgive the circumstances that caused that.... We kept all Metroid fans waiting a little for their pleasure in order to hold a time trial event so that we could prepare a two-tone Samus-colored special edition SP as a prize.

35 : Moriyama

Age 14, Male

Did the first generation Metroid come out on the Famicom Mini?

{ It is currently on sale.The music of that time has also been rereleased.

36 : 719

Age 11, Male

Is there a strategy guide for sale?

{ Listed below are the five kinds of strategy guides for sale.
Metroid Zero Mission Official Nintendo Guidebook
Publisher: Kodansha
Publication Date: June 11, 2004
Price: 1000yen (with tax) / 952yen (before tax)
Format: A5, 136 pages
Metroid Zero Mission Perfect Guide
Publisher: Enterbrain Publication Date: May 27, 2004
Price: 1260yen (with tax) / 1200y (before tax)
Format: A5, 128 pages
Metroid Zero Mission Nintendo Dream Nintendo Game Strategy Guide
Publisher: Daily Communications
Publication Date: May 27, 2004
Price: 998yen (with tax) / 950yen (before tax)
Format: A5, 96 pages
Metroid Zero Mission Mission-Complete Book
Publisher: Mediaworks
Publication Date: May 29, 2004
Price: 1050yen (with tax) / 1000yen (before tax)
Format: A5, 112 pages
Metroid Zero Mission Complete Walkthrough Guide
Publisher: Kodansha
Publication Date: June 4, 2004
Price: 1260yen (with tax) / 1200yen (before tax)
Format: A5, 96 pages + 4-fold map

37 : Lava

Age 15, Male

The last game in the Metroid series is Fusion. Will there be a story after this?

{ Will there still not be another? If I try writing until I'm done, will no more really come out? If we put together a good concept and a necessity [for one], we could possibly tell the story ten more times.

38 : Pochi

Age 29, Male

I have more or less enjoyed [Metroid] since the Disk System era. I think Zero Mission became a very enjoyable game because I thought the application of hints for moving forward was appropriate, while also having the sense of pleasantly enjoyable progression, or perhaps I should say it inherited the sense of exploration form the first generation, and the backtracking only felt moderately painful. My question is, when developing Metroid, what is the most important thing to do, or possibly what is the one rule you can't break? Has there been a consistent policy since the beginning?

{ For the story to continue, it has to be dramatic, and something should remain in the hearts of players after they have cleared it, so I am always conscious of methods for preventing the series from becoming ordinary.

39 : Maru

Age 14, Male

It is difficult to do the Shine Spark, so I don't know how to do it well. How can I do it better?

{ Like taking candy from a baby! It's simple if you're used to it! Please try referencing the Development Room's Super Techniques.

40 : Francois Jorge Utena

Age 17, Male

Can you please tell me in detail about the gun Samus has in the second section (such as where it is obtained)?

{ It is Samus's personal self-defense paralyzer gun.

[This is a photograph of the actual handgun used in the
Zero Mission commercial]

41 : Gon

Age 24, Male

In Metroid Fusion, it seems to have established that "Samus can't use the Ice Beam because she has inherited the nature of the Metroids", but why at the very end is she unconcerned when she regains the ice beam?

{ When she absorbed the core of the SAX (the perfect condition of Samus), she basically reconstituted her genetic condition. She didn't recover the physical damage of her amputated suit, but she did recover her genetic condition.

42 : The Violence-Loving Knight

Age 19, Male

Are the Kiru Giru captured by the Karamutsuta (Tangle Vines) in inner Norfair and the Kiru Giru Imago in Ridley the same life form? If so, it has amazing tenacity...

{ They're the same life form. But I don't know if it has tenacity. Samus only coincidentally narrowly saved the Kiru Giru captured by the Karamutsuta (Tangle Vines) from certain death, and afterward, the reason Kiru Giru that became an Imago attacked Samus was because Samus had trampled on the eggs it had created.

43 : Bigtroid

Age 16, Male

I want to hear from all the staff. In the Magazine Z serialized Metroid Manga, Space Pirates weren't originally from Zebes, and after attacking Zebes, they created their headquarters/main base, why did they call themselves "Zebesians"? Please tell me why.

It's like how people who have emigrated to America will call themselves Americans.

44 : Tangle Vines

Age 13, Male

Please tell me what items I don't need to collect to have the ability to clear the game at 15%.

{ The abilities you don't need to collect are:
The Long Beam, Charge Beam, Wave Beam, Super Missile, Power Bomb, Speed Boots, High Jump, and Screw Attack.


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