NOTE: For an ungodly amount of advanced tips and trickery, We highly recommend an amazing website called Metroid 2002. These guys have gone far beyond what we have been able to find and offer strategies for Prime 2. There's so much there that it's useless for the MDb to try to duplicate it -- just go to the site itself!


Here's to get all the secret unlockable content in Metroid Prime 2: Echoes:

  • HARD MODE: Beat the game on Normal.
  • PROMOTIONAL GALLERY: Get 40% of the Log Book scans.
  • CHARACTER GALLERY: Get 60% of the Log Book scans.
  • CREATURE GALLERY: Get 80% of the Log Book scans.
  • BOSS GALLERY: Get 100% of the Log Book scans.
  • ROUGH SKETCH GALLERY: Complete Metroid Prime 2: Echoes on Normal Mode.
  • STORYBOARD GALLERY: Complete Metroid Prime 2: Echoes on Hard Mode.
  • ZERO SUIT ENDING: 75% Item Collection Rate.
  • DARK SAMUS ENDING: 100% Item Collection Rate.



You can unlock music tracks and two multiplayer arenas as well by playing through the single player mission:

Music Tracks

  • DARK ECHOES: Complete the Game
  • DARKNESS: Complete the Game
  • LUMINOTH: Talk to U-Mos
  • PIRATE FEAR: Restore Energy to Agon Temple and talk to U-Mos
  • TORVUS BOG: Restore Energy to Torvus Temple and talk to U-Mos
  • SANCTUARY: Restore Energy to Sanctuary Temple and talk to U-Mos

Multiplayer Arenas

  • PIPELINE ARENA: Restore Energy to Torvus Temple and talk to U-Mos
  • SPIRES ARENA: Restore Energy to Sanctuary Temple and talk to U-Mos


If you wish to go for 100% of the Log Book scans, it's important to realize that there are a fair number of items that you have only a limited number of chances -- in some cases, only one -- to scan, and that you won't have the ability to return to later. Following is a list of scans that must be obtained when you first encounter them.

Bosses & Guardians

To start off, the Bosses and Guardians you encounter in this game are all (obviously) one-time scans. Some bosses (like Quadraxis) have multiple body parts that you fight, so make sure you are very thorough while scanning these formidable foes.

Here is a list of all the boss scans in the game:

  • Alpha Splinter & Dark Alpha Splinter
  • Alpha Sandigger & Bomb Guardian
  • Jump Guardian
  • Amorbis (2 scans)
  • Dark Missile Trooper
  • Boost Guardian
  • Alpha Blogg
  • Grapple Guardian
  • Chykka (3 scans & Chyklings)
  • Spider Guardian
  • Power Bomb Guardian
  • Caretaker Class Drone
  • Quadraxis (4 scans)
  • Emperor Ing (3 scans)
  • Dark Samus (3 scans)


  • Samus's Gunship
    found in: Landing Site
    Scan this right at the beginning of the game; it will change when you progress later.
  • Ing Webtrap
    found in: Battleground
    One of the most-missed scans in the game. Scan the doors when you fight the Warrior Ings on in the area where you find the third Dark Key in Dark Agon Wastes.
  • Webling
    found in: Feeding Pit Access
    When you're going through the Dark Agon Wastes, you should easily encounter this enemy.
  • Flying Ing Cache:
    found in: Various
    These invisible creatures contain the keys to enter the Sky Temple. There are nine of them, so you have nine chances to scan a single one. They are scannable after becoming visible.
  • GF Gate Mark VII
    found in: Dynamo Chamber and Trooper Security Station
    You can easily encounter this while in the Temple Grounds, but be sure not to blow them up before scanning them.


  • A-Kul's Clues
    found in: Sky Temple Gateway
    Scan the nine clues to finding the temple keys before placing them into position.


  • Growler Class Turret
    found in: Trooper Security Station
    Be sure to scan this turret before destroying it in the Temple Grounds.
  • Lightbringer
    found in: Dueling Range
    These only appear briefly in Dark Agon Wastes. They no longer appear once Space Jump Boots are acquired.
  • Pirate Trooper
    found in: Various
    Pirate Troopers are plentiful, as you will have many encounters with them. However, they will not return once you've destroyed them all.
  • Vigilance Class Turret
    found in: Central Mining Station
    You can only scan these when the Space Pirates are using them against you. You will encounter them in Agon Wastes.
  • Shredder
    found in: Torvus Lagoon
    Shredders appear plentiful while trekking through the Torvus Bog. They will disappear once the Boost Ball is collected.
  • Pirate Commando
    found in: Torvus Grove/Various
    You will first encounter Pirate Commandos in the Torvus Bog, shortly after receiving Super Missiles. You encounter them elsewhere, but make sure to scan them when you can because they will not respawn.
  • Dark Shredder
    found during: Chykka battle
    These will attack you during your battle with Chykka, so don't forget to scan them then.
  • Ingsmasher
    found in: Hall of Combat Mastery
    You will awaken several Ingsmashers while you battle through the Sanctuary Fortress. However, once they're gone, they're gone for good.
  • Dark Quad CM and Dark Quad MB
    found in: Sanctuary Temple and Quadraxis battle
    These can be found first in the at your first visit, or while fighting Quadraxis. No other times.



Just like in Prime, you'll notice a low, ominous, droning sound fade in and out as you move around. At first you may think it's an environmental sound effect, or an annoying piece of avant-garde background music, but in fact it's an audio clue that an item (a Missile, Energy Tank, Power Bomb, or any major upgrade) is nearby. Pay attention to this sound and use it to tell if you are "hot" or "cold" in relation to the item, even if it's hidden behind a wall or inside an object.

Get Flash to see this player.



In GMFC Compound, a cutscene is supposed to occur, and then you blast a yellow crate and recieve the Missile Launcher. However, right before the "invisible wall" leading to activate the cutscene, there is a boot shaped formation. Jump onto it, and you will be propelled onto the ledge above, allowing you to skip the activation of the cutscene and go straight to the Missile Launcher. After getting it and then activating the cutscene, glitchingly, the yellow crate reapperars, with ANOTHER Missile Launcher. Collect this as well, and the remaining 99 items in the game will allow you to have 101% items at the end of the game (But your Missile count won't go over 255).



This glitch is found during the Chykka boss fight. First, make sure you are in the water when breaking the last strand off the cocoon. After the cutscene, you will be on land, but when you jump you get an anti-gravity lift that lets you jump incredibly high. The reason for this is the game still thinks you are in water, so your jumps carry you farther. The disadvantage is, if you touch any water, the effect wears off. Apparently, you must be in dark water when a cutscene occurs to activate this, therefore, the Chykka battle is the only place to activate this glitch.



After entering the judgement pit, don't enter the light sphere in the middle yet. Instead go around the room and jump up to a light beacon to the right of the door, and aim towards the green door across the room. Then begin firing in front of the Luminoth statue's face and, if done correctly, your shots should be stopped in midair by the Jump Guardian (he's invisible until the fight begins). You can shoot him as much as you like and when you start the fight he will start with that much damage! (You can't kill him before the fight begins but you can get him to the point where 1 shot kills.)



In the room called "Windchamber Gateway", look for a piece of metal that links the side of the room with the Power Bomb door to the platform with an Energy Tank. Jump onto this metal and you will respawn back where you started, but you will notice that you didn't take any damage. You won't be harmed by bottomless pits.

Note: This glitch wears off when you go to a different level, turn off the game etc.



You need to be an extremely good player to beat the game without the Dark Suit, but there IS a way to pass it up, as well as nearly the entire Agon Wastes segment of the game. You can move on to Torvus Bog as soon as you get your translator updated for amber holograms and acquire the Space Jump Boots. Retro put a failsafe in the Abandoned Base in Dark Aether. That is, your energy drains a lot faster in that room unless you have the Dark Suit. However, there is a shortcut in this room that will allow you to reach the portal within seconds of entering the room.

Once you enter the Abandoned Base, strafe along the right side of the room. Just before the Ingclaw, there are two flat rocks up against the right wall with a small crack between them. Jump in this crack to get a small vertical boost that will propel you just high enough to space jump onto the platform with the portal. From here, you can enter Torvus Bog and continue with the game.