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MDb Comics & Manga Reader, v2.0, by Jesse D

What does this mean???

Japanese Manga is unique among printed comics. By following the conventions of East Asian script, it is read from right-to-left and top-to-bottom, rather than the left-to-right approach you may normally be accustomed to. Even printed manga books are opened from the opposite end and pages are flipped in the opposite direction. Manga translators will often preserve this format, which may be confusing to newcomers.

Read manga this way?

We have chosen to preserve this format for Japanese Manga and as such, you will notice that our navigational buttons have been reversed. The green arrow is there to remind you of this.

Keyboard Shortcuts

  • Left Arrow
    Flip the page backwards if you're reading comics, or forward for manga.
  • Right Arrow
    Flip the page forward if you're reading comics, or backward for manga.
  • s
    Disable or enable (toggle) automatic jumping each time you flip the page.