Metroid Prime 2 Soundtrack

As sole composer of Metroid Prime 2: Echoes, Kenji Yamamoto expanded the aural universe established with Prime while giving Echoes a unique flavor. The 'swamp' feel from "Chozo Ruins (Main Plaza)" was expanded to the mournful cries of the masterful "Torvus Bog", and "VS. Space Pirates" returns with tribal intensity while 'Phazon clangs' punctuate "VS. Emperor Ing (Chrysalis)" (the "Spider" form contains homage to Metroid Prime's title theme). Echoes' originality shines through the neon Tron-scapes of "Sanctuary" with its tower chorale and poingnant electronic whistles, and the industrial clanging and insectile scritching of "Temple Grounds". The battle themes also stand out, especially "VS. Quadraxis", which oozes Ing goo punctuated by metallic rumbles, behemoth in size. The best by far, however, is "Title ~ Dark Echoes" with its haunting melancholic nostalgia, a longing to put right some mysterious loss. At the soundtrack's heart is the mix of light and dark, through the airy Luminoth themes and the Dark Aether themes. The latter emphasize atmospheric minimalism, containing distorted echoes of the Light Aether themes ruptured by static discharge and punctuated by the violent dischord of the Ing battles. Atmospheric, but not exactly easy listening.

To please longtime fans, Yamamoto-san arrange classic Metroid tunes, including "Silence" ("Item Room"), "Save Room" ("Tourian"), and "Splinter Hive" ("Gold Statue Room"). There's a watery arrange of "Brinstar Red Soil Swampy Area" in "Torvus Catacombs", the electrical "Multiplayer ~ Hunters" as the beloved "Brinstar Plant Overgrowth Area", and the heart-pounding "Escape" theme from Metroid 1. Finally, "Theme of Super Metroid" makes a pleasant return for the heroic Galactic Federation in "Last Stand".

Like Prime, Echoes contains lots of audio bugs. Once again, audio master extraordinaire PrimeBlue spent long, tedious hours removing them to create the clean audio heard below. I can’t thank him enough for making this the definitive version of the soundtrack. Note track titles have been changed from PrimeBlue's original listing to reflect their American names. The Echoes Demo soundtrack is below.


No. Title Size Length
Download all 71 tracks in one zip as MP3 280MB 3:35:48
Download all 71 tracks in one zip as FLAC (Currently Unavailable) --- 3:35:48
SFX Pack 2.04MB ---
01 Title ~ Dark Echoes 4.85MB 4:05
02 Menu Select 4.08MB 3:13
03 Prologue 1.38MB 1:10
04 Splinter Hive (Landing Site) 4.26MB 3:31
05 Splinter Hive (Hive Tunnel) 5.84MB 4:46
06 VS. Dark Troopers 2.71MB 2:11
07 Splinter Hive 4.51MB 3:38
08 Dark Samus Appears 1.91MB 1:36
09 Save Station 829k 0:41
10 Elevator 1.79MB 1:26
11 Temple Grounds (Industrial Site) 5.28MB 4:06
12 Gates of Judgment 340k 0:16
13 Temple Grounds 8.52MB 6:57
14 Last Stand 2.76MB 2:16
15 The Ing ~ VS. Ing 3.43MB 2:50
16 Elevator 2.29MB 1:47
17 The Luminoth 7.87MB 6:30
18 Hall of Honored Dead 4.49MB 3:25
19 Agon Wastes 3.43MB 2:51
20 Space Pirates Appear 1.40MB 1:05
21 VS. Space Pirates 5.39MB 4:26
22 Elevator 3.40MB 3:08
23 VS. Guardian Ing 3.84MB 3:03
24 Silence 2.38MB 2:00
25 Luminoth Energy Controller 2.41MB 1:50
26 Luminoth Hologram 1.44MB 1:14
27 Portal Station 5.07MB 3:50
28 Dark Agon Wastes 2.92MB 2:22
29 Elevator 1.72MB 1:28
30 Darkness ~ VS. Dark Samus 4.37MB 3:26
31 Phazon Area 2.48MB 1:44
32 VS. Amorbis 5.02MB 4:02
33 Dark Energy Controller 1.6MB 1:21
34 Energy Transfer 1.91MB 1:34
35 Torvus Bog (Temple Transport Access) 2.31MB 1:59
36 Torvus Bog 11.65MB 9:06
37 Dark Torvus Bog 5.36MB 4:36
38 Torvus Catacombs 10.72MB 9:08
39 Dark Torvus Catacombs 6.03MB 5:13
40 VS Chykka Larva 6.38MB 5:13
41 VS. Chykka Flyer 4.85MB 3:45
42 Sanctuary 10.41MB 7:53
43 Dark Sanctuary 4.96MB 4:20
44 Sanctuary (Dynamo Control Station) 6.97MB 5:09
45 VS. Quadraxis 7.33MB 5:46
46 Dark Temple Grounds ~ Sky Temple 5.06MB 4:22
47 VS. Emperor Ing (Chrysalis) 6.09MB 5:06
48 VS. Emperor Ing (Spider) 5.45MB 4:41
49 Escape 3.45MB 2:55
50 Epilogue 3.53MB 2:59
51 Ending Staff Roll 5.38MB 4:23
52 Record of Samus 4.60MB 2:50
53 Special Ending 275k 0:14
54 Samus Appearance Jingle 195k 1:26
55 Event Jingle 69k 0:04
56 Item Obtainment Jingle 146k 0:08
57 Tank Obtainment Jingle 83k 0:05
58 Key Obtainment Jingle 145k 0:07
59 Key Return Jingle 251k 0:11
60 Multiplayer ~ Hunters 7.10MB 5:47
61 Multiplayer ~ One Minute Remaining 2.76MB 2:10
62 Multiplayer ~ Dark Echoes 6.10MB 4:62
x9-01 Title ~ Dark Echoes (USA & PAL Version) 4.78MB 4:05
x9-02 VS. Dark Troopers (USA & PAL Version) 3.01MB 2:24
x9-03 Key Obtainment Jingle (USA & PAL Version) 166k 0:08
x9-04 System Jingle 144k 0:07
x9-05 Disc Drive Channel (Wii de Asobu) 168k 0:12
x9-06 Title ~ Dark Echoes (Soundtrack Gallery) 2.59MB 2:06
x9-07 Torvus Catacombs (Soundtrack Gallery) 5.50MB 4:26
x9-08 Title ~ Dark Echoes (Unused Alternate Version) 5.78MB 4:36



Most of the demo tracks are identical to the final versions in Echoes. The main exceptions are the "Landing Area", which is an original 'ruins area' type theme similar to the Chozo Ruins from Prime, and a unique "End Jingle", which is a shortened version of "Record of Samus". The demo also contains the Prime version of the Elevator Room theme. The demo was recorded through line-in. Audio tracks were not normalized, but retain their relative in-game volume.

No. Title Size Length
Download all 13 tracks in one zip as MP3 37.4MB 26:38
x10-01 Title ~ Dark Echoes 5.40MB 4:05
x10-02 Prologue 2.34MB 1:41
x10-03 Landing Area 3.98MB 3:00
x10-04 Elevator Room 1.18MB 0:41
x10-05 Agon Wastes 3.37MB 2:17
x10-06 Space Pirates Appear 1.41MB 1:01
x10-07 VS. Space Pirates 5.82MB 4:30
x10-08 Pirate Fear 4.24MB 3:06
x10-09 Dark Agon Wastes 2.99MB 2:22
x10-10 The Ing ~ VS. Ing 2.74MB 2:57
x10-11 End Jingle 316k 0:11
x10-12 Trailer 763k 0:31
x10-13 Game Over 294k 0:10