Metroid: Other M Audio Journal on Original Sound Version
09.05.2010 - CapCom

Game Audio HQ Original Sound Version picked up a review copy of Metroid: Other M and decided to run an audio journal. The article's author, Jayson Napolitano, previously did an audio journal and interview with Kenji Yamamoto which has been reposted from Music4Games. Napolitano gives a different perspective on the audio than some of us have had, enjoying the ambient quality of many of the tracks as well as the orchestral scores for the cutscenes, which were performed live by the Arigat Orchestra (Tokyo) and the Asian Philharmonic Orchestra (Beijing). He often likens the score to that of a survival horror game, which is right on-target for some of the incredibly hair-raising pieces. Based on this combination, Napolitano deemed Kuniaki Haishima's score to be "Nintendo’s most high quality soundtrack to date," definitely soundtrack material. This is certainly going to be debatable, given how Super Metroid set the bar for our expectations of what a good Metroid score should be like, but it's good to hear an alternate view from an audio expert. In case you're curious, Kenji Yamamoto did not compose Metroid: Other M because he has been scoring Retro Studios' Donkey Kong Country Returns. I'm just as curious as the next guy to know whether Mr. Yamamoto manages to give David Wise's score the same treatment he gave Super Metroid. The Audio Journal contains some vague spoilers, so read with caution.

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Captain Commando