New Hack Released: Metroid Rogue Dawn

For those close to the Metroid Hacking Scene, you would likely be familiar with Rogue Dawn, one of the most comprehensive (if not THE most comprehensive) Metroid NES hacks1 ever created! The game has been in development for several years, and resident hacker Grimlock has finally released the game to the public.

If you're looking for an extremely challenging new Metroid 1 game with completely overhauled level design, graphics, and music (YES, new MUSIC!), Rogue Dawn's got you covered! Congratulations to Grimlock and the rest of the contributors on this awesome hack. Expect every repro pirate in the world to now feed off of this brilliant game like it's going out of style.

Link to Romhacking.net

Rogue Dawn Rogue Dawn Rogue Dawn Rogue Dawn Rogue Dawn


  1. Note: The Metroid Database does not assist with acquiring ROM files or game patching. There are PLENTY of resources out there to find out how! [back]

--Infinity's End