Metroid Fusion Official Nintendo Player's Guide (2002, Nintendo)

The only strategy guide completely devoted to Metroid Fusion, Nintendo's official book provides a thorough dissection of the game. With a fold-out map, strategies for defeating bosses, a guide to obtaining 100% of the items, and a couple pages devoted to the rest of the Metroid series all presented in a neat, clean layout, this is the best guide to Metroid Fusion to get.

Metroid Prime/Metroid Fusion Official Strategy Guide (2002, Prima)

While Prima had budget-conscious gamers in mind by being the only publisher to put out a combined Prime/Fusion guidebook, the layout for both games is complete, but very tightly packed. The crowded layout makes it less than appealing to look at and a little difficult to follow. Still, if you're gonna buy both games but you only want to spring for one book, this is the only one that covers both.

Japanese Metroid Fusion Official Strategy Guide (2003, ???)


Nintendo Power, Volume 163, December 2002.

This issue of Nintendo Power features a nice 7 page mini-walkthrough on Metroid Fusion. Complete with detailed maps, hidden weapon upgrades and enemy/boss strategies, it leads you all the way up through Sector 6 (NOC), which is about halfway through the game. Magazine scans from Retro Mags.