Nintendo Dream September 2004
Nintendo Dream, Vol. 118
September 6, 2004.

Famicom Disk System: The More You Play It, the More You'll Want to Play [Disk 1]

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Nintendo Dream is a popular Japanese gaming magazine that interviews developers from time to time. When the Famicom Disk System Selection (the Japanese equivalent of the NES Classic Series) was released, they were able to interview some of the developers at Nintendo who were instrumental in the production of games for this system. The original interview appeared in two parts in Vol. 118 and Vol. 119, released in September 2004. Part 1 contains plenty of brand new information on the creation of Metroid, so it is perfect for fans of this site! Part 2 contains new details on Famicom Tantei Club, a murder mystery written by Yoshio Sakamoto and released only in Japan. So much of what you are about to read has never before been known by English-speaking audiences, including some Nintendo of America employees! This interview was scanned and provided to the MDb courtesy of VGMStudios. The interview was translated by CapCom. Please contact us before reproducing this translation.

NOTE: The title of this interview is the advertising slogan used for the Famicom Disk System. It plays at the end of each commercial. Thanks to Glitterberri for helping translate the title!

Disk-kun - The Nintendo Famicom Disk System Mascot
Disk-kun - The mascot of the Famicom Disk System
(From Nintendo Logo Resource)


The Disk System Selection* has finally released. In this interview, we meet up with four developers who participated in the release of Disk System games in the 1980s. We wondered, "Will they remember these really old stories?" but they told us plenty of stories of previously unknown events. I couldn't wait to summarize this enjoyable discussion! So, we learned about Famicom Tantei Club, and the two parts of the interview - the first part and the conclusion - are delivered separately. Stories about Metroid and Kid Icarus that are put on the supplemental CD** are the heart of this episode, so please take your time and enjoy them!

*The Disk System Selection is a series of games from the Famicom Disk System that were re-released on the Gameboy Advance in Japan. They are the equivalent of the NES Classic series, though many games remained exclusive to Japan.
**Nintendo Dream came with a DVD containing gameplay footage and commentary. We don't have a copy of that DVD so cannot verify its contents.

Nintendo's R&D1 Famicom Disk System Development Team (1986-1992)

Yoshio Sakamoto

Yoshio Sakamoto

Nintendo R&D* HQ, R&D Department Section Manager
Born: July 23, 1959
Hometown: Nara.
Blood Type: O
Design Degree, Osaka University of Arts
Joined Nintendo in 1982
Began design work with Game & Watch, and developed works such as the Metroid series, Famicom Tantei Club, For the Frog the Bell Tolls, and Card Hero.
Hobbies include reading, music appreciation, and video editing (son's video clips).

*Defunct; now the Special Planning & Development Division.

Toru Osawa

Toru Osawa

Nintendo R&D HQ, R&D Department Assistant Manager
Born: December 27, 1962
Hometown: Kyoto
Blood Type: A
Design Degree, Kyoto Seika University*
Joined Nintendo in 1985
Debut work: Myth of Light: Palutena's Mirror (Kid Icarus). Works include Famicom Tantei Club, For the Frog the Bell Tolls, Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time, and many others. Recently in the middle of an explosion of work for an external design company.
Hobbies include watching soccer matches and music appreciation.

*Kyoto Seika University is a prestigious university for animators, manga artists, and game developers.

Hiroji Kiyotake

Hiroji Kiyotake

Nintendo R&D Headquarters, R&D Department Assistant Manager
Born: December 21, 1960
Hometown: Kagoshima Prefecture
Blood Type: A
Design Degree, Kyoto Seika University
Joined Nintendo in 1983.
Took part in the development of the original Metroid; creator of Wario in Super Mario Land: Six Golden Coins. Since then, this sports-minded designer has been involved with almost all games in which Wario appears.
Hobbies include soccer.

Kenji Yamamoto

Kenji Yamamoto*

Nintendo R&D Headquarters, R&D Department Assistant Manager
Born: April 25, 1964
Hometown: Mie Prefecture.
Blood Type: B
Music Degree, Osaka University of Arts**
Joined Nintendo in 1987
Produced music for such works as Famicom Wars, Famicom Tantei Club 2, Super Metroid, and Metroid Prime. Currently busy finishing up the score to Metroid Prime 2.
Hobbies include collecting guitars.

*Although Kenji Yamamoto is mentioned as an interviewee, he was not present for this part of the interview. He talks in Part 2, released in Volume 119. Let us know if you have a copy of this issue!
**Koji Kondo also graduated from Osaka University of Arts with a degree in music.

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