Metroid Zero Mission Soundtrack


Metroid Zero Mission was a triumphant retelling of the original Metroid story, and the music was given a substantial update as well. Kenji Yamamoto and Minako Hamano consulted with Metroid composer Hirokazu Tanaka to ensure the music was true to the original. Most tracks have been extended, such as "Kraid's Lair", which adds an impressive choral section, though its change was not the most dramatic. "Norfair" received one of the biggest improvements, with a lilting flute and bubbling choir. "Ridley's Lair" also received a major overhaul, dumping the intensity of the original in favor of a slower and creepier ghost-filled corridor. Finally, there are two versions of "Brinstar".

Yamamoto-san also tied the series together aurally by integrating Metroid Primestyle Chozo themes, as well as a nice reference to the Super Metroid "Title" theme in the "Metroids Appear" cutscene. There are also remixes of "VS. Ridley", "VS. Kraid", "Spore Spawn", and "Space Pirates Appear", as well as two clever arrangements of "Wrecked Ship" from Super: the low and menacing "Crateria" and the jazzy, sneaky "Space Pirate Mother Ship".

However, the instrument selection is somewhat inferior to that of Fusion, owing to the different art style and the legacy of the original themes. Still, the soundtrack manages some fantastic bass, particularly "VS. Mecha Ridley" and the Japanese version of the "Escape Theme", and it also has excellent choral synths, such as those found in the "Ending" theme, and a nice organ with "VS. God of War". Overall, an excellent score and fantastic homage to the original. This soundtrack was created with VBA-M r956, with a -0.3 filter to closely emulate the actual GBA sound hardware.

No. Title Size Length
Download all 55 tracks in one zip as MP3 98MB 1:14:10
Download all 55 tracks in one zip as ZIP 414MB 1:14:10
01 Opening 464k 0:18
02 Title 5.8MB 3:34
03 Menu 1.9MB 0:51
04 Samus Appearance Jingle 258k 0:08
05 Brinstar 3.4MB 2:40
06 Chozo Guide 1.8MB 1:20
07 Save Room 1.0MB 0:43
08 Item Collect Jingle 261k 0:08
09 VS. King Worm, Mua 2.7MB 1:02
10 Map Room 1.0MB 0:44
11 Mother Brain is Watching 1.1MB 0:35
12 Norfair 5.3MB 4:26
13 Crateria 3.1MB 2:54
14 Chozodia ~ Chozo Ruins 3.2MB 3:49
15 Unknown Item Jingle 195k 0:07
16 Chozo Ruins 5.3MB 2:23
17 The Elevator to Hell 1.9MB 1:22
18 Kraid's Lair 4.8MB 3:56
19 VS. Kraid 3.3MB 2:29
20 Tourian Gate Opened 299k 0:10
21 Boss Defeated 739k 0:30
22 Ridley aboard the Space Pirate Mothership 652k 0:25
23 VS. Kiru Giru (Larva) 1.4MB 1:01
24 VS. Kiru Giru Larva & Tangle Vine 1.6MB 1:15
25 Ridley Lands on Zebes 1.3MB 0:21
26 Ridley's Lair 5.1MB 4:07
27 VS. Kiru Giru (Imago) 1.3MB 0:54
28 Game Over 396k 0:21
29 VS. Ridley 2.0MB 1:27
30 Gate to Tourian 1.7MB 1:22
31 Metroids Appear 591k 0:34
32 Tourian 1.4MB 0:59
33 VS. Mother Brain 2.7MB 0:26
34 Escape Theme 778k 1:30
35 Intercepted by Space Pirates 2.0MB 1:42
36 Space Pirate Mother Ship 4.6MB 3:45
37 Alarm Tripped ~ Space Pirates Attack 3.0MB 2:34
38 Pursued by Space Pirates 2.3MB 1:53
39 Chozo Sanctuary 2.8MB 2:01
40 Reflecting on Memories Past 806k 0:34
41 VS. God of War 2.3MB 1:45
42 Power Suit Restored 254k 0:08
43 Legendary Power Suit Obtainment Jingle 305k 0:10
44 The Legendary Power Suit ~ Brinstar Reprise 2.4MB 1:57
45 Mecha Ridley Appears 390k 0:21
46 VS. Mecha Ridley 2.7MB 1:53
47 Mission Accomplished 368k 0:14
48 Ending 2.9MB 2:20
49 Mission Result 976k 0:43
X01 Kraid Intro 193k 0:05
X02 VS. Kraid (Alternate) 2.0MB 1:27
X03 VS. God of War (Alternate) 2.2MB 1:42
X04 Unused Track 206k 0:04
X05 Save Complete 146k 0:02
X06 Chozo Voice 154k 0:03