Cammy modded into Zero Suit Samus

You might remember from three years ago, someone modded C. Viper into Varia Suit Samus from Ultra SSF4. Khaled Antar has done it again, this time transforming Cammy White into Zero Suit Samus using Street Fighter V. In Khaled's words, "I put everything I have to make this mod, it wasn't easy at all but I did it, this is my highest level of modding."

The mod is phenomenal and fits so well with Cammy as a character with pre-fight quotes like "For those I wish to protect...I will fight you!" and "Mission Complete" after the battle ends. He's even gone above and beyond by creating two versions: one with her new gear from Super Smash Bros. WiiU/3DS and one without. Not to mention 17 alt costume colors!

If you're interested in playing with the mod on your own PC, head on over to Khaled's Deviant Art Page.

--Infinity's End