Uncle Samus wants YOU!

Hey everyone! This is a job req. post for helping out with our site. We are looking for a new Facebook Admin to help with posting content and interacting with fans. Here are our requirements:

  1. Must be 18 or older. (25+ is preferred)
  2. Have 24/7 access to internet, and a mobile device. Experience with Facebook and/or Pages Manager is preferred. (A PC is also preferred, but not required.)
  3. Awareness of existing game news sites, social media outlets, and ability to discover / create content when official news is scarce.
  4. Have a positive demeanor / high tolerance for abuse and negativity. Know when to respond and know when to mod/ban.
  5. Ability to follow directions and *have time* to create posts on request.

And of course: 6. Be a huge Metroid fan / fan of this site!

Send any and all requests to contact@metroiddatabase.com with the subject: Facebook Admin. Describe why you feel you deserve the position in your email.

Understand this is a *volunteer-only* position, and no paid benefits. Some internal team benefits are provided when they are available.

Thank you and happy hunting!