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Metroid Prime
by Retro Studios and Nintendo
for Nintendo Gamecube 
US Instruction Manual (c) 2002 Nintendo of America, Inc.

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[front cover]
Metroid Prime
Instruction Booklet

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This game supports game play using one player and controller.

This game requires a memory card for saving game progress, settings, or 

This game is compatible with progressive scan mode TVs.

This game is compatible with the Game Boy Advance portable video game system.

Rated T for Teen (for Violence)

All rights, including the copyrights of game, scenario, music and program, 
reserved by Nintendo.  (c) 2002 Nintendo.  TM, (r) and the Nintendo GameCube logo 
are trademarks of Nintendo.  Dolby, Pro Logic and the Double-D Symbol are 
trademarks of Dolby Laboratories, (c) 2002 Nintendo.  All rights reserved.


THE CHOZO..............................6
THE SPACE PIRATES......................8
THE ADVENTURE BEGINS...................10
POWER SUIT INTERFACE...................14
ARMOR & ARMAMENTS......................16
BEHIND THE VISORS......................18
THE MORPH BALL.........................20
POWER-UPS & POWER MOVES................22
SAMUS'S DATABANKS......................24
A LINK TO METROID FUSION...............26

	The Chozo... Over millennia, this bird-like race of creatures
made incredible technological and scientific leaps.  Traveling at will
through space, they built many marvels across the universe-technologi-
cal wonders of unfathomable complexity and cities unmatched in beauty.
They shared their knowledge freely with more primitive cultures and
learned to respect and care for the life in all its forms.

	Even as their society reached its technological peak, however,
the Chozo felt their spirituality wane.  Their culture was steeped in 
prophecy and lore, and they foresaw the decline of the Chozo coinciding
with the rise of evil.  Horrified by the increasing violence in the universe,
they began to withdraw into themselves, forgoing technology in favor of
simplicity.  Tallon IV was one of the several refuges they built - a colony 
bereft of technology, built of natural materials and wedded to the land and its

	The years passed, and in time a great meteor crashed into
Tallon IV, sending a massive spume of matter into the atmosphere and
impregnating the land with a cancerous element known as Phazon.  This
element immediately sank into the earth and water, poisoning life wher-
ever it bloomed.  Most plants and animals died, while others mutated into
hideous forms.

	The Chozo called upon all of their knowledge and technology to
control the power of the Phazon, but their efforts were doomed to fail.  All
they could do was build a temple over the crater at the impact site, sepa-
rate the Phazon core, and seal it away.  Believing that someday a savior
would return to the planet, the Chozo left for an unknown destination,
leaving behind nothing but engraved accounts of their time on Tallon IV.

	The Space Pirates were interstellar nomads, technologically
advanced in both space travel and weaponry.  When they plundered the 
Metroid population that had been discovered by the Galactic Federation
on SR388, they recognized in them massive military and energy resource
potential.  They immediately invaded the nearby planet of Zebes, wiping 
out all life (including most of the indigenous Chozo) and building a mas-
sive network of research facilities below the planet's surface.

	Deep below the surface of Zebes, the Space Pirates researched
Metroids for many years, even as a young girl orphaned by their raid on 
the neighboring planet K-2 was growing up among the Chozo.  Trained
as a warrior and infused with Chozo blood, Samus Aran donned a Chozo-
made Power Suit and cut a swath through the Space Pirates' operation,
destroying everything in her path, including the gargantuan manstays of
the Space Pirate army, Ridley and Kraid.  She eventually made it to the
core of their base, destroyed all the Metroids she saw, and seemingly
blew up the Mother Brain.

	But the Space Pirates were far from finished.  They immediately
split their survivors into two main camps.  One headed to Zebes to begin
rebuilding their ravaged facility and resuscitating Mother Brain, Ridley,
and Kraid.  The second set out in search of a planet with powerful energy
resources.  They didn't search far before they discovered Tallon IV, which
was still emanating huge pulses of energy from the Phazon contained
beneath the Chozo temple.  Entranced by the massive potential of the
strange mutagen, they immediately moved in, retrofitting their laborato-
ries, transporters, and life-support systems into the Chozo Ruins.

	As the Space Pirates mined the Phazon and experimented with
it, they found that its capacity to mutate was unlike anything they'd ever
seen, and they promptly started combining it with indigenous life-forms.
They refined their operation; powering their machinery with thermal-
powered engines sunk in the molten depths of Tallon IV, they drove deep
mineshafts and mined more and more PHazon, shipping it to their two
main labs in the Phendrana Drifts, where sub-zero temperatures made
specimen containment safer.  Research leaped forward: by harnessing
Phazon's power, they were able to create untold horrors that soon
patrolled the dark caverns below Tallon IV's crust.

The Space Pirates also transported many species to their orbiting ship for
zero-G Phazon experiments, unaware that Samus Aran had finally tracked
their ship to its low orbit.  As they continued with their unnatural experiments,
Samus sped toward Tallon IV, preparing to wipe them out once and for all...

Set your Metroid Prime Game Disc in the Nintendo GameCube and close
the Disc Cover, then turn on the POWER Button.  When the title screen
appears, press start to continue to the Main Menu.

Before Playing, you must first create a Metroid Prime save file.  You need
to have a Memory Card inserted in slot A with at least 2 blocks of free space
on it in order to create a file for Metroid Prime.  Please refer to the Nintendo
GameCube instructions on how to format, copy, and erase Memory Card files.

If this is your first time playing, select one of the NEW GAME files and press the
A Button to begin.  If you have a previously saved game file, simply choose that 
to continue from your last save point.

In order to save your progress through Metroid Prime, you must find Save Rooms
located throughout Tallon IV's many regions.  When you find one of these rooms,
enter the saving apparatus.  When asked if you want to save, choose YES and press 
the A Button.  All of your progress up to that point will then be saved to the 
Card in Slot A.

If you want to erase a file, select Erase from the bottom of the screen, choose 
the file
you want to erase, then press the A Button.  Remember: once you erase a file, you 
can never recover it, so be careful!

From the pause screen, press the L Button to customize many features of your game-
play experience.  You can also acces the Options screen from the Main Menu before 
you start your game.

Adjust Samus's Visor opacity		Adjust the brightness and
her helmet opacity, and the		dimensions of the game play
HUD lag time. 					screen.

Adjust the volume of the music		Choose to play with standard
and sound effects, or select		control or a reversed Y-axis.  You
between Mono, Stereo, and			can also turn the Rumble feature
Dolby Surround modes.			on or off and reverse the
							visor/beam configuration.

This game can be set to display a higher resolution image on TVs that support 
progressive scan mode (EDTV, HDTV).

In order to use the progressive scan mode, you need a TV that can accept this type 
of input (see your TV operation manual) and a Nintendo GameCube Component Video 
cable (available only through Nintendo.  Visit www.nintendo.com or call 1-800-255-

To activate the progressive scan mode, press and hold the B Button while the 
Nintendo GameCube logo is being displayed until the message "Display in 
Progressive Scan mode?" appears.  Select YES to activate the mode.

Please note that on some TVs, activating the progressive scan mode will set the 
format of the image to a wide-screen (16:9) format.

-Lock onto enemies
-Scan objects in Scan Mode (see page 18)
-Use Grapple Beam (see page 23)

-Pause the game and view Samus's databanks (see page 24)

-Switch visors (see page 18)

-Move Samus
-Look around
-Aim (with the R button)

-Call up map (see page 24)

-Look around
-Aim (with Control Stick)
-Activate Spider Ball in Morph Ball mode (see page 21)

-Fire Missiles
-Lay Power Bombs in Morph Ball mode (see page 21)

-Switch between standard and Morph Ball modes

-Fire beam weapon
-Lay Bombs in Morph Ball mode (see page 21)

-Activate Boost Ball in Morph Ball mode (see page 21)
-Dash Sideways while locked-on (see page 23)

-Select beam weapons (see page 17)

Samus's Power Suit Suit is technologically complex, but all of its diagnostic 
functions are projected on the inside of the visor for easy access.  Knowiong the 
status of the suit at all times may make the difference between survival and 
failure, so it's important to understand every part of the readout.

The wedge at the top of the circular radar display is Samus's field of vision.  
Enemies within the radar's range appear as orange dots.

This reticule will automatically track enemies or scan points.  By pressing the L 
Button, you will lock onto whatever point is currently highlighted.  Bear in mind 
that the reticule will change in appearance depending on which visor Samus is 
currently using (see page 18).

This gague warns Samus of nearby environmental dangers.  It rises in accordance 
with the proximity of the threat--when the threat is extremely neaer, the word 
"Warning" will appear.  If Samus is actually being injured by the hazard, the word 
"Damage" will appear.

The symbols here correspond to Samus's different visors.  Each one is mapped to a 
direction on the + Control Pad--simply press the + Control Pad in the appropriate 
direction to select that visor (see page 18).

This area shows a small section of the current map.  If you press the Z Button, 
you'll call up the full-screen map (see page 24).

The numeric display and horizontal gauge track the amount of energy in Samus's 
Energy Tank.  The highlighted squares above the main energy gauge indicate Energy 
Tanks that Samus has in reserve.

The vertical gauge and numeric display track the number of Missiles Samus has in 
reserve.  When Samus's Missiles are armed, this display glows more brightly.

The symbols here represent Samus's different beam weapons.  Each one corresponds 
to a direction on the C Stick--press the C Stick in the appropriate direction to 
select that weapon (see page 17).

As Samus delves depper into the Space Pirates' operation, she'll find power-ups 
that improve both her arsenal and her suit.  Every power-up she finds will help 
her access something new in vast regions of Tallon IV, so remember areas where she 
can't progress and return once she's gained new abilities.  Pay special attention 
to the colors of closed doors, as they should help you determine what weapons you 
need to use to open them.

Samus's standard Power Suit was built specifically for her by the Chozo people.  
It is integrated with her body, acting as a sort of second skin--not only does it 
provide shielding in battle and augmented physical strength, but its life-support 
systems allow her to survive in water and even space without additional equipment.

Once Samus finds the Varia Suit, she will be able to survive extremely high 
temperatures like those found in the fiery depths of Magmoor Caverns.

The Gravity Suit upgrades Samus's suit even more.  It negates the effects of 
water, allowing Samus to move and jump normally even while submerged.

This is Samus's standard beam, which you can fire continuously by rapidly tapping 
the A Button.  As with all beam weapons, the Power Beam becomes much stronger once 
Samus finds the Charge Beam power-up.  Once Samus has found the Charge Beam, press 
and hold the A Button to charge up her shot, then release the A Button to fire a 
powerful blast.

The Wave Beam fires three oscillating waves of energy.  As with the other beam 
weapons, the Wave Beam is especially effective against certain enemies and can be 
powered up once Samus finds the Charge Beam.  The Wave Beam also features a 
limited homing effect.

The Ice Beam has a slower rate of fire than the Power Beam, but it makes up for 
this flaw with its ability to immobilize enemies briefly with a layer of ice.  
Some enemies are particularly vulnerable to this weapon, so experiment with it.  
The Ice Beam may destroy weak enemies rather than freezing them.

The most powerful beam weapon in Samus's arsenal, the short-range Plasma Beam 
launches streams of molten energy that can ignite some enemies and melt ice.  Like 
all beam weapons, the Plasma Beam can combine wih Missiles for a high-powered 
combo attack once Samus finds its combo power-up (see page 22.)

Samus's most important tool is her suit, and it can provide her with a wealth of 
information by interfacing with various visors.  Samus will start the game with 
two--the standard Combat Visor and the Scan Visor--but eventually she'll use four, 
each of which can be accessed easily by pressing different directions on the + 
Control Pad.

This default visor is standard for battle and provides Samus with all the general 
information she needs (see pages 14-15).

When Samus uses the Scan Visor, a magnifying reticule will appear in the center of 
her visor.  This reticule picks out anything that can be scanned--from creatures 
to computer terminals--and shows it as an orange or red symbol.  If you press and 
hold the L Button while locked onto one of these symbols, the Scan Visor will 
download information.  Once it's done downloading, the visor will display a 

Besides using the Scan Visor to solve puzzles, find enemies' weak spots, and 
unlock various areas in the game, Samus will also frequently download pieces of 
information that can be stored in her Log Book.  These can be accessed by pressing 
START/PAUSE during game play (see page 25) and include creature morphologies, 
Space Pirate logs, Chozo literature, and much more.

Once Samus finds the Thermal Visor, she can track enemies using their heat 
signatures.  Not only does this visor help locate enemies hidden in dark areas, 
but it can also be used for acquiring alternate targets on enemies.  A thermal 
scan can often find a hidden weak spot on an otherwise difficult enemy.  Not only 
that, but thermal scans show other clues that the naked eye can't discern; if you 
run into a dead end, try scanning the entire area with the Thermal Visor equipped.

After Samus tracks down the X-Ray Visor, she'll be able to peer through walls to 
find hidden passages and even see invisible objects.  This visor also helps track 
any enemies that use optical camouflage to render themselves invisible to the 
naked eye.  As with the Thermal Visor, the X-Ray Visor can often identify 
alternate means of attacking foes.

As Samus explores, she'll run into many areas that are too small for her to 
navigate.  Once she finds the Morph Ball, however, she'll gain the power to roll 
herself up into an armored ball that can fit in small tunnels and drains.  As she 
finds additional power-ups, she'll expand on the abilities at her disposal while 
in Morph Ball mode.

When Samus rolls into the Morph Ball, the camera will pull back out of the visor 
view and display a third-person perspective.  Using the Control Stick, you can 
roll the Morph Ball in whichever direction you choose.  Bear in mind that gravity 
will affect the Morph Ball-- you'll need to tilt the Control Stick farther while 
rolling up inclines.

Samus will be vulnerable when she first gets the Morph Ball, but she'll soon find 
Bombs to arm herself.  Samus has an unlimited number of these energy-based 
explosives, but she can only drop three at a time.  Bombs can be used to destroy 
weak walls as well as enemies.

By positioning the Morph Ball directly over a Bomb, you can propel the Morph Ball 
up into the air, effectively jumping short distances.  Try varying the timing as 
you drop Bombs to reach even greater heights.

The Boost Ball accelerates the Morph Ball.  Once Samus findds this power-up, press 
and hold the B Button to build up a speed boost.  When you release the B Button, 
Samus will accelerate in the direction she is rolling.  This is especially useful 
for boosting up the sides of half-pipe areas.

Power Bombs are super-powered bombs that will affect everything within a certain 
distance of their explosions.  Unlike ordinary Bombs, these are limited in number, 
and Samus will have to replenish them herself by defeating enemies and collecting 
Power Bomb capsules.  Some structures can be destroyed only by Power Bombs.

Once Samus finds the Spider Ball, she can magnetically attach herself in Morph 
Ball mode to specific magnetic tracks that run throughout Tallon IV's 
environments.  To activate the magnet, simply press and hold the R Button.  The 
Morph Ball will stay fixed to the track as long as you hold the R Button -- til 
the Control Stick to move along the track and release the R Button when you wish 
to drop off the track.  You can propel yourself upward by laying Bombs while 
attached to a track.

There are many other power-ups strewn across the world of Metroid Prime, and all 
of them will play vital roles in Samus's quest. Scan every room for possible 
power-ups--very often, you'll need to solve a puzzle to reach a specific power-up.  
You'll also want to practice some advanced moves that will help you progress 
through the game.

Samus starts her adventure with minimal energy reserves.  For every Energy Tank 
she tracks down, however, her maximum energy reserve will grow by 100 units.  The 
number of highlighted squares above the energy gauge at the top of Samus's Combat 
Visor display indicates how many full tanks she has in reserve.

Once Samus arms herself with Missiles, fire them by pressing the Y Button.  Keep 
an eye out for Missile Expansions, for every one of these Samus finds, her Missile 
arsenal will grow by five.  Missiles will home in on whatever Samus locks on, and 
they can also be used to blow up hatch locks and destroy specific types of 
impediments.  To replenish Samus's Missiles, collect Missile capsules from fallen 
enemies and crates.

Every beam weapon can be combined with Missile to perform a super combo once Samus 
has found that beam weapon's combo power-up . To use a combo, charge up your beam 
weapon all the way by pressing and holding the A Button.  Then, without releasing 
the A button, press the Y Button.  Bear in mind that combos drain your Missile 
reserves.  Some obstructions can be destroyed only by specific combo attacks.

The Space Jump upgrade will activate boosters on Samus's suit, enabling her to 
jump a second time while airborne.  Once she's found the upgrade, make Samus jump 
once by pressing the B Button, then press it a second time while she is in the air 
to jump a second time and get to previously unreachable areas.

After she tracks down the Grapple Beam, Samus will be able to latch onto specific 
energy nodes with an energy beam from her left arm.  The icon above a node will 
brighten when it is in range, simply press and hold the L Button to latch onto it 
with the Grapple Beam.  Tilt the Control Stick to vary your swinging angle, then 
release the L button at the top of Samus's swing to launch into the air.

Samus has a wealth of weapons and moves at her disposal, and you'll have to 
practice with all of them if you hope to keep her alive.  Once of the most 
important battle tactics is using the L Button to lock onto targets.  If you press 
and hold the L Button without targeting anything, you will be able to strafe side-
to-side by tilting the Control Stick.

However, if you press and hold the L Button while targeting an enemy, you will 
then circle around your lock-on point by tilting the Control Stick.  Additionally, 
you can perform a quick dash move while orbiting a target-simply tap the B Button 
while locked-on to leap sideways.  Once Samus finds the Space Jump Boots, she can 
perform a double-dash by tapping the B Button twice.  Using these moves will be 
key to surviving battles with the many enemies Samus has to face.

Samus's suit can store a huge quantit of data that will help her along her 
journey.  Most information, with the exception of the map, can be accessed by 
pressing START/PAUSE during game play.  Once the Inventory screen appears, you can 
use the L and R Buttons to view the Options screen or the Log Book screen.

By pressing the Z Button during game play, you can call up a three-dimensional map 
display of the region Samus is currently in.  Unless Samus has downloaded the full 
map for that particular region by finding a Map Rom, the only areas that will 
appear will be ones that she has explored already.  Once she downlodas the map, 
however, rooms she has explored will glow orange while those yet to be explored 
will appear without color.

The colored dots on the map are exits-the colors indicate which wapons will open 
the doors.  Samus herself will appear as an arrow pointing in the direction she 
currently faces.  You can zoom in or out with the L and R Buttons, move around 
with the C Stick, ore rotate the 3-D display with the Control Stick.  To view the 
World Map, press the A Button.  To toggle the map key on and off, press the Y 

From this screen, you can view Samus and read additional invormation about Samus's 
current state, from the detailis of her power-ups to the abilities of her weapons.  
Simply select what you want to learn about and press the A Button to bring up an 
informational display.

As you play through the game, be sure to scan anything and everything.  Very often 
you'll learn a crucial bit of information by scanning an enemy or downlading one 
of the many research logs located around the Space Pirates' operation.  To view 
information that you have downloaded to your Log Book, press START/PAUSE and 
access the Log Book by pressing the R Button.  From there, select the data you 
want to view and press the A Button to access your databanks.

The Space Pirates have document-		Fragments of Chozo lore are
ed their research on Tallon IV, and		spread around the ruins of their
Samus will frequently find entire		civilization, waiting to be translated
log entries that offer glimpses into	by Samus.  Their insights may shed
the insiduous operation.				light on the mystery of the Phazon...

Whenever Samus scans and enemy,		Many items will help Samus in her
she will download valuable infor-		quest, and scanning them will pro-
mation regarding weak points and		vide brief informational data for
behavioral patterns, as well as		later study.
visual diagnostics of the creature's

				This section of the Log Book tracks
				twelve Artifacts left behind by the
				Chozo.  Without all twelve of these
				Artifacts, Samus cannot succeed in
				her mission.

If you use a Nintendo GameCube Game Boy Advance cable to connect Metroid Prime 
with a complete Metroid Fusion Game Pak, you'll unlock something special.  If you 
connect a Metroid Fusion Game Pak to a complete Metroid Prime game, you'll unlock 
a second secret.  Follow the instructions below to link the two games together and 
refer to the CONFIDENTIAL insert included with your Game Disc for further 

1 Nintendo GameCube system
1 Game Boy Advance system
1 Metroid Prime Game Disc
1 Metroid Fusion Game Pak
1 Nintendo GameCube Game Boy Advance cable
1 Memory Card

	1. Follow the instructions on page 10 to start the game.
	2. When the title screen appears, select "Metroid Fusion Connection Bonuses"
	   and press the A Button.
	3. Select which feature you with to access and press the A Button.
	4. Insert your Metroid Fusion Game Pak into the Game Boy Advance then
	   connect it to Socket 2, 3 or 4 on the Nintendo GameCube using a Nintendo 
	   GameCube Game Boy Advance cable.
	5. On the Game Boy Advance, press and hold START and SELECT and turn the
	   power ON.
	6. You are now ready to begin the data link.

The following circumstances might cause a communication error or erase the data 
you saved on your Game Boy Advance:

1.  A cable other than the Nintendo GameCube Game Boy Advance cable is used.
2.  There's a Game Pak other than Metroid Fusion in the Game Boy Advance.
3.  There is a loose connection.
4.  The Nintendo GameCube Game Boy Advance cable, Game Boy Advance, and Nintendo 
GameCube are 	not connected properly.
5.  The Nintendo GameCube Game Boy Advance cable is pulled out while exchanging 
6.  The power on the Nintendo GameCube or Game Boy Advance is turned off while 
exchanging 		information or the GameCube's RESET Button is pressed.

Do not connect a Game Boy Advance cable or a Game Boy Advance you won't be using.

The Nintendo GameCube Game Boy Advance cable will operate as long as it is 
connected to Socket 2, 3, or 4.

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Warranty & Service Information
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[back cover]