Nintendo Power, Volume 29, October 1991. Page 69.

Nintendo Power This issue featured a preview of Metroid 2.

Nintendo Power, Volume 31, December 1991. Pages 52-62.

Nintendo Power, Vol 31 Shows each weapon, a general map of the whole game with a list of what items live in each area, and detailed screenshot maps of the first three areas. The general map is blocky and doesn't help much.

Nintendo Power, Volume 37, June 1992. Pages 46-53.

Now this is more like it! The complete maps and item/Metroid locations for Metroid II, with strategies and advice for each phase of the game.

Super Game Boy Player's Guide (1994, Nintendo)

SGB Guide This was sent out free with an issue of Nintendo Power around the time the Super Game Boy came out. Contains 6 pages on Metroid II. No maps, but it shows key points in the game and how to make it look cool on the SGB. It also shows 2 of the final ending screens (full armor and bikini).

Famicom Communications Weekly, No. 164

Famicom Communications Weekly Not much is known about this issue of Famicom Communications Weekly, Nintendo's popular official magazine in Japan. The image was taken from Retro Gamer Magazine, Volume 6.

Metroid II Previews (Nintendo Power 27, 29)

Back in 1991, just like today, a Metroid sequel was a pretty big deal. This was Metroid's first sequel ever and Nintendo ramped up the hype at trade shows to promote it. Some of the Nintendo Power previews even included beta screenshots!

Metroid II in Europe

While Metroid II was pretty popular in the States, across the pond in Europe, there doesn't seem to have been quite as much hype over the game. Still, after a bit of digging we did find some images from French and Swedish magazines. Images from Abandonware Magazines and Underground Gamer.

Metroid II DX?

This article comes from the April 1998 issue of Club Nintendo, Germany's equivalent of Nintendo Power. It announces the Game Boy Color, and while it doesn't mention Metroid II by name, it does show a screenshot of Metroid II on the GBC... Well, not really. This room and this combination of tiles and enemies never appears in the game! It is most likely a mock screenshot rather than an actual product. Scans provided by Prime Blue.

Metroid II DX Metroid II DX