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Metroid Prime Pinball
by Fuse Games and Nintendo
for Nintendo DS
US Instruction Manual (c)2005 Nintendo of America Inc.

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====[1; Front Cover		]====
Metroid Prime Pinball
Instruction Booklet

====[2; Inside Front Cover	]====
Official Nintendo Seal of Quality
[text omitted]

This game card will work only with the Nintendo DS (TM) video game system.
This game allows wireless multiplayergames downloaded from one game card.
This game is compatible with the Rumble Pak accessory.

(c)2005 Nintendo, all rights, including the copyrights of game, scenario, music
and program, reserved by Nintendo, TM, (R) and the Nintendo DS logo are trademarks
of Nintendo. (c)2005 Nintendo.

====[3; CONTENTS	]====
Controls............... 4
Main Menu.............. 6
Power Ups.............. 10
Scoring................ 11
Board Features......... 12
Enemies................ 15
Mini-Games............. 16
Wireless Mission....... 18

====[4; CONTROLS		]====
R Button - Right Flipper
L Button - Left Flipper
Left on + Control Pad - Left Flipper
Right on + Control Pad - Right Flipper

Pressing and moving your finger across the Touch Screen will nudge the table in the
direction you move your finger.

====[5; CONTROLS (cont'd)	]====
START - Pauses the Game
X BUTTON - Missiles (in Combat Mode)
A BUTTON - Right Flipper
Y BUTTON - Power bomb (in Morph Ball Mode)
B BUTTON - Bombs (in Morph Ball Mode)

====[6; MAIN MENU		]====
There are three different missions on which to take Samus.

	Complete challenging objectives while helping Samus to collect Artifacts. Collect
	enough Artifacts to open new tables. Face off against tough enemies and vicious
	bosses. Defeated bosses will then be available for the Single Mission.
	Focus on one table in order to achieve the high score. There are two default tables
	that you begin with. Additional tables will become available once you open them up in
	Multi Mission.
	Connect up to seven other players simultaneously. Everyone competes on the same table.
	Magmoor Caverns. Trying to be the first to reach the target score. See page 18 for more
	details on connecting and playing wirelessly.
	Backlight on/off - Toggles the Nintendo DS backlight on and off Rumble on/off - When the
	Nintendo DS Rumble Pak is inserted, this option will turn it on and off
====[7; MAIN MENU (cont'd)	]====
This game is compatible with the Nintendo DS Rumble Pak. Please read the following before
you play the game with the Rumble Pak enabled.

The Rumble Pak includes built-in features that rumble while you play, providing realistic

* Make sure the Nintendo DS is turned off.
Insert the Rumble Pak into Slot-2 on the front
of the Nintendo DS (The label should face
toward the bottom) just like loading a
Game Boy Advance Game Pak.

* Make sure to turn the power off before removing the Rumble Pak.
* Nintendo DS Rumble Pak is making a sound
	- When the Rumble Feature is on, the Rumble Pak will make sounds during game play.

* Does not rumble
	- Make sure the Rumble Feature is turned on in the game (select Options in the main
	- Make sure the edge connector of the Rumble Pak and the Nintendo DS system (Slot-2)
	  are not dirty.

* Does not stop rumbling
	- Make sure the edge connector of the Rumble Pak and the Nintendo DS system (Slot-2)
	  are not dirty.

If the Rumble Pak still does not work properly after following these troubleshooting measures,
please call Nintendo customer service.

====[8; MAIN MENU (cont'd)	]====
Once you have selected a mission, you must now determine the starting table.

	Use the Up and Down Direction Pad to
	select a table. Press A to confirm the
	selection and travel to the destination.
	In order to gain access to new tables you
	must play the Multi Mission mode. By
	playing through the Pirate Frigate or Tallon
	Overworld it will give you access to the
	Phazon Mines and Phendrana Drifts tables.
	Collect Artifacts along the way in order to
	progress even farther.
Collecting 12 Artifacts allows access to the
Artifact Temple. Completeing [sic] the Artifact
Temple will open the path to the ultimate
pinball challenge where Samus faces her
greatest threat.

====[9; MAIN MENU (cont'd)	]====
This screen will give you all the information you need in order to defeat the enemies and take
Samus across the varied terrains of the tables.

When this is lit, you have a
Power Bomb to use. [@ symbol]

This is the total score you have achieved. [numbers in parentheses]

These bars represent Samus' health.
Once her health is gone, if you take
damage, the ball will explode. [internal ring (_)]

The lighted missile icons tell you how
many missiles you have left. [i symbols]

Number of extra balls left. [o representing a ball, 1 representing any digit]

These lighted icons tell you
how many bombs you have. [* symbols]

  i   _   @
 i   (_)   *
 i         *
  i  o 1  *

====[10; POWER-UPS		]====
Along the way Samus will be able to collect weapons and power-ups in order to achieve
the best scores and open up more tables.

	Missile - These allow Samus
	To unleash a powerful attack
	while in Combat Mode
	Power Bomb - Use these
	to damage a large area
	Health - Restores 2 Health Boxes
	Missile - Restores 1 Missile
	Power Bomb - you can only hold one
	at a time, so use it before trying
	to pick up another.
	Artifact - collect 12 to gain access
	to the Artifact Temple in Multi Mission
	Special - Once you have collected all the
	Artifacts, Special will become available to
	increase your score
	Extra Ball - Adds and extra ball to your

====[11; SCORING		]====
When you lose a ball, you will be awarded a Bounty Bonus. This is based on the following:
	* Total number of each enemy type killed
	* Total number of specials collected
	* Bounty Multiplier (See Board Features Pg 12 for more details)
Note that the total number is the total from the entire game, not just that ball. Therefore they
will continue to accumulate and become worth more on subsequent balls.

There are several high score lists that will save your accomplishments.

The main High Score list (top 10 scores are listed) is for Multi Mission. The number next to the
artifact symbol tells you how many artifacts you have collected (maximum 12). This number will
reset to zero once you have defeated the final boss. The number on the artifact symbol tells you
how many times you have defeated the final boss. If the final boss has not yet been defeated,
no number will be present on the artifact symbol.

The two tables for the Single mission will list the top five scores, and the total number of
Specials collected.

Opening up tables in Multi Mission will allow you to use those tables in Single Mission. They are
played in a Time Attack Mode, where your goal is to complete the table in the shortest amount
of time. The top five times are listed.

====[12; BOARD FEATURES		]====
Each table has it's [sic] own unique features but there are some common ones shared
between most tables.

1) 	Mode Saucer - Shoot this saucer to start
	whichever mode is being indicated by the hologram.
2)	S-A-M-U-S lights - Shoot the flashing Blue
	Ramps to light a letter. Light all the letters to open the
	Combat Saucer.
3)	Combat Saucer - Shoot the ball into this when it is
	open to start Combat Mode. Samus can be hit 4 times
	before being forced back into Morph Ball mode. Use
	your blaster or missiles to kill all the enemies and to
	successfully complete the mini-game and return to
	Morph Ball mode.
4)	Bounty Multiplier Rollovers - Light all of these to
	increase the Bounty Multiplier
5)	Kickbacks - These prevent the ball from passing
	into the outlanes (the lanes just outside the flippers),
	but retract once they have been used. These can be
	re-activated by using the Award Scanner.
6)	Force Field - This prevents you from losing the ball
	between the flippers. It can be re-energized by using
	the Award Scanner.
====[13; BOARD FEATURES (cont'd)]====
7)	Award Scanner - Shooting yourself into this scanner will
	cause several possible rewards to spin. Use a bomb to stop
	the wheel and earn the reward.
		Health Recharge - Restures Samus' health to maximum
		Big Points - Awards points
		Phazon Multiball - Starts a Phazon Multiball
		Combat Ready - Opens the Combat Saucer
		Extra Ball - Awards an additional ball for the mission
		Force Field - Activates the Force Field (ball saver) for a short time
		Missile Recharge - Refills all the Missiles
		Bounty Multiplier - Increases the Bounty Multiplier
		Power Bomb - Awards a Power Bomb
		Kickback Ready - Energizes the Kickbacks
8)	Bumpers - Hit these to increase the Jackpot and advance
	which hologram is displayed on the Mode Saucer.
9)	Ramps - Shoot the ball up a ramp to earn points. Follow
	that up by shooting the ball up a ramp with a flashing
	white arrow to start a combo.
====[14; BOARD FEATURES (cont'd)]====
The arrows and circles on the surface of the table will flash to show available shots.

* White Arrow - Shoot this to make a Combo
* Blue Circle - Shoot this to add another letter to the S-A-M-U-S lights
* Green Circle - Shoot this to open a multi-ball lock
* Green Arrow - Shoot this to lock a ball, or start a three ball multi-ball
* Purple Arrow - Shoot this to energize the Kickback
* Red Circle - shoot [sic] this to advance the Wall Jump lights
* Red Arrow - Shoot this to start the Wall Jump mini-game once all the Wall Jump lights are lit
* Orange Arrow - Shoot this to divert a ball into the Bumpers
* Red & Blue Arrow - Shoot this to advance or start the Phazon Multiball (Only on the Tallon
  Overworld table)

====[15; ENEMIES		]====
Shriekbat - A fast moving creature that dive-bombs its target while emitting
a high-pitched squeal.

Beetle - A burrowing creature that attacks by charging its prey.

Parasite - A new strain of parasitic creature that are dangerous in numbers.

Burrower - A tunneling creature.

Metroid - An energy based, highly dangerous parasite.

Space Pirate - A race of space fairing thieves that have a long history of
conflict with Samus.

Triclops - A creature with powerful jaws that will pick up any item that comes
near, including the ball.

War Wasp - Beelike creatures that like to attack in numbers.

Puffer - A floating orb that leaves behind poison when it is destroyed.

====[16; MINI GAMES		]====
There are lots of mini games to help you earn high scores and advance in the game.
Each mini game has three levels of difficulty.

Shriekbat Shootout - Shoot all the Shriekbats in Combat Mode before they reach Samus.

Beetle Blast - Defeat all the Beetles in Combat mode before they hit you.

Burrower Bash - Kill all the Burrowers before the time runs out. Run over the
submerged Burrowers to make them surface.

Clone Multiball - Shoot the ramps marked by the Arrows to score a Jackpot and a
Double Jackpot. Shoot the open Clone Machine while the clone multiball is active
to score the Super Jackpot.

Parasite Purge - Kill all the Parasites before the time runs out.

Phazon Multiball - Collect the Red Phazons with the Red Phazon Ball and collect the
Blue Phazons with the Blue Phazon Ball. COllecting all Phazons of one colour earns
you a jackpot. Collect both colours of Phazon to earn a Super Jackpot.

====[17; MINI GAMES (cont'd)	]====
Gunship Multiball - Shoot the ramps marked by the Arrows to earn the Jackpot and the
Double Jackpot. Shoot the open Gunship while in Gunship Multiball to score the Super

Metroid Mania - Defeat all the Metroids before the time runs out. Be careful as they
can attach themselves to Samus and drain her energy.

Phazon Frenzy - Hit as many of the Red & Blue Phazons as you can before the time runs

Space Pirate Panic - Kill all the Space Pirates before the time runs out. Avoid their
missiles which can damage Samus and knock her around the table.

Triclops Terror - Kill all the Triclops before the time runs out. Watch out, these
guys will grab hold of the ball and try to throw it toward the flippers. Bombs will
help in  getting rid of them.

Wall Jump - Alternate using the left and right flippers to jump from one wall to the
other in order to reac the prize at the top.

Hurry Up - Shoot the ramp in the direction of the flashing lights in order to receive
the reward before it is reduced to zero.

====[18; WIRELESS MISSION	]====

1) Start your Metroid Pinball DS game.
2) Select the Wireless Mission option from the menu.
3) Wait for the other players to download the game.
4) When a player is downloading the game, the ball next to their name will
   stop flashing.
5) Press the START Button.
6) Begin playing.

1) Start the DS without a Game Card.
2) Select DS Download PLay on the IPL screen.
3) If a Metroid Prime Pinball game is available to play it will be listed
   in this menu.
4) Select Metroid Prime Pinball slot once it appears.
5) Select Yes when asked "Would you like to download this software?"
6) Download the software.
7) Wait until the Parent or Host starts the game.
8) Begin playing.

Shoot rams, Loops, Targets, Rollovers, SPinners and Saucers to earn points.
String together Combos for even more points. The game ends when one player
reaches the target score. A leader board will keep track of the high scores.

====[19; WIRELESS MISSION (cont'd)]====
* The Progress Bar - the orange marker is your position, the blue markers
  are the other players. [pictured above HUD]

* Shoot the Left and Right Spinners to light the Towers.
* Shoot the Tower Target to light the next section of both Towers.
* When all 5 sections of both Towers are lit, the Tower Target will descend,
  giving access to the Tower Saucer.
* Shoot the Tower Saucer to start the Tower Jump and collect the Special.

* Shoot all the Drop Targets in a bank to send a Metroid to all the players
  with higher scores.
* Light all the Drop Target Lights to send two metroids to all other players.
* Metroids can grab hold of ball Samus and drain her health.
* To defeat a Metroid you must hit them three times.

* Each time the Saucer is shot, it will increase the reward for the next time
  the Saucer is hit.

* The ball can be lost either by losing all of its energy, or by falling
  between the flippers.
* If the player in the 1st place loses the ball, his score is reduced so that
  they are in 2nd place.
* The points for the Saucer Reward are reset.
* The ball is relaunched.