Metroid II: Return of Samus Soundtrack


Metroid II was composed by Ryohji Yoshitomi, later famous for his work on the Wario series. Yoshitomi's score is in one of the most experimental game soundtracks ever produced, drawing on the themes established by Hirokazu Tanaka in Metroid for a unique series flavor. The "Title" theme is an exemplar of this style. "Title" begins with harsh electric pings, like sonar signals, followed by a melancholic melody that quickly flows into an epic conclusion, with explosions as percussion - just like Tchaikovsky's "1812 Overture".

Metroid II is also unique in that it does not use clean loops for many of its tracks, such as "Metroid Hive" and "The Baby Metroid". Instead, Yoshitomi gave each sound channel a melody with varying length, resulting in tracks without a clear loop. Here, the channel with the longest melody determined track length.

Yoshitomi also made extensive use of silence, as demonstrated by the numerous "Sub Caves" themes, and some areas have no soundtrack at all. These moments of eerie calm emulate an empty cavern and make the player nervously fear the next explosive Metroid encounter. One might say they even anticipate Donkey Kong Country. However, it is interesting to note "Sub Caves 4" contains echoes of the "Final Caves", as if you can hear them through the walls...

While the majority of the songs lack melody, Metroid II is famous for the "Main Caves" theme, an adventurous fanfare to match any game soundtrack. This, along with the triumphant "Ending", make the soundtrack close to the hearts of many fans. Players also felt right at home, with the epic, menacing organs of the "Final Caves" and Queen Metroid fight recalling the intense finale of Metroid's Tourian.

This recording is also the cleanest version of the Metroid II soundtrack you will find, encoded from Audio Overload and is the result of extensive testing. While the original hardware is plagued with pops and clicks, we concluded these were not intended by the composer, and are absent from the 3DS Virtual Console port.

No. Title Size Length
Download all 19 tracks in one zip as MP3 26MB 29:21
01 Title 2.1MB 2:05
02 Samus Appearance Jingle 236k 0:05
03 Main Caves 4.1MB 4:21
04 Sub Caves 1 597k 1:03
05 Chozo Ruins 1.8MB 2:03
06 Item Obtainment Jingle 243k 0:08
07 Missile Obtainment Jingle 147k 0:04
08 Sub Caves 2 939k 1:45
09 Sub Caves 3 2.2MB 2:17
10 Sub Caves 4 684k 1:23
11 VS. Metroid 616k 0:35
12 Metroid Defeated 214k 0:06
13 Final Caves 3.2MB 3:03
14 Metroid Hive 2.9MB 2:47
15 Metroid Hive (Metroids Appear) 2.8MB 2:51
16 Queen Metroid Hallway 564k 0:23
17 VS. Queen Metroid 1.1MB 1:01
18 The Baby Metroid 1.0MB 1:13
19 Ending 1.9MB 2:08