Metroid Prime SoundtrackMetroid Prime marked a new style of music for the Metroid series, dominated by electronic scores and X-Files-esque whistling, a style requested by the Retro Studios staff. A departure from the orchestral score of Super Metroid, Metroid Prime redefined the series musically as a mysterious confluence of technology, civilization, and nature. The soundtrack was composed by Kenji Yamamoto with assistance by Kyoichi Kyuma. 2002 also saw Kenji Yamamoto work on Metroid Fusion, making it a busy year for the man who defined the music of Metroid for over a decade. Both soundtracks were released in a single album.

Metroid Prime introduced new favorites such as "Ice Valley" (Phendrana Drifts), "Artifact Temple" which defined Chozo grandeur, the beautiful "Crashed Ship Frigate Orpheon", and the memorable "Title" theme, which appears in many guises throughout the series. A heavy dosage of remixes includes one of the best "Brinstar" arranges as "Planet Tallon IV", the ever-popular "Lava Caves" (Magmoor), "VS. Meta Ridley", and finally "Frigate Orpheon" as the first of many arrangements of "Mysterious Statue Room" from Super Metroid. However, Prime is also dominated by what I call "atmospheric minimalism", amelodic music that replicates background noise. While a nod to the original Metroid, tracks such as "Ancient Chozo Ruins" illustrate how dependent such music can be on game space, though other tracks such as "Phazon Mines" demonstrate its potentials for compelling audio. Note that "Chozo Ruins (Main Plaza)", which plays in the water-filled temple, contains bars that would later reappear in "Torvus Bog".

Unfortunately, Metroid Prime's soundtrack contains many noticeable audio bugs (clicks, reverb), a result of poor mastering. Thankfully, Prime Blue remastered the soundtrack, removing the blemishes to create the clean audio heard below, making this the definitive version of the soundtrack. This collection also contains music from the game's trailers and alternate versions of the tracks, as well as unique tracks from the demo version played at E3 and store kiosks and the Japanese Wii version. Finally, special to the MDb is a collection of voice clips and SFX, many of which were either unused or not present in the North American release. The official soundtrack is listed below.


No. Title Size Length
Download all 72 tracks in one zip as MP3 247MB 3:05:15
Download 69 tracks in one zip as FLAC (password: primeblue) 915MB 3:05:00
SFX Pack 5.46MB ---
01 Title 3.05MB 2:07
02 Menu Select 2.56MB 1:51
03 Prologue 2.47MB 1:47
04 Frigate Orpheon (Air Lock) 1.18MB 0:57
05 Frigate Orpheon 7.28MB 4:37
06 VS. Parasite Queen 4.53MB 2:55
07 Frigate Orpheon Escape 3.91MB 3:09
08 Planet Tallon IV 9.50MB 6:38
09 Elevator 850k 0:41
10 Chozo Ruins (Ruins Gate) 2.68MB 2:12
11 Ancient Chozo Ruins 12.42MB 9:42
12 Save Station 829k 0:41
13 VS. Hive Totem 4.29MB 3:03
14 Chozo Ruins (Main Plaza) 8.40MB 6:51
15 VS. Giant Beetle 2.26MB 1:30
16 Chozo Ruins 11.54MB 8:30
17 Energy Core 5.36MB 3:54
18 VS. Flaahgra 4.92MB 4:02
19 Lava Caves (Burning Trail) 2.22MB 1:50
20 Lava Caves 6.93MB 4:45
21 Ice Valley (Ice Plaza Passage) 1.30MB 1:04
22 Ice Valley 9.71MB 7:36
23 Ice Chapel 3.55MB 2:54
24 Ice Valley (Ice Water Hall) 5.17MB 3:52
25 Space Pirates (Laboratory Gate) 1.36MB 1:01
26 VS. Space Pirates 4.36MB 3:31
27 Space Pirates (Main Lab) 1.72MB 1:25
28 VS. Thardus 4.39MB 3:02
29 Tallon Overworld 10.42MB 8:07
30 Chozo Elder Cathedral 3.23MB 2:39
31 VS. Chozo Ghost 2.70MB 1:41
32 Missile Station 1.19MB 0:56
33 Ice Valley (Phendrana Deep Lake Area) 7.90MB 5:48
34 Crashed Ship Frigate Orpheon (Ventilation Shaft) 2.06MB 1:37
35 Crashed Ship Frigate Orpheon 9.68MB 7:41
36 Phazon Mines 2.55MB 2:00
37 Phazon Area 1.39MB 0:56
38 Phazon Mines (Pirates Battle Experiment Area) 1.27MB 1:02
39 VS. Omega Pirate 4.17MB 3:26
40 Artifact Temple 4.33MB 3:34
41 VS. Meta Ridley 3.54MB 2:16
42 Artifact Temple ~ (Chozo Seal Release) 803k 0:38
43 Impact Crater 2.48MB 1:44
44 VS. Metroid Prime (Spider) 6.25MB 5:01
45 VS. Metroid Prime (Head) 8.43MB 6:53
46 Temple Collapse ~ Epilogue 1.38MB 1:01
47 Ending Staff Roll 4.37MB 3:12
48 End Jingle 239k 0:13
49 Record of Samus 4.60MB 2:50
50 Loader 154k 0:07
51 Event Jingle 69k 0:04
52 Item Obtainment Jingle 146k 0:08
53 Tank Obtainment Jingle 83k 0:08
54 Artifact Obtainment Jingle 170k 0:08
55 Silver Credit Obtainment Jingle 31k 0:03
56 Orange Credit Obtainment Jingle 31k 0:03
57 Wii Loader (Wii de asobu) 152k 0:12
x9-01 Trailer 1 (E3 2001) 1.05MB 1:12
x9-02 Trailer 2 ~ Brinstar (Gamecube Demo DVD) 1.18MB 1:03
x9-03 Demo Disc Title 1.74MB 1:25
x9-04 Demo Disc Prologue 2.51MB 1:50
x9-05 Demo Disc Chozo Ruins (Main Plaza) 1.39MB 1:00
x9-06 Demo Disc Ice Valley 4.49MB 3:04
x9-07 Demo Disc Record of Samus 144k 0:08
x9-08 Prologue (USA Version) 2.05MB 1:39
x9-09 Frigate Orpheon Escape (Alternate Version) 2.41MB 1:30
x9-10 Chozo Ruins (Alternate Version) 6.52MB 4:13
x9-11 VS. Flaahgra (USA Version) 1.44MB 1:25
x9-12 VS. Space Pirates (Alternate Version) 3.80MB 3:04
x9-13 VS. Metroid Prime (Spider) (Alternate Version) 4.25MB 2:36
x9-14 Temple Collapse ~ Epilogue (Alternate Version) 671k 0:32
x9-15 Samus Appearance Jingle (Cutscene) 219k 0:09


Metroid Prime & Fusion Soundtrack - Prime Side


The Metroid Prime & Fusion Soundtrack contains most of the game's music, though tracks don't loop and some songs are missing in order for the whole thing to fit on a single CD. In addition, they contain audio errors that were removed by Prime Blue, as listed above. Still, it is a fantastic collection of Metroid music contained on a single disc. Unfortunately, as of August 2011, the album is out of print.

No. Title MP3 Size FLAC Size Length
Download soundtrack in one zip as MP3 36 Tracks 118MB 77:58
Download soundtrack in one zip as FLAC 36 Tracks 474MB 77:58
Download the album art in one zip 14 Images 10MB
01 Title 2.2MB 7.9MB 1:25
02 Menu Select 2.7MB 13MB 1:52
03 Prologue 2.6MB 10MB 1:48
04 Frigate Orpheon 4.5MB 17MB 2:45
05 VS. Parasite Queen 2.7MB 12MB 1:36
06 Frigate Orpheon Escape 2.6MB 11MB 1:31
07 Planet Tallon IV 6.4MB 23MB 4:17
08 Ancient Chozo Ruins 3.4MB 9.5MB 2:17
09 VS. Hive Totem 2.5MB 11MB 1:39
10 VS. Giant Beetle 1.2MB 4.9MB 0:45
11 Chozo Ruins 6.7MB 27MB 4:13
12 Energy Core 2.3MB 9.5MB 1:20
13 VS. Flaahgra 3.0MB 13MB 2:20
14 Lava Caves (Burning Trail) 1.1MB 3.3MB 0:42
15 Lava Caves 7.2MB 25MB 4:46
16 Ice Valley 5.5MB 21MB 3:40
17 Ice Chapel 2.0MB 7.7MB 1:20
18 Space Pirates (Laboratory Gate) 1.4MB 4.4MB 0:58
19 VS. Space Pirates 2.8MB 11MB 1:50
20 VS. Thardus 2.6MB 11MB 1:41
21 Tallon Overworld 5.9MB 22MB 3:57
22 Chozo Chapel of the Elders 1.8MB 6.9MB 1:13
23 VS. Chozo Ghost 1.7MB 7.3MB 0:57
24 Ice Valley (Phendrana Deep Lake Area) 6.2MB 27MB 4:24
25 Wrecked Frigate Orpheon 5.5MB 23MB 3:51
26 Phazon Mines 1.3MB 3.4MB 0:53
27 Phazon Area 1.5MB 4.3MB 0:57
28 VS. Omega Pirate 2.6MB 12MB 1:47
29 Artifact Temple 2.4MB 9.8MB 1:36
30 VS. Meta Ridley 2.1MB 8.4MB 1:18
31 Artifact Temple ~ Chozo Seal Release 945kb 3.5MB 0:39
32 Impact Crater 847kb 2.5MB 0:31
33 VS. Metroid Prime (Spider) 4.4MB 19MB 2:37
34 VS. Metroid Prime (Head) 4.5MB 20MB 2:46
35 Shrine Collapsing ~ Epilogue 1.5MB 5.7MB 1:03
36 Ending Staff Roll 4.5MB 22MB 3:13
37 End Jingle 358kb 1.3MB 0:13
38 Record of Samus 4.8MB 21MB 2:52
39 Samus Appearance Jingle 274kb 864kb 0:09
40 Item Obtainment Jingle 266kb 864kb 0:09
41 Artifact Obtainment Jingle 285kb 913kb 0:08